Duplo has come a long way since the early 1980s when I first remember playing with it! This junior version of Lego is created for toddlers and children to learn the joys of creative play at a young age, but with larger scale blocks that are safe for them to play with (without the fear of them swallowing a brick!). Playing with Duplo can have so many positive benefits for young children. Constructive play fuels imaginations build fine motor skills and foster creativity in older years.


There are so many amazing Duplo sets out there for all budgets that it was hard to narrow them down to the top 20 we have included in this round up. We want you to find the perfect set for your child so we've grouped the Lego Duplo Sets featured in this round-up into three groups.

First we've included some sets for under £20 for if you have a limited budget, then we've included our favourite let's pretend sets - with ranges such as the Duplo Town collection which allow children to build their own real life models, from theme parks to fire stations. Then lastly we've included a few favourites from the fun branded Duplo sets out there, themed on favourite pop culture like Disney Princess or Toy Story.

We've made sure to also include some sets in this range that encourage open-ended play. So the goal is not to replicate a design but to build anything that your child's imagination wants to. But really any Duplo set can also be broken down and used for this.

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As a Mum of two small children, I have included sets in this round up that have been personally tested by my own family. The alphabet train especially has had a lot of thorough testing from my 2 children. One of our favourite things about playing with Duplo is just how durable it is. It's designed to withstand chewing, throwing and being lost down the back of the sofa for years on end.

Find the right set for your budget and child's imagination with this round-up of our favourite Lego Duplo Sets, why we love them and where to bag a bargain with the best deals.

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Best Duplo lego sets for toddlers and young children: under £20

1. Duplo Classic Brick Box Building Set with Storage

  • Buy it now (Amazon)
  • Suitable for ages: 2+
  • Number of pieces: 65
  • Kit includes: Buildable bricks, 2 characters, 1-2-3 number bricks, a car, accessories

This Duplo kit is the ultimate starter kit for toddlers. With 65 colourful pieces and a host of characters, it'll introduce them to the magical world of Duplo. Kids can construct a number of different scenes with this kit including windows, tables, trees and podiums. There's also plenty of plain bricks allowing them to get imaginative with their designs. The two characters and moving car will let them play alongside their constructions and invent storylines to go with their creations. There's even little extras like flowers and loaves bringing a realistic touch to their role playing. We also love the number blocks which will subtly help them practice their counting skills.

Lego Duplo Classic Brick building set

2. Lego Duplo Creative Birthday Party Set

  • Suitable for ages: 1½ +
  • Number of pieces: 200
  • Kit includes: Buildable pieces, three characters, accessories like balloons, flags and stars

It's time for a treat! This massive 200 piece Duplo kit is perfect for encouraging creativity in your kids. Let them build their favourite tasty treats and play with the characters included. Your kids can build whatever they like but there are some suggestions included they need a spark of inspiration. Plus the aesthetically pleasing pastel pieces make us very happy.

Lego Duplo set Creative Birthday Party

3. Lego Duplo Bath Time Fun Set: Floating Animal Train

  • Suitable for ages: 1½ +
  • Number of pieces: 120
  • Kit includes: 3 animal characters, a bucket, rain cloud and 3 floating rings

Need some bribery to get your babies in the bath? This Duplo kit will have little ones wanting to wash! These floating characters make sweet bath time companions and distract your kids from the task at hand. The cloud allows them to pour and the bucket allows them to collect water making the kit interactive and tactile.

Lego Duplo Bathtime Fun Floating Animal Train

4. Duplo Number Train Toy Learning Numbers

  • Suitable for ages: 1½ +
  • Number of pieces: 23
  • Kit includes: Pieces and blocks to make the train, 2 characters, a dog

This kit will not only help their motor skills through constructing the train but will also teach them their 1,2,3s. Numeracy lessons will immediately become more interactive with this colourful train and its accompanying characters. Place the dog on a number and ask your kids what number the dog is sitting on. Through playing with this kit and its characters your kids won't even realise they're learning!

Lego Duplo Train Set

5. Lego Duplo Tropical Island Set

  • Suitable for ages: 2+
  • Number of pieces: 73
  • Kit includes: Buildable jungle tree house and caretakers hut. 3 characters and 6 animals figures as well as accessories and trees/flowers.

Go on an adventure to the tropical jungle with this Duplo kit for toddlers. They can build their dream treehouse with a working bridge and pulley system. They'll have endless fun playing with all the different animals included and can pretend they're zookeepers or living in the wild.

