How to sew a wrap skirt

Got a ditsy floral print in your stash? Bows and blooms make a perfect match with Debbie Maxwell's wrap skirt pattern for how to make a tie-detail, wrap around skirt

Wrap skirt pattern

The beauty of this easy project is you don’t need any paper pattern cutting skills to try making your own clothes. Practise your sewing skills with this beginner-friendly wrap skirt pattern.


  • We used a rust floral print viscose from
  • 1.5m (1¾yd) of 115cm (45in) width fabric will make a skirt up to approx a UK size 16. For sizes larger than this you may need to purchase 140cm (55in) width fabric.
  • The elastic requirement will depend on your waist measurement.

You Will Need

  • Fabric (1.5mx115cm (1¾ydx45in)), A lightweight, drapey crepe or viscose fabric would work well for this skirt.
  • Elastic (Wide elastic: 1m (11⁄8yd)), See notes for details
  • Snap fastener
  • Thread
  • Basic sewing kit

Total time:

Measuring up

Step 1

Measure your waist and divide by two – this will be the width for each of the two front pieces of the skirt that wrap over each other. We wanted to make a mini skirt so we chose a length of 60cm (24in) including seam allowance.

Step 2

For the back piece, take half of your waist measurement and add 15cm (6in) as the back will be gathered with elastic. The length is the desired length of your skirt – 60cm (24in) in our case.

Cutting out

Step 3

From the main fabric cut:

  • Skirt front: cut two.
  • Skirt back: cut one.
  • Ties: cut two strips 7.5x75cm (3x30in).

From the elastic cut:

  • Waist elastic: half of your waist measurement plus 5cm (2in) for seam allowance.

The best way to get elastic to fit perfectly is to cut a longer piece and then pin it to fit in a position that feels comfortable for you.

Wrap skirt pattern step 1

Making the skirt

Step 4

Sew a channel into the top back of the skirt (wide enough for your elastic to thread through). Thread the elastic through the channel. Stitch a channel in the front pieces so they visually match the back, minus the elastic, and press.

Wrap skirt pattern step 2

Step 5

Sew the skirt fronts to the back with right sides (RS) together. Neaten the seams using an overlocker or a zigzag stitch.

Wrap skirt pattern step 3

Step 6

Curve the lower front edges of the wrap front, using a guide such as a plate for an even curve. Hem both front pieces.

Wrap skirt pattern step 4

Step 7

To make the ties, fold the fabric RS together and stitch all the way down the long edge and one short edge, turn RS out and press. Repeat to make the other tie.

Wrap skirt pattern step 5

Step 8

Stitch the ties in place with a box of stitching for security. Sew one of the ties to the outside of the skirt at the waist and one on the side where the seam is.

Wrap skirt pattern step 6

Sew a press snap to the other side of the skirt on the inside.


Wrap around skirt pattern