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33 popsicle stick crafts

We've collected 33 popsicle stick crafts for kids to keep your little ones entertained all summer long.

lollipop stick crafts easter bunnies

Keeping your kids entertained all summer can be hard, especially when lots of crafts require loads of materials! This is the reason we love popsicle stick crafts because they’re affordable, super cute and really simple to make. Look through our popsicle stick crafts for kids, pick your favourites and start making. For more fab kids crafts check out our craft ideas for kids and our egg box crafts.


33 popsicle stick crafts


DIY popsicle bird feeder

popsicle stick crafts bird feeder

Use Made with Happy’s popsicle stick crafts to keep the birds happy! This DIY bird feeder will look super cute and colourful hanging in your garden.


Popsicle Stick Love Bug

Popsicle Stick crafts Love Bug

Turn your popsicle into this loved up little guy with Today’s Creative Ideas free tutorial. It’s the perfect Valentines Day craft for kids.


Popsicle Easter bunny

lollipop stick crafts easter bunnies

Celebrate Easter with your kids by making these popsicle bunnies. The Best Ideas for Kids have loads of popsicle crafts for kids on their blog but we love this DIY for spring. We have even more easter crafts for kids here on Gathered so have a look and keep your little ones entertained!


Popsicle stick boats

popsicle stick crafts boats

Popsicle crafts that float in the bath are bound to impress your kids! Get them to design their boat bottom and sail then assemble using Creative Jewish Mum’s free tutorial.


Popsicle craft snakes

lollipop stick crafts snakes

Lollipop stick crafts don’t come more colourful than Lady and the Blog’s snake tutorial. Let your kids decorate their lollypop sticks with glitter, pens and google eyes!


Popsicle rainbows

Lollipop stick crafts

Teach your little ones where rainbows come from with Courtney Lynne’s popsicle rainbow craft.


Popsicle snowflakes

lollipop stick crafts snowflakes

Turn old popsicle sticks into fun snowflake decorations with The Best Ideas for Kids free tutorial.


Popsicle Stick Ballerinas

Popsicle Stick Ballerinas

Glued To My Craft’s has created popsicle crafts for all the little dancers out there. Use their tutorial some popsicle sticks and cupcake wrappers to make pretty ballerinas.


Popsicle stick flowers

Popsicle crafts flowers

Floral popsicle crafts are the perfect Easter holiday activity. Boy Mama shows you how to make popsicle sunflowers over on her blog.


Popsicle yarn butterflies

popsicle crafts for kids butterflies

It can be tricky to find popsicle crafts for older kids but luckily The Craft Train has created this fab yarn butterfly tutorial. They can weave their own pretty butterflies then hang them in their room! Make sure you check out our crafts ideas for teens too for more fun projects.


Octopus popsicle craft

popsicle crafts octopus

Making of a Mum teaches you how to make this googly little octopus out of popsicle sticks.


Popsicle bracelets

popsicle stick crafts bracelets

We love wearable popsicle crafts here at Gathered and Molly Moo shows you how to make these popsicle bracelets over on her blog.


Popsicle toadstools

popsicle stick crafts mushroom

We’ve got another super cute popsicle craft by Glued To My Crafts Blog! Make this mushroom house from just some lollypop sticks and paper plates.


Alphabet popsicle crafts

popsicle crafts alphabet

Get your learning on with Learn Create Love’s letter popsicle crafts. Your kids can decorate the sticks, trace the letters onto the stars then make words and phrases.


Suncatcher popsicle craft

popsicle crafts suncatcher

Capture the natural world with Messy Little Monster’s popsicle craft. This is the perfect summer holiday activity that will get your kids outdoors and feeling creative.


Popsicle magic wands

popsicle craft magic wands

Little ones will love Terri Thompson’s magical fairy wands and they have the added bonus of being a reading pointer! They can decorate their own wands with all the sparkles in the world then use them to help them follow sentences in their books.


Windchime popsicle crafts

popsicle crafts windchime

How To This and That shows you how to make summer popsicle crafts that will glisten and sparkle in your garden.


Popsicle bumblebee

popsicle crafts bumble bee

Pay homage to our bumblebee pals with The Inspirational Edit’s popsicle crafts.


Popsicle Turkey for Thanksgiving

popsicle crafts thanksgiving

This colourful turkey will look great sitting on your Thanksgiving table and will help the kids get involved in the preparations. The Nerds Wife shows you how to turn popsicle sticks into funky turkeys.


Popsicle stick crocodiles

popsicle stick crafts crocodile

Turn old lollypop sticks into these snappy little fellas using Easy Peasy Fun’s free tutorial.


Superhero popsicle stick

popsicle stick crafts superhero puppets

We told you Glued to My Crafts have loads of popsicle stick crafts, didn’t we! Get your kids to design their favourite superheroes and put on a puppet show with them.


Popsicle kitties

popsicle stick crafts kitty

Crafty Morning have turned their leftover lolly sticks into cute kitties!



popsicle stick crafts tic-tac-toe-game

Glued To My Crafts blog has turned popsicles into fun and quick games that you can play together. Make a grid from your popsicle and play a game of tic tac toe.


Popsicle stick mermaids

popsicle stick crafts mermaids

These lovely ladies are by Kidz Craft Corner and will help your little ones imagine an underwater world.


Popsicle apples

popsicle stick crafts apples

An apple a day keeps the doctors away and a popsicle apple keeps the kids distracted! Simple Mom Project has a few different popsicle stick crafts on their blog but you can find this apple craft here.


Pom pom popsicle bookmarks

popsicle stick crafts bookmarks

Make these super cute pom pom bookmarks using Mommy Made That’s free tutorial.


Popsicle stick exploding boomerang

popsicle stick crafts exploding boomerangs

Kids will love these exploding boomerangs by I Can Teach My Child. After assembling get your kids to throw them at a target and watch them explode.


Popsicle stick frog crafts

popsicle stick crafts frog

Make this green little fella with Kids Activities Blog’s froggy popsicle craft.


Fish popsicle stick crafts

popsicle stick crafts fish

Make some underwater friends with your kids using The Sourceful Mama’s free tutorial. Craft these fish, the mermaids and octopuses above to create a whole sea scene.


Popsicle stick tent

popsicle stick crafts tent

Recreate family camping trips with Glued To My Crafts tent popsicle stick crafts. All you’ll need is some paper, pens, glue and popsicle sticks.


Popsicle stick stars

popsicle stick crafts stars

Get your kids to paint their own colourful stars with Crafty Morning’s tutorial. This would also be a fab Christmas craft and you could hang them in your window for a festive display.


Popsicle stick unicorn

popsicle stick craft unicorn

This super sweet popsicle unicorn is by Hello Wonderful and your little ones will love it.


Farmyard animal popsicle stick crafts

popsicle stick crafts pig

In The Bag Kids Craft has a whole range of farmyard animal popsicle stick crafts on their blog. Grab a bunch of popsicle stick and make a cow, pig, sheep and more.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our popsicle stick crafts and have found a new activity for you and your kids. We have a whole range of kids crafts here on Gathered including how to make friendship bracelets and paper crafts for kids tutorials.