40 Easter Egg decorating ideas 2021 – easy designs to try at home

Create homemade Easter decorations that wow with our guide to the best Easter Egg Design ideas. We've rounded up our favourite 40 Easter egg ideas and methods for you to try – from natural dying to spots, stripes and florals.

Easter Egg Design Ideas

Decorating for Easter is becoming more and more popular in recent years and so we’re here to make it easy for you with this hand-picked collection of Easter egg design ideas too to give you some inspiration for your finished eggs. We’ve included our favourite modern ways to decorate your eggs – from dip-dyed to doodled, mosaic to metallic. Read on for your complete guide to how to decorate eggs for Easter.


Dive on into this bumper batch of egg decorating ideas, from colour-blocking to florals. We’ve included lots of ideas you can use here to decorate traditional eggs, alongside a whole bunch of options if you’re vegan (or you just prefer a dairy-free alternative to using actual eggs), as you can easily try all the design ideas in this feature with papier mache Easter eggs or reusable foam, faux, wooden or plastic eggs. We’ve even included free patterns for you to knit, crochet or cross stitch Easter eggs too.

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Main image: © nerudol

40 Easter Egg decorating ideas to try


Modern Colour blocked eggs

We’re loving the earthy tones of these dip-dyed, colour-blocked Easter egg designs over at ohsobeautifulpaper.com

How to make  DIY Modern Colour-blocked Easter Eggs

DIY Modern Color Blocked Easter Eggs


Decorate with marbelling

Marbelling is one of our big trend-predictions in craft this year, – give it a go to decorate your eggs with this fun tutorial from Martha Stewart.

How to make marbleized Easter Eggs

How to make marbelled Easter Eggs
Martha Stewart Crafts shows you how to marble Easter eggs

Bunny and Chick Easter Egg Designs

Go for classic Easter themes and transform your eggs into Easter chicks and bunnies, with this fun DIY project from Frugal Fun 4 Boys.

Bunny and Chick Decorated Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Decorating ideas


Dip dyed Easter Eggs

It’s easy to make your own Easter egg dye. This tutorial from www.eggs.ca uses a homemade dye of vinegar, water and food colouring to create this stylish two-tone effect.

How to decorate Easter eggs with dip-dye method

How to decorate Easter Eggs with dip dye
Thanks for the eggs inspo, www.eggs.ca

Ice cream cone Easter Eggs

Check out this sweet idea (in more ways than one) from Kara’s Party Ideas for how to paint your Easter eggs to look like Ice Cream Cones!

DIY Ice Cream Cone Easter Eggs

Ice cream cone painted Easter Egg designs


Try natural dies for a subtle effect

Raid your kitchen or garden for natural ingredients to create your own natural dyes, and use those to colour your eggs with a lovely subtle range of colours. Madison Alcedo over at Delish talks you through the different things you can use to dye eggs from everyday ingredients like blueberries or spinach.

Guide to dying eggs with natural dyes

Natural Dye Easter Egg ingredients


Doodled Easter Eggs

Embrace all the rainbow vibe with this simple idea for decorating eggs with pens… doodling is the trend that never dies and it’s easy to try this at home. The tutorial and example below we’ve listed here are from Color Made Happy.

How to decorate colourful DIY Doodle Eggs 

Doodled Easter Egg Design Ideas
Doodled Easter Egg Designs from Color Made Happy

Paint them with pastel tones

We’re in a big painting zone lately after launching our Art section of Gathered earlier this year (packed full of beginner guides and stash for painting and drawing). Lolly Jane have shared this beautiful design idea for hand painting eggs with floral patterns. Check it out…

DIY Pastel Floral Egg Decorating

Lollyjane.com show you how to paint Easter eggs

Try wax resist Psyanky eggs

Miss Mustard Seed shares this beautiful DIY for how to make Pysanky – traditional Ukrainian Easter eggs, decorated with traditional folk designs using a wax resist method.

How to decorate Indigo Pysanky Wax-Dyed Eggs 

Wax Dyed Indigo Easter Egg Designs
Head over to Miss Mustard Seed for the this beautiful DIY

Gilded Foil Easter Eggs

An easy way to give your eggs a modern metallic effect is to try gold leaf – Pencil Shavings Studio has created these beautiful gold leaf eggs using a kit  – you can pick these up pretty cheaply online – like this Gold Leaf Kit for £12.99 on Amazon.

