How to sew a bow clutch bag

Whip up a bow-detail clutch bag using a contemporary geometric print in two colourways. Jennie Jones is here to show you how to whip up this quick gift idea…

How to sew a clutch bag pattern

This week we’re bringing you daily quick-make gift ideas that you can sew up in an evening – just in time for Christmas. They all need just one or two fat quarters of fabric so you should be able to raid your stash and start sewing instantly.

You will need

  • Two fat quarters of fabric
  • Lining fabric: 27x38cm (1058x15in)
  • Zip: contrasting colour, 25cm (10in)
  • Basic sewing kit
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  • Use a 1cm (38in) seam allowance.
  • We’ve used: Foxglove by Aneela Hoey for Cloud9 Fabrics

Bow clutch bag tutorial: step by step


Cutting the pieces

Step 1

Cut one of the fat quarters to use for the bag outer to 27x38cm (1058x15in).

Bow Clutch Bag Tutorial step 1


Step 2

Cut the other fat quarter into: a Main bow piece: 30x20cm (1178x778in) and a Bow centre piece: 8x4cm (318x158in).

Making the bow knot

Step 1

Take the bow centre and fold it in half lengthways with right sides (RS) facing, then stitch together down the length.

Bow Clutch Bag Tutorial step 2

Step 2

Turn RS out and press.

Step 3

Turn one short end under by 1cm (38in) then slip the other short end just inside. Slip stitch closed all the way around to make a ring.

Making the bow

Step 1

Take the main bow piece and turn both long edges under by 5mm (14in) then the same again to the wrong side (WS). Stitch to hem.

Step 2

Feed the hemmed main bow piece through the ring.

Step 3

Place the bag outer RS up with the short edge running horizontally across the top. Place the bow RS down on top.

Bow Clutch Bag Tutorial step 3

Step 4

Fold and pleat both edges of the bow piece so it measures 14cm (512in) wide then pin to the edges of the outer fabric with the top of the bow 3cm (114in) from the top short edge of the outer fabric. Tack into place.

Inserting the zip

Step 1

Place the bag outer RS up. Place the unzipped zip RS down centrally along the top edge, matching the raw edge of the fabric to the edge of the zip tape. Place the lining piece RS down on top, matching raw edges and sandwiching the zip between the fabrics.

Step 2

Using a zip foot, stitch the three layers together all the way along the top edge.

Step 3

Repeat this to stitch the other short end of the outer and lining fabric to the other side of the zip.

Assembling the bag

Step 1

Open the zip then pin the bag together so that the main fabrics are RS together and the lining fabrics are RS together.

Step 2

Pin the zip teeth towards the outer and the tape towards the lining.

Step 3

Stitch the fabric down both sides, enclosing the ends of the bow pieces as you go but leaving a gap in the centre of one side of the lining for turning.

Bow Clutch Bag Tutorial step 4

Step 4

Pull the bag RS out through the opening then slip stitch the gap closed.

Step 5

Push the lining inside the bag, press and close the zip to complete.

Clutch bag sewing pattern