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DIY Fall wreath – how to make a Fall wreath from scratch

Making your own DIY Fall door wreaths is one of our favourite craft trends this season, so we're here to show you how make a DIY Fall wreath with step by step photos.

How to make a Fall wreath

Hooray for Fall! The season of woodland wandering and cosy nights in crafting is almost upon us, and we’re ready for it. We’re bringing you the ultimate in cosy craft projects to welcome the new season – learn how to make a fall wreath using a simple base and a few favourite dried leaves and flowers. The beauty of this Autumnal craft project is it will only take you an hour or two to create, and will last for weeks until you’re ready to take it down and reach for your Christmas decorations!

Designer and craft-pro Becki Clark always inspires us with her nature-inspired makes, so we’re excited to share this step by step DIY Fall wreath, which she’s created especially for Gathered. You can buy the supplies inexpensively online (we’ve added our favourite places to shop below) or try Becki’s tips for drying your own flowers if you want to really go for the full DIY approach…

“To dry your own,” she advises, “remove foliage from the main stems of your flowers, create mini bunches and tie a piece of string at the bottom of the stems – hang your bunches upside down in a cool dry place for a couple of weeks.”

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DIY Fall door wreath

How to make a DIY Fall wreath

Let’s start with the supplies! Read the full materials list below – we like these places to shop for beautiful flowers and grasses for your Fall door wreath…

Wreath bases

Dried flowers and grasses

We suggest pampas grass to create a base, plus a mixture of Achillea, Poppy seed heads, bunny tails, cornflowers, protea, lunaria, gloria,


You Will Need

  • Rattan wreath base
  • Dried flowers
  • Pampas Grass
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Wire

Total time:

Step 1

To start your Fall door wreath, take your pampas grass and split it into smaller bunches by pulling the grass away from the main stem so you have pieces that are about 10cm long.

DIY Fall Wreath Step 1

Step 2

Group together to make mini bunches and weave into the rattan base with your grass pointing outwards from the circle.

How to make an Autumn wreath – weave the pampas grass in the wreath base


Step 3

Repeat this working around half of the rattan base weaving the pampas under the rattan to secure to create a base layer of dried flowers.

DIY Fall wreath – weave more pampass grass around the wreath edge

Step 4

Begin adding some of the dried flowers on top of the pampas grass, working them around in the same direction your grasses are heading in and weaving them into the rattan. If you need to you can also use some of the wire to secure. Mix and match between stem and head types to give the wreath a wild whimsical feel

How to make a fall wreath - add dried flowers


Step 5

Remember you can cut your flower stems right down so that the flowers can sit facing upwards rather than along the wreath, keep holding your wreath up to see how it looks from all angles.

How to make a fall wreath step 5

Step 6

Finally add your ribbon to the top of the wreath ready to hang, the wonderful thing about this wreath is because it is dried it will last forever making it the perfect sustainable option.

DIY Fall wreath hang your wreath with a pice of ribbon



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DIY Fall wreath