How to make resin jewelry

Learn how to make this beautiful floral resin necklace at home with our easy step-by-step tutorial - ideal for gifts or selling at craft fairs!

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Pendants are such an easy piece of resin jewelry to wear and are always a popular buy for shoppers in search of a pretty gift. Pendant blanks are versatile as you can add all sorts of items inside and then cover with a glaze or resin. Choose a page from your favourite romantic novel to create an elegant background and then simply arrange a pressed flower on top of your resin necklace. You can buy flowers ready pressed but it’s easy to save on making costs and press your own – it’s so simple to do. Just remember to layer similar thicknesses of plant material on the same sheet so that it presses evenly and looks neater in your finished piece of resin jewelry.

Leave your resin items in a warm, ventilated place, away from moisture

Do you want to make this resin necklace project, but have never used resin before? Don’t worry – our complete guide to epoxy resin crafts has you covered! We take you through the basics, dive into some easy resin crafts to make, and answer all the questions you might have about using resin.

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To make resin jewelry you will need:

  • 32 x 24mm (1¼ x 1in) pendant blank
  • Appliglue
  • Book pages
  • Fresh flowers for birth month
  • White paper
  • Flower press
  • Gedeo resin kit
  • Cocktail sticks
  • Tweezers
  • 50cm (20in) of silver-plated chain
  • Silver-plated jump rings
  • Silver-plated lobster clasp fastening

Resin jewelry: How to make a resin necklace


3.2 x 2.4cm (1¼ x 1in) with 50cm (20in) chain to hang


Step 1

Resin jewelry: How to make a resin necklace

For this piece of resin jewelry, we’re going to press some flowers, and use them as inclusions in our resin necklace. Here’s an idea – if you’re looking to sell your resin necklace, why not press different flowers for every month of the year, people can buy their birthday flowers! Birthday flower resin necklaces also make beautiful gifts for friends and family – as well as for yourself!

If the flower you’re using is bulky, gently pull the petals out of the stem and lay on some white paper. Press the green stem flat with your finger and put it on another sheet of paper. Lay a second sheet of paper on top and lay inside a flower press. Screw down the press and leave for a week in a dry, warm place. 

Step 2

Resin jewelry: How to make a resin necklace

Draw around the pendant blank of your resin necklace onto a piece of scrap paper and then draw a second line 2mm further in. Cut out to make a template and then use the template to cut out an oval shape from the romantic novel.

Step 3

Resin jewelry: How to make a resin necklace

Position the green stem onto the oval paper and arrange the petals to create a nice flower shape. Tip off the petals and then stick them back in place with tiny amounts of glue applied with a cocktail stick.

Step 4

Resin jewelry: How to make a resin necklace

Apply glue inside the pendant of your resin necklace and then add the pressed flower onto the oval paper. Leave the glue on your resin pendant to dry completely.

Step 5

Resin jewelry: How to make a resin necklace

Mix the resin according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Use a cocktail stick to stir gently but thoroughly to mix the hardener in evenly. Use the cocktail stick to drop the resin into the pendant of your resin necklace. Continue adding resin until it is level with the top rim of the pendant. Leave your resin pendant flat to dry.

Step 6

Resin jewelry: How to make a resin necklace

Thread the completed flower pendant onto a length of chain. Use small jump rings to add a lobster clasp fastening to the left end and then add a larger jump ring to the right end, to finish your resin necklace! What other items of resin jewelry will you make with your new skills?

How to make a resin necklace

We hope you’ve enjoyed our resin jewelry tutorial on how to make a resin necklace. If you’re on the hunt for more resin projects, head to our epoxy resin project ideas for your next creative project.