Crochet thread is perfect for intricate crochet projects and is usually worked with a hook size of around 2mm. It can get a little bit confusing at times as it also falls into the same category as lace yarn (which is a term more widely used in the UK, and is more of a general term as it can be used for knitting too), but they're both roughly the same thickness - usually when people call it crochet thread they're referring to yarns made from cotton/sturdier fibres. Essentially though, it's yarn that is thinner than sock/4ply weight yarn... think of it as a similar size as standard embroidery thread. You can also look for the Craft Yarn Council symbol, with crochet thread normally having the 0 symbol (lace weights will also normally be classed as 0, but thicker lace yarns be classed under the 1 symbol too).

Lace weight symbol

It's also important to be aware that especially with yarns defined as crochet thread (or crochet cotton), there can be slight differences in thickness. Some crochet threads will use a special numbering system, where the larger the number, the finer the yarn. For example, a size 3 crochet thread is thicker than a size 20 crochet thread. Roughly speaking a size 3 crochet thread would be closer to a 4ply yarn, whereas a size 10 crochet thread would be more like a lace weight yarn (and a size 20 is going to be incredibly fine). For this reason it's super-important to do a test swatch when using crochet thread as well as checking the tension guideline on the ball bands/descriptions.

If you're struggling to identify your crochet thread and crochet lace yarns, you can always check out our guide to choosing the best yarn for crochet which has some handy tips and the differences between UK and UK weight names.

Crochet thread/crochet lace weight yarn can be a bit tricky to use for some crocheters as it's quite so fine, while others revel in the lightweight fabrics and delicate projects you can make with it. Here's our pick of 10 fabulous crochet thread and crochet lace yarns for you to try!

Once you've found the perfect crochet thread, then you'll need a fun pattern to use them with! You could try your crochet thread with our free applique crochet flowers patterns or our free granny square jewellery pattern, or you could even go extra fancy and learn how to crochet a doily!
Candy-coloured crochet doily pattern overhead shot

DMC Petra crochet thread

The Petra range from DMC is a fantastic sturdy cotton crochet thread, and one that uses the crochet thread number system mentioned earlier to designate slight differences in thickness, including size 3, 5 and 8. This hard-wearing cotton is mercerised, giving it that slight shiny lustre and making it feel smooth and silky. It's also made from long-staple cotton fibres, which essentially means less fibre ends and stronger threads, which not only gives you extra strength but will also help to prevent it from fraying or your final fabric from pilling (creating those bobbles that appear after washing). It's available in a range of 40 solid colours, and DMC also produce many other fantastic crochet thread yarns such as their Babylo, Cebilia and Cordonnet ranges.

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DMC Petra crochet thread yarn

Rico Designs Essentials Crochet lace yarn

Here's a brilliant 100% mercerised cotton yarn that is perfect for filet crochet and other intricate projects. The Rico Designs Essentials Crochet lace yarn is a size 10 crochet thread (so a proper lace weight yarn) and each 50g ball comes with 280 metres - plenty to keep you going! There's 21 brilliant solid colours in the range to choose from, including bright tones, pastels and natural shades - plus there's an essentials crochet glitz range too if you fancy a bit of sparkle. The cotton features a lovely lustre thanks to the mercerisation - and as the name suggests, it's an essential for any crocheter (although knitters can use it too)! While we do love this cotton crochet thread and it is still widely available from a number of retailers, it does appear to have been discontinued according to some sources, so stock up while you still can!

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Rico Designs essentials cotton crochet lace yarn

Scheepjes Maxi Sweet Treat lace yarn

The Scheepjes Maxi Sweet Treat yarn is a gorgeous 100% Mercerised cotton lace yarn that has a beautiful sheen, smooth finish and an even uniform twist. Scheepjes specialise in producing yarn in a wide range of colours, and there's a whopping 87 shades to choose from in the range. The Maxi Sweet Treat comes in handy 25g balls, but the same yarn is also available as Maxi Sugar Rush which comes as a 50g ball, as well as the 100g Maxi range.

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Scheepjes maxi sweet treat crochet thread yarn

West Yorkshire Spinners Exquisite lace yarn

Hooking up a fab filet crochet garment or lacy shawl? Then you should definitely treat yourself to the West Yorkshire Spinners Exquisite Lace yarn! Made from 80% Falkland wool and 20% Mulberry Silk, it's a super-luxurious lace yarn with a fantastic softness and a generous 800m of yarn in each skein! We know what we'll be treating ourselves to for our next crochet lace project!

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WYS Exquisite Lace yarn - crochet thread & crochet lace yarn
Fancy trying out the West Yorkshire Spinners Exquisite lace yarn? Well we've got the perfect free pattern for you to try it with - our free lace crochet shawl pattern by Simply Crochet editor Sara Huntington uses just one skein of this lovely yarn. It's such a beautiful design, why not give it a go!

Malabrigo Silkpaca lace yarn

Here's another beautiful skein of lovely lace yarn that is just begging to be made into stunning crochet lace shawls. The Malabrigo Silkpaca yarn is a beautiful blend of 70% baby alpaca fibres and 30% silk, giving you an incredibly lightweight yarn with a silky shine and subtle natural halo. The yarn is also hand-dyed and there's a whopping 46 shades in the range, including some delightfully deep solid colours as well as some delightful colour variegations!

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malabrigo baby silkpaca lace yarn - crochet thread & crochet lace yarn

UniqueYarnsCo 100% Cashmere lace yarn

If you really want to push the boat out and take luxury to the next level, then how about hooking your lacy project with 100% cashmere wool! This fabulous lace yarn is made from unbleached and undyed yarn, and is as you'd expect - incredibly soft! Use this in a project for a friend or family member and they'll be ever so impressed!

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UniqueYarnsCo Cashmere lace yarn

Vegan Silk Superfine lace yarn

For those who like their crochet super-fine, super-silky and super-shiny, then this vegan silk lace yarn is right up your street! This fabulous crochet thread is made from Rayon, a vegan alternative to traditional silk which is made from wood pulp fibres. And if gold's not your colour of choice, there's plenty more lovely shiny shades to choose from!

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Vegan superfine silk crochet lace yarn

Namolio Pure Linen lace yarn

We're big fans of the lovely linen yarn produced by Namolio! As well as being lightweight and breathable, because it's made from sustainable fibres from flax plants it's also eco-friendly! It's a great choice for your intricate summer crochet lace projects!

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Namolio linen crochet lace yarn

Rowan Kidsilk Haze Lace yarn

Maybe you're after a lace weight yarn but one that's full of fluffiness? The the Rowan Kidsilk Haze Lacy yarn will fulfil all of your fluffy fibre dreams! Made from 70% Mohair and 30% Silk, it's a super-lightweight yarn that not only works brilliantly by itself, but will also add some fluffy charm when worked together with a complimentary yarn.

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Rowan Kidsilk Haze crochet lace yarn

Scheepjes Alpaca Rhythm lace yarn

Here's another fabulous fibre yarn that proves that you don't have to just stick to cotton for crochet lace projects! The gorgeous Scheepjes Alpaca Rhythm lace yarn is an 80% Alpaca/20% fine wool blend that creates a beautifully soft and warm yarn, and all those charming fibres will add a lovely level of texture to your completed crochet projects.

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Scheepjes Alpaca Rhythm crochet lace yarn

Looking for more yarny advice? Then you might be interested in our list of the best fingering yarns or best hand-dyed yarns, or alternatively take a look at some of the best yarn packs and yarn bundles or our pick of thebest vegan yarns!


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