17 Halloween rock painting ideas to make at home

Looking for spooky seasonal inspiration? Explore our Halloween rock painting ideas to get creative this October

Halloween rock painting ideas by adventure-in-a-box.com
Published: September 15, 2021 at 8:35 am
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Rock painting is a fun activity for kids and adults alike – and it's not just for the summer months! There are a host of spooky Halloween rock painting ideas that you can try, from haunted houses to spider webs.


Halloween is definitely our favourite time of year and Halloween rock painting can be a really fun activity to do over the weekend – especially if you put on a classic creepy movie while you paint!

We've included Halloween rock painting ideas for artists of all abilities – there are some easy Halloween rock painting projects that are suitable for children or beginners, plus some more advanced ideas for more experienced painters.

Please note that in the UK, it's illegal to take rocks away from beaches to paint, but you can buy them from shops and garden centres. Take a look at our where to buy rocks to paint guide for more information. Looking for more rock painting inspiration? Check out our rock painting ideas feature.

If you want more inspiration to help make this Halloween the spookiest ever, explore our easy DIY Halloween costumes, Halloween crafts for kids and our Halloween knitting patterns. Looking for more fun projects for kids? Check out our fun arts and crafts to do at home.

Featured image by adventure-in-a-box.com.

17 best Halloween painted rocks

Painted pumpkins

Aren't these cute? We love these sweet little painted pumpkins from Adventure in a box – the combination of facial expressions is very endearing! Pumpkin designs are perfect for more rounded pebbles. Find out how to paint pumpkin rocks.

Halloween rock painting ideas – pumpkins from Adventure In A Box

Little ghosts

Do you have some small pebbles that you want to decorate? Use them to make a whole host of spooky little ghosts! These cute little designs were created by @littleretromarket on Instagram. You could easily recreate this look by using acrylic paints and paint markers. Mix and match the shapes of your ghosts to give them character!

Halloween rock painting ideas – ghosts
@littleretromarket on Instagram

Black cats

In some cultures, black cats are thought to be unlucky, but in the UK they're believed to bring good luck! Whatever you believe, spooky black cat designs are perfect for your Halloween painted rocks. Cover your rocks in pastel colours using acrylic pouring paint. Once that's dry, paint black cats on top using ordinary acrylic paint or paint markers. These cats were created by the talented @little_rock_hunter on Instagram – follow her for lots of fun rock painting ideas!

Halloween rock painting ideas – black cats
@little_rock_hunter on Instagram

Spooky silhouette rocks

Create your own Halloween silhouette painted rocks with this fun project by Adventure In A Box. You'll need acrylic paints and permanent markers to get this effect – and don't forget to coat them with varnish if you want to keep them outside! You can copy the designs they've used here or come up with your own creepy designs for your Halloween painted rocks.

Halloween rock painting ideas by adventure-in-a-box.com

Stone sugar skulls

Sugar skulls are traditionally used in Mexican culture to celebrate Día de Muertos or (the Day of the Dead in English). They make a brilliantly spooky addition to your Halloween celebrations. Use rock painting techniques to create your own stone sugar skulls with this tutorial by Alisa Burke.

Halloween rock painting ideas – sugar skulls

Haunted houses

These little haunted houses are simple yet highly effective. To make these yourself, all you need to do is to draw some houses using black paint markers, then colour in the windows using orange and yellow paint markers. This brilliant idea was created by @littleretromarket on Instagram.

Halloween rock painting ideas – haunted houses
@littleretromarket on Instagram

Puffy paint skulls

We love this take on the sugar skull look! Instead of using acrylic paint or paint markers, try adding detail to your designs using tubes of neon puffy paint. This would be a really fun Halloween activity for kids to try. Learn how to make puffy paint sugar skull rocks with this tutorial from colormadehappy.com.

Halloween rock painting ideas – puffy paint sugar skulls

Autumn-themed rock

There's so much to love about autumn: cosy jumpers, mugs of hot chocolate, falling leaves and Halloween! This design showcases everything we love about the spookiest time of the year, from cobwebs to carved pumpkins. Practice drawing your favourite things about the fall, then bring them together to produce a fabulously creepy Halloween rock painting. This seasonal design was created by @littleretromarket on Instagram.

Halloween rock painting ideas – autumn-themed rock
@littleretromarket on Instagram

Black bats

This black bat design is very cute and easy to paint. Cover the rock in turquoise paint, then add a bat design in black acrylic once the first layer has dried. Finish the design with gleaming white eyes (or even stick-on eyes!). These sweet bats were painted by @paintedrocksbylisa on Instagram.

Halloween rock painting ideas – bats

Vampire fangs

Use black and white acrylic paint to make a fangtastic Halloween rock painting. This quirky design by @littleretromarket on Instagram would be a great addition to your Halloween rock collection. Cover the lips with some shiny varnish to give a shimmering lipgloss effect.

Halloween rock painting ideas – vampire fangs

Bloodshot eyeballs

Get your paintbrush out and make a collection of scary bloodshot eyeball rocks using Carla Schauer's easy tutorial. Why not put them in a jar to make a striking Halloween decoration?

Halloween rock painting ideas – eyeballs

Bandaged mummy

Bring some colour to your Halloween painted rocks with this cheerful bandaged mummy rock from colormadehappy.com. Begin by adding coloured stripes to your rock using paint pens, then draw white bandages on top. Complete the look with a smiling mouth and sparkling eyes. Halloween has never been so cute!

Halloween rock painting ideas – bandaged mummy

Magical fairy doors

Halloween is all about bringing a bit of magic into our lives – and these little DIY fairy doors from Adventure in a Box would be fun to hide around your garden. You could paint a little black cat or a pumpkin on the doorstep to make them creepier.

Halloween rock painting ideas – DIY fairy doors

Full moon

If you're looking for an easy Halloween rock painting idea, try this atmospheric full moon design by @lil_rockart on Instagram. Paint a layer of purple paint onto your rock first, then add a white moon and a few spindly black trees.

Halloween rock painting ideas – full moon
@lil_rockart on Instagram

Ouija board

Set the mood for a Halloween party by making this ouija board rock inspired by @westfamily_rocks on Instagram. If you can find a triangular rock then you can create a pointer too. Use white acrylic paint and a black paint pen to make your own version of this eerie design.

Halloween rock painting ideas – ouija board

Boo rock

Personalise your Halloween painted rocks by adding a slogan, like @rainfallrocks did when painting this boo rock. Get creative and add your choice of patterns and decorations and make this idea your own.

Halloween rock painting ideas – boo

Halloween story stones

Encourage your child's creativity by making a collection of story stones for them to play with – or make them together. You could also write words on the back to build their vocabulary. Learn how to make Halloween story stones with this tutorial from The Inspiration Edit.

Halloween rock painting ideas – story stones


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