How to make Christmas crackers

Learn how to make Christmas crackers this year and add a handmade touch to your table.

how to make christmas crackers

Make your own Christmas crackers to pull at the dinner table this year with our DIY Christmas crackers tutorial by Lara Messer

We love a set of mini precision screwdrivers as much as the next DIY-er, and the jumping frog is still considered riveting between-courses entertainment here at Mollie HQ, but handmade Christmas crackers are way more fun. You get to write your own hilarious* Christmas jokes; personalise the filling and match the paper design to your Christmas table decorations. Here’s how easy they are to put together…

how to make christmas crackers cropped

You will need:

For the DIY Christmas cracker filling:

• Brown parcel paper
• Twine or string
• A joke/sentiment/fact
• A small gift of your choice
• Confetti
• Tissue paper
• Scissors
• Roll-on adhesive

For each DIY Christmas cracker:

• Sheet of patterned scrapbooking paper, 20x30cm
• Ruler and pencil
• Roll-on adhesive
• Cracker snap
• Toilet roll tube
• Silk ribbon or raffia

How to make Christmas crackers


You Will Need

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Total time:

Step 1

how to make christmas crackers step 1

Make Christmas party hats from brown wrapping paper. Cut 6cm wide strips, measure around your head and add a few centimetres then glue the ends together. Snip triangles out of one side to shape the crown.

Step 2

how to make christmas crackers step 2

Roll up your hat and tie with a little bit of twine to make the contents of your package small enough to fit inside the tube.

Step 3

how to make christmas crackers step 3

Write small notes or jokes to include in the crackers. Add some confetti, your party hat, sentiment, a small gift and wrap in tissue paper. Slip the parcel into a toilet roll tube.

Step 4

how to make christmas crackers step 4

Take your piece of patterned paper and cut to 20x30cm. On the reverse side, measure in 10cm from both sides to create three columns. A typical toilet roll tube is 10cm in length and will fit perfectly in the centre column.

Step 5

how to make christmas crackers step 5

Apply glue to the top of the paper, middle of the centre column and at the bottom of the centre column. Stick cracker snap about 2.5cm from the top. Place the toilet roll tube with your parcel inside on the glue at the bottom.

Step 6

how to make christmas crackers step 6

Roll your sheet around your tube, making sure it is tight and the ends meet, to make a perfect cylinder.

Step 7

how to make christmas crackers step 7

Once rolled, feel for the edges of the tube and grasp firmly with your hand. Encourage the paper to crush and crinkle with your fingertips. Do this to both ends and you will start to see your cracker shape forming.


Step 8

how to make christmas crackers step 8

Cut pieces of ribbon to seal the ends. Tie the ribbon tightly around the crinkled paper to make sure it holds its shape and the parcel doesn’t fall out.

Step 9

how to make christmas crackers step 9

Knot and tie your ribbon in a bow for extra security. Do this for both sides. Cut your ribbon to size at an angle for a lovely finish. Display on your Christmas table with pride and be sure to tell everyone you made them! DIY Christmas crackers done easily.


DIY Christmas crackers complete!

how to make christmas crackers finished

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