Foil Easter Eggs from Pencil Shavings Studio

GIlded foil easter egg designs
Go for gold with Pencil Shavings Studio

Easter eggs with typography decoration

Lettering and personalisation is another big trend in the craft world this year – get the look by adding DIY greetings to your eggs. Lovelyindeed.com have got these beautiful designs to inspire you – they’ve used a Cricut machine to die-cut their lettering but also include tips for how to create the same effect with letter stickers if a Cricut is still on your wish list.

How to make decorate Easter eggs with typography

DIY Typography Easter eggs
Spell it out with this fun idea from Lovely Indeed

Ombre eggs

We’ve included a few ideas for dying Easter Eggs in this round-up as you can get such lovely effects with this technique. Mini Piccolini has come up with these lovely dyed blue ombre eggs. Find out how she made them on her blog.

Ombre Blue Easter Eggs tutorial

Ombre died Easter Egg Decoration Idea


Decorate Eggs with embroidery stitches

Looking to up your texture level? Try cross stitching into real egg shells! Yes – it can be done (it’s actually not witchcraft – head over to crafts.tutsplus.com for the full tutorial, below…

How to decorate Easter eggs with embroidery stitches

Cross stitched Easter Egg Decoration


Paint with bright, folksy florals

We’re a bit smitten with traditional folk art designs on Easter Eggs and this is a great effect to try at home with some paints and thin paint brushes. This bright painted set of 6 Easter Eggs is actually a shop-brought version (find them in Heirloom Art. Co‘s online store)

Bright Painted Easter Eggs (Heirloom Art Co)

Painted Floral Easter Egg Designs


Rainbow Eggs! (you know you want to)

We stumbled upon this eye-catching set of rainbow Easter eggs over on Luscious Dwelling’s Etsy store – we can’t think of a more cheerful way of decorating your own Easter eggs than by painting them rainbow shades, but if you’re short of time you an always cheat and buy this ready-made set (we won’t tell anyone).

Rainbow Easter Eggs  (Etsy, £27)

Rainbow Easter Eggs


Decorate Mosaic Easter Eggs

This sweet idea is as effective as it is simple – use our technique for blowing eggs to create two empty egg shells, paint them two different colours, then break one up into mosaic pieces to decorate the other! Say Not Sweet Anne has got a lovely tutorial to talk you through how it’s done (pictured below).

How to make beautiful mosaic Easter eggs

Mosaic Easter Egg Designs
A cracking idea for mosaic decorating by Say Not Sweet Anne

Tie die Easter Eggs

For a different paint effect than traditional patterns, how about tie die? Crafty Morning have an easy tutorial to show you how.

How to paint tie die Easter eggs

Tie Dye Easter Egg Designs
Learn how to tie die Easter Eggs with Crafty Morning

DIY Pantone Easter Eggs

One for all you design lovers and Pantone fans out there. A Kailo Chic Life has come up with this cute idea for decorating plastic egg hunt eggs in the shades of your favourite Pantone swatches.

How to decorate Pantone Easter Eggs

DIY Pantone Easter Egg Designs

Painted pebbles

If you prefer not to use real eggs, swap them for oval rocks and get pebble painting! We found these cute designs in spring-fresh pastel brights over at www.projectswithkids.com.

Easy Painted Easter Egg Rocks

Easter Egg painted pebbles
Projects With Kids show you how to paint rocks for a cute spin on Easter Egg Designs

Crochet Easter Eggs!

If you prefer your Easter eggs of the vegan variety, reach for some yarn and a crochet hook and get crocheting! We’ve got a free tutorial to get you started.

Free crochet Easter eggs pattern 

Free crochet easter eggs pattern in bowl


Decorate with Sharpies

Another doodle-inspired egg design, this time try the effect in monochrome for a really modern effect that’s easy to achieve at home. Chandra at #Blessed has this super simple but beautiful idea over at www.hometalk.com.

Sharpie Doodle Easter Eggs

Sharpie Doodle Easter Egg Design Ideas


DIY Cactus Easter eggs

This idea speaks for itself – it’s one of our favourites in this round-up purely for the fun factor! Better Homes & Gardens have come up with this cute tutorial for how to turn your eggs into mini cactus designs!

DIY Cactus Easter Eggs

DIY Cactus Easter Egg Designs
© BRIE PASSANO www.bhg.com

Knitted Easter Eggs

If you’re more comfortable with knitting needles than we’ve got a free pattern from Simply Knitting for you to try.

Free Easter eggs knitting pattern

Easter egg pattern


Confetti-filled Easter eggs

We love this idea for a fun way to make eggs that kids will love playing with once they’re decorated – fill them with confetti for a surprise element! Find the tutorial below for how it’s done over at Babiekins mag.

