How to make felt eggs

Craft your own Easter embroidery designs with these brilliant felt eggs from Jenny Blair

a trio of felt eggs in shades of blue sit in a white bowl an a wood table with ponds and scissors nearby

Jenny Blair’s brilliant felt eggs make the perfect addition to your celebrations. If you want to try Easter embroidery designs for the time, these great felt eggs are quick and easy to make, and use backstitch, satin stitch and French knots. We have the guides you need to master these stitches for you here on Gathered! Click for our how to do satin stitchhow to do French knots and how to backstitch tutorials. They look so sophisticated, it is hard to believe they are felt eggs and not Faberge! For the flowers, you can add these by embroidering on felt, or use felt scraps to cut these from felt, as we have in our picture. With our simple step-by-step guide, your Easter embroidery designs will be spectacular this year.

Felt egg materials


You Will Need

  • Wool felt
  • Stranded cotton
  • Soft toy stuffing

Total time:

Step 1

tracing the template design on to the felt eggs

Trace the four egg side embroidery templates separately on to the water soluble stabiliser using a permanent ink pen. Attach the traced stabiliser pieces onto the felt piece ready to embroider, leaving at least 5mm between each one.

Step 2

embroidering on felt eggs to add the petals in satin stitch

Use three strands of stranded cotton throughout for all the stitching. Use a variety of different colours or refer to the photo for guidance.

Work the outlines of the larger leaves and the stems in Backstitch. Use Satin Stitch to fill the flowers and smaller leaves on the stems. Add a French Knot on each marked dot, making those that are part of the little flowers smaller by reducing the number of times the thread is wound around the needle.

Step 3

cutting out felt flowers for the felt eggs

If you wish to add felt flowers instead of embroidering on felt, cut out the flower templates and draw around them on the felt scraps and then cut out using small scissors. Embroider in place with a cluster of French Knots in the centre.

Step 4

soaking the felt egg pieces in water to remove the stabiliser

Cut out each embroidered easter egg side piece slightly larger than the template size to allow for any shrinkage in the water. Soak in cold water to remove the stabiliser and then allow the felt to dry. Once the felt is dry carefully trim the edges to the correct size by placing the felt egg side template centrally on top and cutting round it. Take care not to cut through any of your worked stitches.

Step 5

stitching along the sides go the felt egg sections to attach together

Stitch the felt egg side pieces together using Whip Stitch, ensuring the sides line up neatly and you are matching up the top of the side pieces with each other. These positions are labelled (T) on the templates.

Leave a gap between two of the side pieces to allow for stuffing.

Step 6

stuffing the felt eggs with toy stuffing

Fill the egg with soft toy stuffing until plump but not too firm. Continue using Whip Stitch to stitch the gap closed.


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