Free headband sewing pattern

Make a Parisian-inspired headband in just six steps with this free headband sewing pattern.

How to sew a chic headband

Once you’ve made one headband, you’ll be using any offcuts you have to make more. They turn out best if they’re machine-sewn, but can be just as easily whipped up by hand.


We think they make great gift, presented in a pretty box with colourful tissue paper and a handmade card… just lovely!

You will need:

  • Download our Free headband sewing pattern
  • Polka dot fabric (free in Simply Sewing 1) or any offcuts, roughly 20cm x 45cm
  • Black elastic
  • Black sewing thread
How to sew a chic headband step 1

Step 1
To make the headband , cut two headband pieces from your fabric, using the template.

How to sew a chic headband step 2

Step 2
Place the two headband pieces right sides together (with the  dotty pattern prints facing each other) and sew along the two long edges, leaving the two short edges open.

How to sew a chic headband step 3

Step 3
Turn the headband right sides out through one of the open edges, so the fabric print is on the outside. Press the headband flat with an iron.

How to sew a chic headband step 4

Step 4
Stitch along the long edges of the headband, close to the seams, again leaving the short ends open. This is called ‘topstitching’ because it will be visible on the finished headband.

How to sew a chic headband step 5

Step 5
Turn 1cm of fabric to the inside of the opening at both short ends, to hide the raw edges. Press with an iron. Cut a 15cm piece of elastic. Feed one end into one short side of the headband so 1cm of elastic is inside.

How to sew a chic headband step 6

Step 6
Machine stitch over this short end with three rows of stitching to make sure it is attached securely. Try on the headband and mark the other end of the elastic to fit. Then work as before to secure the other end. And that’s it!


Now you’re ready to don this chic headband or gift to a friend!

How to sew a chic headband