Twinkle Twinkle: How to make a star hanging

Transform your wall into a starry sky and bring a sense of calm to the Christmas rush with Anna Alicia's stash-busting wall hanging tutorial.

How to make a star hanging

You will need

  • Fabric A: 30x30cm (12x12in), for large stars
  • Fabric B: 30x30cm (12x12in), for medium stars
  • Fabric C: 30x40cm (12x16in), for small stars
  • Polyester fibrefill
  • Narrow ribbon: 3m (314yds)
  • Cotton cord: 50cm (20in)
  • Wooden dowel: 1cm (38in) diameter x 35cm (14in)
  • Matching thread
  • Basic sewing kit
  • Download our free Free Christmas decorations patterns here


Use a 1cm (38in) seam allowance throughout.

How to make christmas decorations

Cutting out

Step one: Download, print and trace the three star templates and cut them out.

Step two: Fold fabric A in half with right sides (RS) together.

Step three: Draw around the largest star template twice onto the wrong side (WS) of the fabric.

Step four: Pin the two layers of fabric together in the middle of each star and cut out at least 1cm (38)in outside the drawn lines.


Step five: Repeat this to cut out: Fabric B: two medium stars. Fabric C: three small stars.

Making the stars

Step one: Take one star and, starting at the tip of a point, sew along the edges following your drawn lines, leaving the last edge unsewn for a turning gap.


Step two: Trim the seams and snip the points and inner corners.


Step three: Turn the star RS out then stuff the star lightly.


Step four: Repeat this to make all the stars in the same way.

Attaching the ribbons

Step one: Arrange the stars as you’d like them to hang, with the dowel at the top.


Step two: Measure from the dowel to a star, add 3cm (114in) to this and cut ribbon to that length.

Step three: Repeat this for all stars.

Step four: Take the first star and tuck its ribbon 1cm (38in) in at the tip where the opening ends.

Step five: Pin the gap closed and hand sew together, stitching the ribbon securely in place too.


Step six: Repeat this for each star.

Assembling the hanging

Step one: Loop the other end of the ribbon around the dowel 112 times and hand stitch.


Step two: Repeat this for all the stars, making sure there’s 4cm (158in) of dowel left at each end.

Step three: Fold the end of the cord by 5mm (14in) to make a neat edge and hand stitch in place.

Step four: Loop the end around the dowel and hand-stitch to make a loop.


Step five: Repeat with the other end of the cord at the right edge.