Easy-sew DIY Christmas decorations

These quick-to-stitch softie Christmas decorations are an easy project for beginners and an easy make to whip up for experienced stitches looking for some home-made festive cheer!

How to sew softie Christmas tree decorations

Whip up these mini shapes in just a few hours and use them to deck out your tree with that home-sewn special touch.


How to sew Christmas decorations

You will need


We’ve used  Hantex, fabrics, as follows:

  • Curiosities by Jeni Baker for Art Gallery fabrics (String Lights Carmin, ref: AGFCUR29133)
  • Festive by Jo Clark for Cloud9 (Festive Peppermint Twist, ref: C9FES140506)
  • Imprint by Katarina Roccella for Art Gallery fabrics (Crossthread Pure, ref: AGFIMP10454)
  • Festive by Jo Clark for Cloud9. Festive Snowflakes. Ref: C9FES140702

Plus Polyester fibrefill: Carded polyester fibrefill, from www.worldofwool.co.uk

Softie Christmas decorations sewing tutorial

How to sew DIY decorations: step by step

Cutting out the fabric

Step one: Print out your chosen template from the pattern sheet and cut it out. You can choose from a tree, star or heart or draw your own if you prefer.

Step two: Cut the main fabric in half to make two squares, for the front and back of the decoration.

Making the shapes

Step three: Place your template centrally on the wrong side (WS) of one piece of fabric and draw round it.

How to sew a Christmas decoration softie step 1

Step four: Place this piece of fabric right sides (RS) together with the other piece of fabric and pin these together.

Step five: Stitch carefully along the draw lines starting and stopping along a straight edge so that you can leave a small turning gap.

Step six: Trim all round the edges using pinking shears to reduce the fabric bulk and stop it from fraying. Snip into the points and tight curves taking care not the snip the stitching.

How to sew a Christmas decoration softie step 2

Filling the shapes

Step seven: Turn your fabric shape RS out and turn the gap edges under, then press.

How to sew a Christmas decoration softie step 3

Step eight: Stuff the shape lightly using small pieces of stuffing at a time to make sure you get it into all the curves and points.

Step nine: Slip stitch the gap closed.

Adding a hanging loop

Step 10: Fold your ribbon in half then turn the short ends under and pin to the top of the back of your padded shape.

How to sew a Christmas decoration softie step 4

Step 11: Slip stitch the ends of the ribbon in place to complete.


Admire your finished decorations!

How to sew softie Christmas tree decorations