Alternative crochet chain technique by Melissa Gomez

Give your crochet a fresh new start thanks to this alternative crochet chain technique!


In issue 38 of Simply Crochet we featured Melissa Gomez’ new crochet starting chain technique. She uses a variation of the long-tail knitting cast on – “I did a front to back yarn over, then a regular yarn over, and voila! I couldn’t believe how ‘breaking the rules’ in crochet could produce such a great new technique,” Melissa explains. We think we’ll forgive her for that front to back yarn over because this new technique has blown our crafty minds! Check out Melissa’s quick overview of the technique’s steps below:

Melissa Gomez Chain Technique Walkthrough

Once you’ve got your head around this fantastic new technique, your Perfect Crochet I-Cord should look like this before weaving in those pesky ends:

Melissa Gomez Chain Technique 03

You might be wondering how you actually start your crochet project once you’ve mastered this new starting chain method – well, Melissa’s covered that too!

Melissa Gomez Chain Technique 04

For a full guide to Melissa’s innovative technique check out her her handy tutorial video here!