Lego Duplo Set Town Tropical

6. Lego Duplo Creative Building Time Set

  • Buy it now from Lego
  • Suitable for ages: 1½ +
  • Number of pieces: 120
  • Kit includes: Various colourful pieces, 2 characters, and objects, such as a rocket, star, cake, unicorn, giraffe, bear.

This pretty pastel kit is ideal for little ones wanting to try Duplo for the first time. The colourful pieces allow them to construct whatever they want as well as play. There's recognizable characters for them to role-play with like the unicorn and bear well as some tasty-looking objects for them to build.

Duplo Lego sets Creative Building Time

7. Lego Duplo Classic Heart Box First Bricks Building Set

  • Suitable for ages: 1½ +
  • Number of pieces: 80
  • Kit includes:

Kids can experiment with this buildable kit. With 80 Lego pieces included they can really let their creativity take over and build whatever characters come to mind. The kit comes with some build suggestions like a helicopter, a fish, a flower but there are no rules when it comes to Duplo. Give them the kit and see what they create!

Legto Duplo Set Heart box

8. Lego Duplo Animal train

  • Suitable for ages: 2+
  • Number of pieces: 15
  • Kit includes: Pieces to build four animal characters and the train they sit on

The Duplo kit is the ideal present for very little toddlers. There's plenty of interactive elements to keep them entertained like the springy neck, opening mouths and slide function. Plus they can wheel the whole train around the room thanks to the working wheels. Help them construct the train and they'll learn the animal names along the way.

Lego Duplo Set Animal Train

Best role play Duplo sets

9. Lego Duplo Amusement Park

  • Suitable for ages: 2+
  • Number of peices: 95
  • Kit includes: Includes 7 characters: 2 women, 1 man and 4 children
    Features 2 slides, a mechanical carousel, a turning Ferris wheel with 3 colourful cabins, a push-along train and lots of fun extras
    Accessories include hot dogs, ice cream, camera, balloons, cupcakes, broom and a teddy bear
    Perfectly sized for little hands

It's always a fun day out at the amusement park. Your kids can play as kids or adults with the figures included and enjoy the rides. There's slides, a Ferris wheel and even a push-along train for hours of fun. Not forgetting all the extra accessories which come with this set including amusement park food and prizes.

Lego Duplo Amusement Park

10. Duplo Town Fire Station

  • Suitable for ages: 2-5
  • Number of pieces: 21
  • Kit includes: Buildable fire station, fire engine, 2 characters, ladder, hose, fire extinguisher, axe and other accessories.

Your kids can become mini heroes with Duplo's fire station kit. With pieces to build their own fire station along with a working truck, they'll feel like real firefighters while playing. The truck makes real fire engine sounds and the kit even comes with a friendly fire station dog. It's time to save the neighbourhood!

Lego Duplo Fire Station Set

11. Duplo Town Space Shuttle Mission Rocket

  • Suitable for ages: 2+
  • Number of pieces: 23
  • Kit includes: Buildable space shuttle, 2 characters, a rover, and accessories.

Explore the stars with this astronaut Duplo kit. The rocket opens, has turning wheels, and a movable ladder for more realistic play. There's even a mini rover to explore the moon when they land! There's a female and male astronaut for them to play with proving they really can be anything they want when they grow up.

Lego Duplo Rocket Set

12. Duplo Lego Town Modular Playhouse

  • Suitable for ages: 2+
  • Number of pieces: 129
  • Kit includes: Pieces to make a 4 story house, 5 characters, furniture and plenty of accessories like guitar, toy horse, small playhouse, cake and more

This Duplo kit is a modern dollhouse that challenges your kid's building skills. Don't worry though it's still toddler-friendly! Let them build their home and role-play as mum, dad and siblings. The house features opening and closing windows, fridges, and more for interactive play. We also love the number of accessories in this kit which makes the house feel really lived in.

Lego Duplo Set Town Playhouse

13. Lego Duplo Town Truck & Tracked Excavator Set

  • Suitable for ages: 2+
  • Number of pieces: 10
  • Kit includes: Push-along truck, push-along excavator, boulders, 2 characters

We love this mini Lego Duplo set! Your kids can role-play as construction workers and spend the day playing with the working diggers included. We've included a larger, more complex construction kit below but this one makes a great stocking filler.

Lego Duplo Set Truck and Tracked Digger Set

14. Lego Duplo Race Cars Set

  • Suitable for ages: 2+
  • Number of pieces: 44
  • Kit includes: 2 push and go race cars, 2 characters, pieces to make a starting arch or podium and accessories like a pump, trophy, winch and much more.

