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How to make a Christmas wreath from scratch

Create this beautiful winter wreath for your home with our Christmas wreath making workshop from the Flower Appreciation Society, including video guide and step-by-step tutorial

pine cone crafts wreath

Make this the year you create your very own DIY decorations with our easy step by step guide to how to make a Christmas wreath from scratch. Head to the woods to forage for foliage and all you’ll need are a couple of basic supplies to make your own classic show-stopper to welcome friends to your home during the holiday season. We’ll talk you through all the Christmas wreath making basics and have included a video guide from us on the Gathered team, plus a step-by-step tutorial from The Flower Appreciation Society.

Can’t find what you’re looking for to make your wreath down in the woods? Contact your local florist and they’ll be able to help you source beautiful seasonal branches. Or if you’re not able to get to a florist we’ve also included some handy links for where to find supplies online below too.

If you’re in a crafty mood, why not check out these crochet Christmas decorations, or how about these gorgeous free Christmas knitting patterns? Want to go all out and make your own Christmas stocking this year? We’ve got you covered with our tutorial, how to make a Christmas stocking.

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Let your Christmas wreath making adventures begin!

Christmas wreath DIY – let’s begin!

What do you need to make a Christmas wreath?

Good news! A walk in the woods can provide you with a wealth of foliage and supplies to make your own Christmas wreath. Your local florist can help with the rest, and we’ve included some handy links to buy online if you’re not able to get out at the moment to shop in person.

  • Wire frames are easy to work with and can be reused every year – buy now on Amazon (£9.99)
  • Eucalyptus has shimmery silver-green leaves – pick the real deal from the woods or try these Artificial Eucalyptus Leaves
  • Seed heads, like the ones below from a poppy plant, can be as beautiful as flowers. Forage to source them or try this pre-picked pack of Lotus Flower Heads.
  • Pine cones add focal points but keep them small. If you don’t live near the woods, you can buy a pack from Baker Ross (£4.95)
  • Aromatic bay leaves add a lovely scent
  • Moss creates depth and retains moisture for your foliage
  • Nigella is also known as ‘Love in a mist’
  • Floristry scissors let you cut cleanly and accurately. We like these Wrought Iron Botanical Scissors
  • Reel wire is so thin you won’t see it among your leaves – buy green florists wire on Amazon (£4.92)
  • Ribbon: Choose any colour of ribbon you like – Create and Craft have a beautiful range

How to make a Christmas wreath step-by-step

How to make a Christmas wreath by The Flower Appreciation Society, was first featured in Mindful Christmas magazine.


You Will Need

  • Wire wreath frame
  • Scissors (Floristry scissors or secateurs)
  • Ribbon (Medium/large thickness)
  • Moss
  • Foliage and pine (A selection of hardy foliage and pine (a mix of different shades of greens and textures works really well – here we’ve used eucalyptus and bay))
  • Decorations (We like to keep ours quite natural and green so we’ve used poppy heads, pine cones and nigella flower seed heads. You can also add cinnamon sticks, orange/lime slices, sprayed foliage or bells.)

Step 1

Want to know how to make a Christmas wreath? To begin, attach one end of the reel wire to your frame with a few twists.

How to make a Christmas wreath

Step 2

Secure bundles of bunched up moss to the frame by wrapping the reel wire around them. We use moss as it gives depth to the wreath – it will also provide moisture for the foliage you’ll be adding later.

How to make a Christmas wreath

Step 3

Continue adding bunches of moss until the whole frame is covered with an even distribution. Keep the reel wire attached to the wreath. Assemble small bundles of your mixed foliage and pine – it works best to keep larger bits of foliage and pine at the back of the bundle.

How to make a Christmas wreath

Step 4

Lay a bundle of foliage on the wreath and secure firmly using the reel wire. Add more bundles in the same direction, overlapping with the previous one.

How to make a Christmas wreath

Step 5

Continue adding bundles of leaves until the frame is evenly covered. Cut the reel wire, leaving enough to secure at the back by twisting it around itself.

How to make a Christmas wreath

Step 6

Attach a ribbon by doubling it around your wreath underneath the foliage, leaving it long enough to attach to your door. It’s a good idea to hold up the wreath and look at the shape before you decide where to attach the ribbon.

How to make a Christmas wreath

Step 7

Cut long lengths of reel wire to make ‘legs’ for your decorations (to attach them to the wreath). To do this, bend the wire in half and attach with a few twists around a suitable point on your decoration (such as the stem or around the pine cone).

How to make a Christmas wreath

Step 8

Attach the decorations at random intervals around the wreath by separating out the ‘legs’ of the wire and securing them at the back of the wreath with a few twists. Use the ribbon to hang your wreath on a door or suitable place and enjoy your Christmas wreath!

How to make a Christmas wreath

More Christmas wreath ideas to try!

