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Learn how to draw Santa with our easy Santa drawing tutorial

Learn how to draw Santa step by step with our easy Santa drawing tutorial! We'll show you everything you need to know to sketch your own cute Santa Claus

How to draw Santa

Want to learn how to draw Santa Claus? In this easy guide, we’ll show you how to draw Father Christmas step by step so you can sketch him with confidence! You’ll learn how to build up your Santa drawing gradually, starting with his rounded figure and finishing with his traditional red and white outfit.

You can use your finished Santa drawing to decorate Christmas cards or put your picture in a frame and display it throughout the festive season. This how to draw Santa Claus tutorial is designed for beginners and it’s easy enough for children to try too. For younger children, you could draw the design for them and allow them to colour in the Santa drawing themselves.

Esther Curtis says: “Keep your pencils lines light so you can rub them out easily afterwards without having to scrub at the paper.” Before you begin, you might find it useful to stock up on drawing supplies! Check out our guides to the best drawing pencils and best colouring pencils.

You can sketch your Santa Claus drawing using pencils and outline it using a brush pen for a professional finish – or just use pencils if you prefer more of a sketched look. You could also add shading to give your finished Santa drawing a more 3D appearance. Why not sketch a festive backdrop such as a snowy scene or place Santa in his workshop at the North Pole?

Esther recommends using a variety of line widths when inking your drawing to suggest depth. “For example, using a thinner line gives the impression that areas are closer to us, and using a thicker line for areas that are further away,” she says. Esther has used a Kuretake Fudegokochi brush pen (available on Amazon).

Read on to learn how to draw Father Christmas step by step…

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How to draw Santa


You Will Need

  • HB pencil
  • Brush pen, Esther likes to use a Kuretake Fudegokochi Brush Pen
  • Eraser
  • Paper

Total time:

Step 1

Using a pencil, start by sketching an oval shape. Find the centre of the oval by drawing a cross through the middle – take the vertical line down three or four times the height of your oval shape. Give him some little oval shaped eyes on the centre line and an oval shaped nose just below.

How to draw Santa step 1

Step 2

Next, sketch another oval shape, the same size as the first. Position it directly below so that the lines cross over at the horizontal mid point. Next, more ovals! Draw two ovals at roughly 45 degrees that sit under his nose and go to the base line of the second oval. Sketch a beard shape that starts from the second oval.

How to draw Santa step 2

Step 3

Now we’ll add the body. Using your horizontal mid line as a guide, draw a rough ‘bell’ shape for his body and another just underneath for his legs. Add another two ovals tilted outwards for his feet.

How to draw Santa step 3

Step 4

Next up, let’s give him some arms. Sketch a rectangle shape that joins the body where his beard meets his torso. Then add two more ovals, one larger, one smaller to form his mittens. Repeat this to draw his other arm.

How to draw Santa step 4

Step 5

Now for his hat! We already have the top line of the second oval to position it. Sketch another line parallel to this for the hat’s band. Decide where you’d like the pom pom to sit and draw that first, then sketch the curved lines which join the band to the pom pom.

How to draw Santa step 5

Step 6

Time to ink. Using your pencil sketch as a base, draw in Santa’s face – adding extra shape and form where you’d like it. For example, I’ve made his moustache curvy and given his beard a pointy end.

How to draw Santa step 6

Step 7

Add the rest of the details, including the fluffy trim, belt and some rosy cheeks! When your pen lines are completely dry, erase the pencil sketch below.

How to draw Santa step 7

You’ve finished! You now know how to draw Santa and we hope you enjoy adding him to all of your Christmas projects.

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How to draw Santa