How to make confetti-filled Easter Eggs




Make felt Easter eggs

These clever felt eggs from Love Embroidery involve stitching sweet embroidered details on to felt pieces, then stitching them together to make cute DIY Easter decorations.

How to make felt Easter eggs

felt easter eggs square


Create DIY Doughnut effects

Food that’s decorated to look like.. food?! Count us in for this. Kara’s Party Ideas have the cutest DIY ever for how to decorate Easter eggs to look like donoughts!

DIY Doughnut Easter Eggs

Doughnut Easter Egg Designs


Unicorn Easter Eggs

While we’re taking this round-up down a fun, cute path, how about turning your Easter eggs into mini unicorns? Capture the look of the iconic unicorn cake that has swept the party world by storm in recent years… on your Easter Eggs. Try it yourself with the tutorial below from Goods Home Design.

DIY Unicorn Easter Eggs Tutorial

DIY Unicorn Easter Egg Designs


Star Wars Eggs!

One for all you Sci Fi fans out there (our unofficial study of the Gathered team does prove there to be a link between a love of geekery and crafting). Frugal Fun 4 Boys have come up with this space-themed set of Easter Egg Designs. We’re not sure they’re officially Disney approved but they’re a lot of fun either way.

How to make Star Wars Painted Easter eggs



Cross stitch Easter eggs

Another way to create your own decorated eggs but without actually needing eggs themselves, is to cross stitch some! We’ve got a free pattern from Maria Diaz to get you started.

Free Easter cross stitch patterns

Easter cross stitch alt


Decorate with quilling

We love this idea for an ornate finish for your Easter eggs – decorate then with paper strips for a beautiful hand-crafted effect.

Tutorial: How to make a quilled papier maché Easter Egg

How to make quilled papier mache eggs


Chalk board Easter eggs

Oleander + Palm shows you how to paint papier mache eggs with chalkboard paint, then decorate with chalks for an interactive twist on traditional Easter Egg Designs.

How to paint chalkboard Easter eggs

Chalk board easter egg design ideas


Sports themed Easter eggs

We can’t resist a novelty Easter egg design. Ehow.com have got this cute idea for turning your eggs into sport balls… for all those of you who are looking for an unusual idea to make a change from the traditional options for Easter egg decoratin!

How to decorate sports-themed Easter eggs

Sports themed Easter eggs


Woodland Animal Easter eggs

If sports aren’t your thing, how about painting your eggs to look like woodland creatures? Arty Crafty Kids has got a great tutorial to show you how…

Woodland Animal Easter Egg Crafts

Woodland animals Easter Egg Decoration ideas


Galaxy painted Easter Eggs

Turn your eggs into intergalactic creations with this fun tutorial from Dream A Little Bigger.

How to make Galaxy Easter Eggs

DIY Galaxy Painted Easter Egg Idea


Paint emoji Easter eggs

Another way to put the fun into your Easter Egg decorating – turn your eggs into little yellow emojis with this easy tutorial from Your Tango.

How to make emoji Easter eggs

Emoji Easter eggs


Sharpie silhouette Easter eggs

Bringing it back to traditional Easter themes with this one, grab a couple of pastel Sharpie pens and try this simple way of adding a reverse outline dotted Easter buny to the front of your Easter eggs, with this quick DIY from Cutesy Crafts.

Sharpie Easter Egg decorating idea

Sharpie Easter Eggs


Flash Tattoo Easter Eggs – add a flash of gold

Jessie Jane over at Hometalk has got a great DIY for you on how to add a flash of gold design to your Easter eggs – warning it is pretty addictive but just LOOK at the beautiful eggs she has created with this method!

DIY Flash Tattoo Easter Eggs video tutorial

Flash Tattoo Easter Egg Designs


Create classic florals with watercolour effects

Go classic with this easy DIY method of adding flower effects to your Easter eggs using tattoo paper from It’s Always Autumn… including some classic free flower patterns to download to transfer on to your eggs.

Beautiful DIY Floral Easter Eggs using Tattoo Paper

Floral Easter Eggs with Watercolour Flowers


Mustache Easter eggs

We’ve included a whole range of design ideas for your Easter eggs in this round up, from the classic to the contemporary, and here’s one with a distinctly modern twist! Give your Easter eggs mini mustaches…. how can you resist? Head over to Number 2 Pencil to find out how below…

How to paint Easter Eggs with mustaches

Mustache Easter Egg Designs


Cover them in painted sprinkles

Give your Easter eggs a really quick and simple update for maximum cheer factor with this tutorial from Let’s Mingle for how to paint your eggs with simple rainbow sprinkles!


DIY Sprinkle Easter Eggs

DIY Sprinkle Easter Egg Designs