Now we’ve shown you how to make a Christmas wreath, try these other ideas for different looks or feels you can give to your DIY decorations.

1. Go classic with a traditional wreath

For the most classic of Christmas colour combos, you can’t beat the combo of dried orange slices and bright red berries for the ultimate in classic Christmas wreath effects.

How to make a Christmas wreath from scratch

2. Give it a frosty finish

Capture all the Winter Wonderland meets the land of Narnia vibes with a silver and white version of our DIY wreath above. For this effect, or if you want to cheat, we found this Morning Frost hand Crafted Christmas wreath on Not on the High Street (£29.95) 

How to make a Christmas wreath from scratch

3. Make a sweet felt wreath

We love Laura Howard’s stylish felt wreath for Mollie Makes magazine. Find our free tutorial for how to make it in our sister post how to make a felt wreath

How to make a Christmas wreath

4. Make a pom pom wreath

Looking for a brighter colour scheme for your 2021 Christmas decorations? How about this colour-popping pom pom wreath? It’s one of 56 free projects you can get as part of our bonus Craft for Christmas download when you sign up to our Gathered Makers newsletter!

How to make a Christmas wreath

5. Try it with dried flowers

We’re seeing dried flowers filling up our Instagram feed and they’re one of our big 2021 craft trend predictions. Get the look on your Christmas wreath by using the method above but with dried blooms. Alternatively, if you want to treat yourself, how about this Natural Christmas Door Wreath from Florence and Flowers on Etsy.

How to make a Christmas wreath

6. Nothing says Merry Christmas like Mistletoe

If you’re looking for an understated, romantic feel, combine mistletoe with white pom poms or berries and a sprinkling of fake snow. Use the technique above to make your own or for a wreath or why not cheat (we won’t tell!) and splash out on this Mistletoe Christmas Wreath from Not on the High Street?

How to make a Christmas wreath

7. Give it a natural touch

Combine cinnamon sticks with pine cones and acorns for a natural look to your Christmas wreath. Source your supplies locally or if you’re short of time, check out this best-selling handmade wreath from StyleSparkle on Etsy.

How to make a Christmas wreath

8. Knit your own

This advent calendar wreath knitting pattern is a great stash buster and combines pretty knitted bells with 24 sweet treats to unwrap in the run-up to Christmas. Try our free Advent Calendar Wreath Knitting pattern by Monica Fuertes and Simply Knitting magazine to give it a go.

How to make a Christmas wreath

9. Easy fabric Christmas wreath idea

You don’t need much sewing experience to try this really simple but effective fabric wreath DIY from Samantha Claridge and Love Patchwork & Quilting magazine. Try it tonight with our guide to how to make a fabric wreath

How to make a Christmas wreath

10. Try the hot-stuff Half Wreath approach

For a nice variation on the metal wire frame method we’ve used above, opt for a wicker or natural wreath frame and leave some of the wreath base exposed for an on-trend variation on a full traditional Christmas wreath. We like this Personalised Half Wreath from The Letterooom on Not On The High Street.

How to make a Christmas wreath

11. Make a Scandinavian table wreath

This beautiful wreath was traditionally made in Scandinavian countries to celebrate the day of St Lucia on 13th December. It’s a lovely reminder that you can find light even in the depths of winter – and it looks great too! Head over to our sister website Calmmoment to learn how to make your own Scandinavian table wreath.

How to make a Christmas wreath
Image by Melissa Bahen from Scandinavian Gatherings published by Sasquatch Books.

12. Craft your own winter wreath

Want to make a Christmas wreath that’s seasonal without being too festive? This beautiful winter wreath created by Becki Clark definitely fits the bill. Gather up your own foliage on a country walk to make your own rustic winter wreath! Go to our sister website CalmMoment to find out how to put together your own winter wreath.

How to make a Christmas wreath

13. DIY winter wreath from paper

Studded with berries in complementary hues of red, pink, gold, and white, this beautiful winter wreath from paper piece is wound around a gold ring to add a clean elegance to the modern foliage and blooms. It’s a beautifully modern DIY winter wreath that will have people looking at it in awe.

how to make a winter wreath

14. Pre-made Christmas wreath

Don’t want to make your own Christmas wreath? How about something like this white Christmas wreath – it’s made of baubles, pine cones and pine needles, and looks like the real thing. Perfect for your White Christmas and holiday decoration – we won’t tell if you won’t!

Buy now on Amazon (£41.99).

How to make a Christmas wreath

We hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial, how to make a Christmas wreath. If you like floristry and upcycling, why not make these upcycled herb pots, or how about this DIY terrarium? Want more wreath ideas? We love this thanksgiving wreath or this cheery winter wreath! For a full round-up of all the best winter wreath ideas, check out the best DIY winter wreath ideas.