You'll have the next Lewis Hamilton on your hands after they've played with this kit. This set comes with two characters making it perfect for competitive siblings who want to race! The two cards are push and go which makes it feel like they're really racing. There's plenty of accessories included to give the full F1 effect but who will win the gold trophy? You'll have to let them decide that.

Lego Duplo Race Cars Set

15. Lego Duplo Family Camping Van Adventure

  • Suitable for ages: 2+
  • Number of pieces: 30
  • Kit includes: Fabric tent, campfire, buildable trees, camper van toy, boat, 4 characters and plenty of accessories.

Your kids can recreate camping trips gone by with this sweet camper van adventure kit. This set allows them to role-play as all members of the family and experience the great outdoors from the comfort of home. The campervan has spinning wheels and the roof is removable allowing them to place characters inside ready for their great adventure.

Lego Duplo Town Family Camping Adventure Set

16. Lego Duplo Town Submarine Adventure Bath Toy

  • Suitable for ages: 2+
  • Number of pieces: 24
  • Kit includes: Submarine, 2 diver figures, whale, clownfish and a seagull. Pieces included to make a seaweed arch and extra accessories like snorkel, camera and swim fin.

This Lego Duplo kit is perfect for all your little water babies. This kit comes with a complete underwater scene and can be used both in and out of the bath. They can construct a seaweed arch and play with the diver characters. The submarine and the fish even produce bubbles when underwater making bathtime extra fun.

Lego Dupblo Town Sub Marine Adventure

17. Lego Duplo Tower Construction Set

  • Suitable for ages: 2+
  • Number of pieces: 123
  • Kit includes: A tower crane, 4 vehicles, extra accessories and 5 characters

Your kids can experience the world of work with this fun Lego Duplo set. They can role-play as construction workers with the five characters in this set and dig, build and drive their way to success! There's some great elements to this set like the light and sound bricks and push & go friction motors which really bring the construction site to life. Just remind them that their workers should always be wearing a helmet.

Lego Duplo Town Crane & Construction Set

Best branded Duplo sets

18. Duplo Jurrasic T-Rex and Triceratops Dinosaur Breakout set

  • Suitable for ages: 2+
  • Number of pieces: 36
  • Kit includes: Open-and-close gate, extra accessories like flowers, a tree and voltage sign. Characters include a large T-Rex, a baby triceratops, Owen Grady and his motorcycle

Jurassic World is open for business again! This nostalgic set will have you wanting to play alongside your toddlers. Your kids will love helping Owen Grady save the day and recapture all the dinosaurs. They can build the famous Jurassic Park gate and have fun with the characters included.

Lego Duplo Set Jurassic T Rex and Triceratops

19. Duplo Princess Frozen 2 Elsa and Olaf's Tea Party

  • Suitable for ages: 2+
  • Number of pieces: 17
  • Kit includes: Pieces to create Elsa's table and hot chocolate stand. Elsa and Olaf characters along with accessories including a teapot, hot chocolate, cakes on the table and two delicious cupcakes.

Who wouldn't want to have afternoon tea with Elsa and Olaf? This adorable Duplo kit allows your little ones to play with their favourite characters in a wintery scene. The easy-to-build blocks allow for several different constructions including a table, ice house, and even snowmobiles for the characters.

Lego Duplo Sets Frozen

20. Lego Duplo Disney Princess Belle's Ballroom Set

  • Suitable for ages: 2+
  • Number of pieces: 23
  • Kit includes: Princess Belle, Lumiere, Cogsworth and Chip. Pieces to create Belle's ballroom.

Capture the magic of Beauty and the Beast with Duplo's Disney Princess set. With four fun characters and Belle's ballroom, toddlers can have endless fun playing princess. The ballroom floor even turns to help Belle dance the night away.

Lego Duplo Set Disney Princess Belle's Ballroom

21. Lego Duplo Toy Story 4 Train for Toddler with Buzz and Woody Figures

  • Suitable for ages: 2+
  • Number of pieces: 21
  • Kit includes: Woody, Buzz, train and various accessories like a bank vault, lasso, bricks and a ‘Wanted’ sign

Duplo hasn't just partnered with Disney, they've also spread their collaboration to Pixar too. This wild west scene features everyone's favourite characters Woody and Buzz. Taken from Toy Story 4, your toddlers can help Woody and Buzz save the day and stop the moving train. This kit comes with loads of accessories to help Woody and Buzz on their mission. Just watch out in case these Lego characters come to life like those in Toy Story!

Lego Duplo Toy Story Set

We hope you've enjoyed our Lego Duplo round-up. If we've given you the building bug then check out our lego sets for adults. We've also got a range of craft kits for adults and craft subscription boxes to spark your creativity.


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