How to make a Christmas stocking

Sew your next family tradition with our step-by-step guide to how to make a lined Christmas stocking. We've even included a free Christmas stocking pattern to get you started!

How to make a christmas stocking

Want to know how to make a Christmas stocking with a cuff? We’re here to help! Our series of Christmas sewing patterns and projects continues with this quick and easy tutorial by Rebecca Reid. Sew a family heirloom with our Christmas stocking template and step-by-step instructions.

You will need…

  • Main fabric: 45x60cm (18x24in)
  • Cuff fabric: 25x66cm (10x26in)
  • Lining fabric: 45x60cm (18x24in)
  • Wool for pom poms
  • Matching sewing thread
  • Download your free Christmas stocking pattern PDF here

We’ve used:

  • Main fabric: Festive by Jo Clark for Cloud9: Fairy Lights (ref: C9FES140233) and Festive Peppermint Twist (ref: C9FES140506); Curiosities by Jeni Baker for Art Gallery fabrics: String Lights Carmin (ref: AGFCUR29133). See Hantex for stockists.
  • Cuff fabric: Festive by Jo Clark for Cloud9: Festive Snowflakes (ref: C9FES140702); Imprint by Katarina Roccella for Art Gallery fabrics: Crossthread Pure (ref: AGFIMP10454). See Hantex for stockists.
  • Lining fabric: Cotton Solids – white (ef: CCPF100)


The finished stocking measures 47x24cm (18½x9½in)


Use a 1.5cm (58in) seam allowance unless otherwise stated.

Due to font restraints on our website, we’re unable to display fractions clearly so we have italicised them where they appear in this tutorial. For example, 1½in = one and a half inches.

How to make a Christmas stocking with a cuff


Cutting out your fabric

Step 1

Trace round the stocking template from the pattern sheet and cut it out. This is just the main body of the stocking and includes a 1.5cm (58in) seam allowance.

Step 2

Cut the main fabric into two pieces, for the outer front and back of the stocking 45x30cm (18x12in) each. Cut a strip 31x4cm (12¼x158in) for the hanging loop.

Step 3

Place the two outer pieces right sides (RS) together then pin the stocking template centrally on top. Cut round it.

Step 4

Repeat steps 1-3 with the lining fabric.

Step 5

Now prepare the cuff fabric – cut it into two pieces each 21x33cm (8¼x13in).

Making the stocking body

Step 6

With RS together stitch the two outer stocking pieces together all round the edge leaving the top open. Turn RS out and press.

Step 7

Repeat this process with the two lining stocking pieces.

Making a hanging loop

Step 8

Fold the loop fabric in half lengthways and stitch together down the length using a 1cm (38in) seam allowance.

Step 9

Turn the strip RS out and press. Fold in half and pin the two raw ends together.

Adding the cuff

Step 10

Take one cuff piece of fabric and fold in half widthways with RS together and stitch down the 21cm (8 ¼in) side to make a tube. Repeat with the other piece of cuff fabric.

Step 11

Now take one cuff tube and slip over the outer joined stocking RS together and matching the seam on the cuff with the left (heel) side seam of the stocking.

How to make a Christmas stocking step 11

Step 12

Stitch together all the way round, press the seams open then pull the cuff upwards so it extends above the top of the stocking outer.

Step 13

Repeat this with the other cuff tube and the stocking lining but slip the raw ends of the hanging loop between the cuff and lining centring it on the seams and matching raw edges so the loop hangs downwards.

How to make a stocking for Christmas step 2

Assembling the stocking

Step 14

Turn the lining and cuff wrong sides (WS) out and push the stocking outer and cuff inside it so that they are RS together and match side seams. Stitch together almost all the way around the top of the cuffs, leaving an 8cm (318in) gap for turning.

How to make a Christmas stocking step 3

Step 15

Take the stocking and turn it RS out through the gap then push the lining side of the stocking into the outer.

Step 16

Turn the fabric edges of the gap under and press. Top stitch round the top edge to neaten and close the gap.

Step 17

Fold the cuff over to the RS of the stocking so that it overlaps the stocking and cuff seam a little.

Step 18

Fold the hanging loop upwards and slip stitch to the lining up to the cuff fold.

How to make a lined Christmas stocking step 1

Adding pom poms

Step 19

Make two pom poms 3cm (1¼in) in diameter using a pom-pom maker or two circles of cardboard. We have used acrylic wool to make ours as it fluffs up well, and tied them with three lengths of wool.

Step 20

Plait the three lengths of wool together then stitch down the cuff seam making the pom poms hang at different lengths.


How to make a christmas stocking