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How to draw a flower step by step

Learn how to draw a flower step by step in ink using this easy tutorial created by Esther Curtis. This how to draw a flower easy tutorial will teach you everything you need to know!

How to draw a flower step by step

Taking time out to mindfully observe can be especially rewarding when drawing – delicate intricacies will reveal themselves, as well as fine details and subtle textures. With her beautiful ink drawings Esther Curtis takes colour out of the mix to show off the beauty of flowers in simple black and white.

Learning how to draw a flower step by step will help you to build up your drawing skills and get to grips with ink drawing. Why not make a collection of them to decorate your home or give as a present?

Esther says: “Try to draw what you see and not what you think is there. Once you shift your thinking, the act of drawing will often become very relaxing!”

For this project, it’s useful to have a set of fineliners to create texture and shading. Here are a couple of sets to get you started:

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Follow this how to draw a flower easy tutorial to learn how to make your own gorgeous works of art…


You Will Need

  • Pencil
  • Smooth cartridge paper
  • Fineliners, various sizes
  • A flower or high quality photo of a flower

Total time:

Step 1

Sketch the flower lightly in pencil. The more detail you put in at this stage, the easier it will be when you start drawing in pen.

Step 2

Use the thinnest fineliner to draw over the pencil lines. Observe the flower, if you can’t see an edge then don’t be afraid to leave gaps in the line, as this will give the impression of where the light hits.

Step 3

Use hatching lines to shade in the darker areas. Then use cross hatching to achieve an even darker shade.

Step 4

Finally, with the thickest fineliner, shade in the darkest areas. An easy way to find these areas is to squint to reveal the areas you can still see!


You now know how to draw a flower step by step! Have a go at drawing some other flowers and make a collection of beautiful blooms. This article was first published in Learn to Paint and Draw magazine in 2019.


How to draw a flower step by step