Sewing machine tips and tricks

New to using a sewing machine? Start here with our round-up of sewing machine guides! These beginners' tutorials will help you get more from your machine.

How to use a sewing machine step 1

Whether you’ve just invested in your first ever machine and have no idea where to start, or you’re already pretty confident with the basics but want to try some new things, we’ll have something for you!


We’ve scoured the best of the Simply Sewing archive (and asked a few friends to share their tips and tricks too) to gather up a machine-stitching masterclass, split into bite-sized chunks so you can pick the bit you want to tackle next.

Let’s get started with advice for those of you who are entirely new to machine sewing.

We’ll talk you through the best sewing machines for beginners, how to use your machine, choose the best threads and needles, and start you off with a nice and easy project to practise with. Follow the links below to master the basics of using your machine – how to thread your needle and bobbin, and how to change your needle (essential for getting the best results!) or which threads to use for which project. If you’re ready to sew, but want to step it up and get better results, you can also find sewing machine tips and tricks below for becoming a savvy sewist once you’ve got the basics covered.


10 top tips for machine sewing

From thread tension to sewing neat curves, try these tips for getting best results from your machine! Head to our post here.


Your guide to sewing machine needles

Choosing the right needle can make a big difference to how your machine handles different fabrics. As well as changing your machine needle regularly, check out our guide to machine needles to learn which type of needle to use and about different needle sizes.


How to use a sewing machine

Start here with our beginner’s guide to how to use a sewing machine. We’ll talk you through the different parts of your machine and then show you step-by-step how to use it.


Your guide to sewing machine threads

It’s not just your needle that effects how you sew. Check out our guide to the different types of sewing machine threads available – read this before you head to the haberdashery to stock up on threads!


How to clean your sewing machine

It’s always wise to cover your sewing machine in between sewing sessions to prevent dust from gathering, but it’s also wise to have your machine regularly serviced. There are some easy things you can do to clean your machine at home too – head to our guide to how to clean your machine to find out more.

Sewing machine tips