Here at Gathered we're big plant fans – outdoor plants, house plants, veg plants, succulents, they're all good! So it'll come as no surprise that we also LOVE a terrarium kit!


Generally made from glass (although not always), terrariums are a great way of showing off your indoor plants in a stylish display.

Effectively they're a miniature ecosystem, with a growing medium, drainage layers, and often activated charcoal which acts as a filtration layer that removes toxins and bacteria from the soil/growing environment.

Many will also have decorative elements on the top of the growing medium too such as pebbles, shells or moss.

They're most commonly used with succulents and other plants that require low levels of moisture and can survive indoors, with some specialist plants such as air plants that draw their moisture and nutrients from the air around them.

11 of the best terrarium kits for adults

Prices are updated regularly and accurate at time of writing, but may change

1. ConcreteLab&Co Complete Terrarium Kit

This create your own eco-system terrarium kit from ConcreteLabs&Co is a great introduction to the world of terrariums.

It comes with several options: the complete set which includes absolutely everything you need, including fern and Fittonia plants as well as tools to help you assemble your terrarium, or alternatively, you can buy it as just the kit by itself or with one or two plant options.

The kit comes with a step-by-step guide to get you started, and even though it's a relatively simple terrarium kit you can still get creative with the various pebbles, stones and driftwood elements that are included.

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We think it's a great product for your first venture into the fun world of terrariums!

ConcreteLab Terrarium Kit ferns

2. ConcreteLab&Co Succulent & Cactus Terrarium Kit

Our second terrarium choice is another one from ConcreteLab&Co, but this one's all about succulents and cacti.

This terrarium kit comes with everything you need except for the container, meaning you can make your terrarium in a container/vessel of your choice.

It's perfect if you've already got some unique vessels that you've picked up at antique or thrift stores (or even that you might have found in a certain Swedish furniture store), or you can always raid your recycling bin for some funky glass jars!

The kit comes in a range of size and plant options, so you can start small and make a terrarium in an old jam jar, or go large and make one in a glass bowl!

ConcreteLab Terrarium Kit succulents

3. DIY large conical Terrarium kit

Here's a DIY terrarium kit that comes with everything you need to create a really full and visually interesting terrarium!

As well as the stylish conical vessel, it comes with a small bonsai and a selection of lower growing plants.

But you also get a range of pebbles, bark, rocks and moss to create a really stunning environment, plus tools and instructions to help you construct and care for your terrarium!

DIY large conical terrarium kit

4. Hanging Metal Terrarium kit with plants

If you're not a huge fan of glass and would prefer a terrarium with a bit more of a modern styling (or have just run out of room for plants), then how about this hanging metal terrarium kit?

Great for growing cacti and succulents, this hanging terrarium is a unique piece that will look fabulous in your home.

You can buy the container by itself or as kit options including succulents, cacti or fittonias.

hanging metal terrarium kit

5. Jungle Terrarium kit

We are totally in LOVE with this gorgeous jungle terrarium kit from Bloomboxclub!

It features a stylish rounded vessel made from 100% recycled glass and includes some fabulous plants (a Chinese money plant, Peperomia Picollo Banda and Chlorophytum Ocean).

But perhaps one of our favourite parts – it also has the option of coming with a light built in to the cork lid, meaning you can admire your plants throughout the night too! We think it's a gorgeous kit.

Jungle Terrarium kit

6. DIY Tropical Terrarium kit

If you're thinking of buying a DIY terrarium kit as a gift for a friend or loved one, then we think this tropical terrarium kit would be perfect.

It comes with 3 tropical plants included as well as everything else you need, plus some beautifully illustrated instructions to show you how to assemble your terrarium.

diy tropical terrarium kit
If you love houseplants and all things natural and want to try something different, why not check out this DIY aquatic ecosphere kit from Etsy. It's a kit that enables you to make your own self-sustaining mini-world, including aquatic plants and living invertibrates!
ecosphere mossarium kit

7. DIY Premium succulent terrarium

Most of the terrarium kits we've featured so far use relatively simple glass vessels, but there's a big trend in the terrarium world for geometric glass vessels like this premium succulent terrarium.

You can select copper or gold options for your terrarium, or go for full on glam with the premium option, which includes gold pebbles to help show off the green in your plants.

The kit comes with 3 succulents, and you can choose the colours of your pebbles to suit your own style!

DIY premium terrarium kit

8. Hanging mini terrarium kit

Here's another terrarium kit that would make an excellent gift (and won't cost you too much either).

This hanging mini terrarium kit is a simple stylish kit that shows off a single succulent.

A great gift for house plant lovers who have already used up every inch of free space (we know a few of those people)!

Hanging mini terrarium kit

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9. Large Closed Terrarium Kit

This large closed terrarium kit is another kit that comes with everything to make a really full environment, with various mosses and 4 plants included.

It also comes with a couple of extra options, like the premium option that comes with a chainsaw cut log slice for displaying your terrarium on, or the deluxe option which is the same as the premium option but with 2 extra high quality extendable metal tools!

large closed terrarium kit

10. Geometric Air Plant Terrarium Kit

Here's another beautiful geometric terrarium that not only looks super-stylish but is also really easy to care for!

The terrarium kit includes everything and comes with a single air plant – which is really easy to care for as they don't need soil. You just need to mist them occasionally and give them a light 'bath' every two weeks.

There's also the option to include some fairy lights to really show off the plant in your terrarium.

Air plant terrarium kit

11. DIY teacup terrarium

If these terrariums so far haven't exactly been your cup of tea, then maybe here's one you'll like!

This DIY terrarium is displayed in a glass teacup and saucer, creating a unique display piece that would make a great gift for either a plant or tea obsessed friend.

It comes with 2 succulents included and has options to select your preferred moss and pebble colours. Just don't try and drink from it!

teacup terrarium kit

Where to buy a terrarium kit?

While you can make a terrarium from scratch yourself, this will require you buying all of the separate elements individually.

Once you've had a bit of practice this can be a more cost effective way of making DIY terrariums, but for beginners it's likely to be quite confusing and you'll end up with bulk of certain items (such as the soil or moss).

While you will be able to buy a wide range of suitable plants from good garden centres or plant shops, and even terrarium vessels from larger stores, if you want a full terrarium kit then your easiest avenue is to buy online.

One thing to be particularly aware of when buying online is does it include plants? The vast majority of terrarium kits we came across don't, which is almost certainly due to the fact that shipping plants can be a fiddly business.

Of course this option is fine if you've got a decent local garden centre or shop that you can get your plants from, and you can normally get plants slightly cheaper than online if you know a good local independent garden centre.

However, if you're like us and want to get started as soon as your terrarium kit is delivered, then you won't want to wait – so in the list above you'll only find kits that include (or have the option to include) plants along with everything else you'll need to get started with your terrarium!

Create a mini indoor garden with a terrarium kit

Bring some greenery indoors and create a garden that you can enjoy all year round with our pick of the best terrarium kits.

Whether you prefer a rustic look or something more modern, there's a terrarium kit for you – and with so many plants to choose from you'll never get bored of updating your display!

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