How to work crochet stitches in the round

Many crochet shapes and projects start off with working in a ring - we show you everything you need to know to get started!


Once you’ve mastered working in the round, a whole new world of crochet is open to you! But it can be a bit tricky if you’re new to crochet, so here’s our definitive guide!


Working in the round is often used when making amigurumi. New to amigurumi? Then check out our ‘What is Amigurumi’ guide!

Making a foundation ring

1. Make a chain the length stated in the pattern instructions. Next, insert the crochet hook into the first chain. Close the ring with a slip stitch, working yarn round hook (yrh)…


2. …and pull yarn through 2 loops on hook. Now you’re ready to start crocheting in the round, following the instructions given right.


A popular alternative to the foundation ring is the magic loop (or sometimes called a magic ring). This is a technique that creates a similar starting point as the foundation ring, but the beauty of the magic loop is that you can pull the tail tightly to close up the gap in the centre of the ring – making it a brilliant technique for amigurumi and toys that need to be stuffed. You can find our magic ring tutorial here!

Working stitches into a ring

To make circles, tubes and other shapes

1. Make a foundation ring and work the turning-chain (you’ll be instructed on how many to do, for this example we’ll use 3ch for treble sts). Work a treble st as usual, but insert hook into centre of ring. For treble sts, yrh, insert hook into ring.


2. Finish the treble as usual (yrh, pull yarn through ring, yrh, pull yarn through first 2 loops, yrh, pull yarn through 2 loops). Work more sts into the ring as needed.


Joining Rounds

Finish off each round of crochet stitches nice and neatly by using a slip stitch

1. To close a round of stitches, work a slip stitch into the top of the turning chain. To do this, insert the hook into the top stitch of the turning chain.


2. Then place the yarn round the hook. Pull the yarn through the turning chain stitch and through the original stitch on your hook.


3. You’ve slip stitched the round together! Before working another round, be sure to make the required turning chain. Always work rounds on the right side, unless you pattern instructs you otherwise.


Some patterns are worked in rounds that are joined together at the end of each round. Other patterns are worked in a spiral so you don’t need to join the rounds at the end, just keep going, working into the next stitch on the previous row. Amigurumi toys are often worked in a spiral like this, and may differ in the way they start. You may be instructed to start with a magic loop, or you may be instructed to ch2 and work your stitches in the second chain from hook instead of in a ring.

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