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10 of the Best Daylight Craft Lamps for Sewing, Embroidery and Crafting

Light up your craft space with our round up of the best daylight craft lamps for makers everywhere. Curl up, stay cosy and craft. Take your pick of these handy desk and floor lamps for every budget.

Best Daylight Craft Lamps For Sewing and Making

Brighten up your craft room with a daylight lamp and you’ll thank yourself not just in the coming darker months, but for years to come. Daylight craft lamps are enjoying a surge in popularity this winter as lockdowns have increased the amount of time we spend at home with our craft projects. The Crafts Council has revealed a dramatic increase in the UK’s crafters over the past 4 years, with  73% of the UK population buying some form of craft supplies in 2020, while last year’s lockdowns saw online craft stores selling out of knitting kits and sewing machines. With so many of us taking up crafting, from crochet to embroidery, there’s a growing demand for good lighting so we can see what we’re doing! We’re here to help.

Not only can a good lamp reduce eye strain and brighten your mood, it will make it easier for you to see what you’re making – whether you’re reading a pattern, cross stitching several similar shades, threading a needle or counting your knitting stitches. One recent study showed that 3 out of 4 of us experience eye strain at some point in life. We’ve picked lamps for this roundup with an aim of giving you an artificial light for your craft room (and home) whose energy distribution matches that of daylight.

In this round-up, you’ll find 10 of our favourite daylight craft lamps for sewing, embroidery, arts and crafts to boost your arts and crafts this winter. We’ve selected lamps to suit all budgets and craft workspaces – whether you have a whole desk or room to spread out on or you’re stitching on the sofa in your evenings. We want to find the best lamp for you, so below you’ll find floor standing lamps, portable clasp lamps and freestanding desk lamps in this guide to 10 of the best daylight craft lamps.

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Main image: Daylight Company Slimline LED Table Lamp 

Best daylight craft lamps

Here’s a few of our favourite daylight lamps for sewing, embroidery and crafting – pick your favourite and brighten up your workspace…

  1. Daylight Slimline 3 Table Lamp
  2. Purelight 4-in-1 Crafters Magnifying Lamp
  3. OttLite Wellness Glow LED Desk Lamp
  4. Dyson CSYS Task Light
  5. Skyleo LED Desk Lamp with clamp
  6. Daylight Company Lumi Task Lamp
  7. TaoTronics Flexible Desk Lamp
  8. John Lewis & Partners Oliver LED Floor Lamp
  9. Kenley Natural Floor Daylight Lamp
  10. Daylight Company Integrated Duolamp

Best Daylight Craft Lamps – Desk Lamps


John Lewis & Partners Oliver LED Floor Lamp


This one’s for everyone out there looking for a stylish floor lamp that will brighten up their room visually as well as literally. It has a sleek, modern and minimalist style and features a non-replaceable integrated LED light, using about 85% less energy than traditional bulbs. It offers a bright light, while the adjustable head can be directed wherever you need it. While the light can’t be replaced, it does promise 20,000 hours of light with a 5W bulb that gives a light of 345 Lumens.

Best Daylight Craft Lamps John Lewis & Partners Oliver LED Floor Lamp

Kenley Natural Floor Daylight Lamp

We especially like the introductory promise of this lamp – it offers you a light “like noon sunshine” – sounds good right? It gives the effect of full daylight at any time of night or on a dull day, with a colour temperature of 6400K – as close to daylight as electric light gets. The energy saving bulb included lasts for up to 8,000 hours and uses just 27W of electricity. It’s lightweight and portable, measuring 63in (160cm) tall with an adjustable swivel neck. Another nice touch – it comes with a 69in (175cm) cable so has a pretty long reach if you’re crafting a bit away from your nearest plug socket.

Kenley Natural Daylight Floor Lamp Adjustable Standing Sunlight Craft Lamp

Daylight Company Integrated DuoLamp


The only light in this round up to offer a double head –  increasing the area of your workspace you can light up as you craft and accurate colour matching. Daylight Company offer a trusted brandname, which comes quality details like 56 high quality daylight LEDs, a touch switch dimmer with 4 brightness levels and a lamp brightness of 2090 lux. Plus let’s not forget a cable length of  69inches.

Daylight Craft Lamp Dualamp