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Easy needle felt egg cosies

Learn how to needle felt with Craft Stephanie Carswell’s easy needle felting tutorial.

easy needle felting egg cosies

How do you like your eggs in the morning? Well, we like them needle felted and colourful, please. Stephanie Carswell’s easy needle felting tutorial will keep your morning eggs all warm. It’s the perfect needle felting for beginners project and will look so cute sitting in your kitchen for spring.

We’ve got a whole bunch of Easter crafts here on Gathered so you can celebrate spring in style. But for now, let’s follow Stephanie’s easy needle felting step by step tutorial and make some egg cosies!

This easy needle felt tutorial was created by Stephanie for Mollie Makes magazine – for more easy-make craft projects and creative inspiration, subscribe to Mollie or click here to find out more.


Easy needle felting tutorial


You Will Need

  • Felting needle
  • Wool tops
  • Thread

Total time:

Step 1

Easy needle felting tutorial Step 8
Tease off a piece of blue wool roughly 20cm (77/8″) long. Wrap it around the polystyrene egg mould from just over halfway down to the top. Working with the foam surface underneath, stab the felting needle into the wool, going all around the circumference. The needle should just touch the polystyrene, but not go into it too deeply.

Step 2

Easy needle felting tutorial Step 9

Stab the wool all over to compact it, turning the polystyrene egg regularly to get an even finish. If there are any gaps, tease over some of the wool with your fingers as you’re working, or add in a little more at the end.

Step 3

Easy needle felting tutorial Step 10

To make a neat edge at the bottom of the cosy, stab upwards all along the base, as shown. Keep working until the wool is nicely felted and no longer fluffy.

Step 4

Easy needle felting tutorial Step 11

Take a small piece of white wool. Lay it over the top of the cosy, then needle felt through both the white and blue wool, shaping the edge into a fried egg shape as you go.

Step 5

Easy needle felting tutorial Step 12

Take a very small piece of yellow wool and roughly shape it into a round disc. Place it on top of the egg white and, holding it flat, stab in a circular motion to attach it. Workaround the edge and evenly across so it’s attached securely.

Step 6

Easy needle felting tutorial Step 13

Ease the egg cosy off the mould. If needed, gently stab around the inside of the cosy to make sure it’s well felted, being careful not to go through to the outside of the felt. You’ve mastered the art of easy needle felting!

Step 7

easy needle felting egg cosies
Repeat Steps 8-13 using the pink felt at Step 8, then again using the green felt at Step 8 to create the three different egg cosies.  Your easy needle felting tutorial is complete.

We hope you’ve enjoyed Stephanie’s easy needle felting tutorial and will use your egg cosies every morning. If you’re looking for some Easter projects to do with the family then head to our easter crafts for kids round up.