We all love Lego but one thing we don't love is treading on it. Lego gets everywhere and when you have little ones playing, building, and destroying their creations you can end up finding those pesky bricks in the most unusual places. Thankfully there's loads of great Lego tables with build-in storage which are designed to keep Lego creations firmly in one place. Lego tables are great because they often have a Lego board fixed to the top. This means your kids can build and create on them without the pieces being scattered or lost. They're great for organising, storing and of course playing!


There's a huge range of Lego tables on the market so to help you find the one that's right for you, we've collected some of our favourites. They're available at all different price points so hopefully, you can find one to suit your home and kids. Once you've found the perfect Lego table you need some Lego to play with! Check out round-ups of the best Lego Duplo Sets for Toddlers and best lego sets for adults to discover some fun and affordable kits.

Best Lego tables for... 

Where to buy Lego tables

You can buy Lego tables from many online retailers. Lots of children's toy stores sell them as well as bigger retailers like Amazon and eBay. Lego does sell its own form of Lego storage but it's aimed at adults and has a more decorative purpose.

You can always take a more DIY approach too. Lego sells the classic playboards over on Amazon so you could always attach some to your current activity tables.

11 of 2023's best Lego tables

1. UTEX 2 in 1 construction play table

  • Buy it now from Amazon
  • Pros: Pull out storage baskets, sleek design, easy to assemble
  • Cons: Expensive, no chairs

UTEX builds some great Lego tables which are available in both black and white. They're incredibly multi-functional with two big pull-out draws for storage and a double-sided playboard. One side of the playboard is smooth white making it perfect for arts and crafts while the other has a construction mat attached to the top which allows Lego of all sizes (and Duplo) to stick to it. This table is ideal for playrooms, living rooms, and even gardens and is a fab all-rounder kids' table. It wipes clean, is easy to assemble, and has glowing reviews from plenty of parents.

2. Smyths Lego table

  • Buy now from Symths
  • Pros: 10 storage compartments, sturdy design, three playboards
  • Cons: May be too big for some rooms

If your kids have a lot of Lego to play with then this is the table for you. With a whopping ten storage compartments (made up of six side sections and four big sections under the playboards) this table will fit toys, craft materials, and more alongside the Lego. It's a sturdy structure and comes with detailed instructions for easy assembly. The three playboards are great if you have multiple children and they work with most construction toys as well as Lego. There's also a smaller version available if this one is too big for your space.

3. Burgkidz's 5 in 1 activity table

  • Buy it now from Amazon
  • Pros: Storage trays, matching chair, comes with building blocks!
  • Cons: No hidden storage meaning it could look messy

This affordable Lego table is a great one if you have very young children. This 5-in-1 table has a removable playboard, a sweet matching chair, 4 storage trays, and even comes with its own building blocks! You'll get 128 building blocks with this set but don't worry, the table is completely compatible with Duplo too. It's easy to wipe down and comes in three different colours so you can find the one which matches your kid's room. It's ideal for ages 2+ and you can buy additional matching chairs if you need more.

4. KORIMEFA Lego table

  • Buy it now from Amazon
  • Pros: Affordable, 2 matching chairs, water functionality
  • Cons: Not as much storage as others

KORIMEFA has designed an absolutely brilliant kids activity table (and it's one of our favourites!) For a very reasonable price, you'll get a table with a reversible playboard top, two matching chairs, four pop-up side trays and 120 building block pieces. Not to mention there's also storage under the playboard and the ability to use it for water play. The tray under the playboard has a plug meaning you can fill with water or sand and drain it away easily after playtime. It comes in some really cute colourways like this pastel one, can be wiped down and is compatible with most building block companies. It's a great all-rounder.

More like this

5. Hello Home Lego building crate

  • Buy it now from Amazon
  • Pros: Great for small spaces, lots of storage, removable playboards
  • Cons: Not a table so only suitable for one child at a time

If your space doesn't have room for a Lego table then this Lego crate is for you. Measuring 16.7 x 15.6 centimetres, this crate will slide/fit easily into kids' rooms without taking up much space. The sliding playboards can be removed for play and reversed to their plain side when attached to the top of the crate. You can store up to 37L of Lego under the playboard and the handles make it easy for you to move from room to room. There's also a bigger shelf-style play table available as well as a Lego storage bed!

6. deAO multi-purpose Lego table

  • Buy it now from Amazon
  • Pros: Multi-functional, whiteboard and writing top included
  • Cons: Quite small and lightweight so only suitable for young children

A whiteboard, a writing desk, a Lego table and great storage? deAO has created an incredible kids activity table. We love all the different functions this table provides and it's the only table we've seen where kids can build and play vertically. There's storage under the playboard and through the small trays at the side. It's also portable, easy to wipe down and has anti-slip pads making it child safe.

7. Maxmass 5 in 1 children's table

  • Buy it now from Amazon
  • Pros: Colourful design, two chairs, storage baskets
  • Cons: Quite small and lightweight so only suitable for young children

This sweet little Lego table is portable and lightweight making it great for moving around the house or into the garden. The legs fold down and the height can be adjusted so your little one can continue playing as they grow. The playboard is reversible so after Lego time kids can paint, craft and even eat on this table. It comes in two different colourways and the board is suitable for most types of Lego.

8. Personalised Lego tables

  • Buy it now from Etsy
  • Pros: Personalised design, side storage, handmade
  • Cons: Only a small amount of storage

Kays Kabin Kraft is a great Etsy store that sells multiple different tables in different colours, sizes and styles. Each table is handmade and can be personalised with your kids names. It comes with six storage baskets which hang on the outside of the table on rails. It's a super affordable option but doesn't have reversible playboard so can only be used for building.

9. Burgkidz kids 6-IN-1 Lego table

  • Buy it now from Amazon
  • Pros: Adjustable height, large and small bricks included, one chair
  • Cons: Limited storage

This multi-functioning Lego table is for all types of play. Fill the tray with sand and water, pop the reversible top on for eating or drawing then flip the board back over for Lego time! This playboard is great because it has different sized mats meaning it fits both Duplo and normal Lego. This set also comes with over 300 building blocks in both large and small sizes. Set up this little table and chair and let your kids immediately start playing with the bricks included.

10. Kids' wooden activity table

  • Buy it now from Etsy
  • Pros: Removable top, deep storage, chalkboard and whiteboard tops
  • Cons: No side storage or chair

With a deep table base and a reversible play board, this Lego table is perfect for kids' rooms. It comes in an easy assemble flat pack form and is made from solid wood. Kids can store their Lego, art and school supplies in the tray under the playboard. Switch out the plain and playboard reversible top for the whiteboard and chalkboard one so they can practice drawing, spelling and numeracy.

11. Clutter Covers Lego table

This Lego table comes with a bonus play track! Kids will love playing with Lego on the playboard and other toys on the track. It's got deep side bins and a slide in, slide out bin underneath the desk. This is a great handmade option but it's worth noting that the playboard can't be reversed or removed. This means this desk can't be used for other functions.


We hope you've enjoyed our Lego table round-up! Have a browse through our best LEGO Technic Kits and best big Lego sets for more Lego goodness.


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