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Top crochet scarf patterns

Looking for that perfect winter accessory? You're sure to find it in our pick of the best crochet scarf patterns!

top crochet scarf patterns

Crochet scarves are always a popular project for both beginner and more experienced crocheters alike. They’re a great opportunity to get into that relaxing crochet zone, and can often be hooked up with just a single skein or a couple of balls of yarn. Crochet scarf patterns come in a huge variety of shapes and styles, but in this post we’re focussing on straight rectangular scarves and cowls that make warm winter accessories. However, if you’re after a triangular shawl or a crochet wrap pattern that you can wear all year round, then you can also check out our pick of the Top crochet shawl patterns


We’ve included a range of paid and free crochet scarf patterns, and tried to make sure there are patterns to suit all crochet abilities, so whether you’re learning how to crochet a scarf for the first time ever, or are a seasoned pro looking for some pattern inspiration, we hope you’ll find the perfect crochet scarf pattern for you!

15 Top scarf crochet patterns


Free scarf crochet pattern

If you’ve just noticed that the weather has suddenly got chilly and need a quick scarf that you can hook up super-fast, then this free scarf pattern is a great project for crocheters of all abilities. Hooked up in chunky yarn and with a fun chevron zigzag stitch pattern, it’s also a relatively wide scarf meaning you can wrap yourself up in it and keep that cold wind at bay. Plus, it’s finished off with some pompoms, and in our opinion everything is better with pompoms!

Find the Free scarf crochet pattern here



Stained glass snowflake scarf crochet pattern

We do love a colourful crochet project, so of course this beautiful stained glass snowflake design instantly caught our attention. It uses tapestry crochet to create the fabulous rainbow coloured design, and this crochet scarf pattern comes with step-by-step photos, charts and instruction on how to adjust the length of the scarf – but perhaps one of our favourite things is that there’s no ends to weave in as they’re turned into the fringing – genius!

Buy the Stained glass snowflake scarf crochet pattern on Etsy

stained glass crochet scarf pattern


Free crochet infinity scarf  pattern

Crochet cowls and infinity scarves are a popular choice for people who don’t like long scarfs, as the simple loop style means it’s easy to just throw on if you’re rushing out the house. This free crochet infinity scarf pattern by Anniken Allis features a fab geometric stitch pattern that isn’t half as complicated as it looks, if you’re familiar with the crochet basics we definitely think you should give it a try!

Find the Free crochet infinity scarf pattern here



Kruška cowl crochet pattern

Lena Fedotova has quite a few impressive crochet cowl patterns available, but we’ve fell head over heels for her gorgeous Kruška cowl! It’s such a clever design, from the herringbone stitch which gives it a soft and squishy texture, to the pear-shape construction (the cowl is narrower at the top and gets wider towards the bottom – Kruška is the Croatian word for pear ) which gives it a fantastic drape and effortless style.

Buy the Kruška cowl crochet pattern on Etsy

Kruska cowl crochet scarf pattern


Ice cream cone scarf crochet pattern

We thought we should probably include something fun in our pick of crochet scarf patterns, so of course we headed straight to the fun-filled designs of Twinkie Chan! Her Ice Cream Cone scarf crochet pattern is a must-make for those of you with a sweet tooth, and is a design that will always put a smile on your face – it’s so perfect, it’s literally got the cherry on top!

Buy the Ice cream cone scarf crochet pattern on Etsy

Ice cream scarf crochet pattern


Free mens crochet scarf pattern

This free cowl pattern is perfect for both men and women who like stylish monochrome stripes, although you could add in your favourite colours instead! It’s worked in rows and then the fabric is joined into a loop at the end, so you can easily customise it to how you like it to wear it – make it longer if you want to wrap it multiple times.

Find the Free mens crochet scarf pattern here



Boston Harbour giant scarf crochet kit

If you want to hook up a crochet scarf that really is as cosy as you could possibly get, then why not try making one with super-size yarn with this Boston Harbour giant scarf crochet kit from Wool Couture. It uses their Cheeky Chunky yarn which is a super chunky weight yarn, which is hooked up with a 16mm hook, and the design uses some fab coconut buttons to keep it wrapped securely around your neck – perfect for braving even the coldest of winter walks!

Buy the Boston Harbour giant scarf crochet kit on Etsy

Boston Harbour scarf crochet kit

If you’re enjoying this pick of the best crochet scarf patterns, then we’ve got plenty more crochet pattern inspiration for you! Why not take a look at the Top 20 Autumn and Winter crochet top patterns, or find a hat to match your scarf with our pick of the Top 25 crochet hat patterns.

Pink lemonade cardigan crochet pattern


Slanted scarf crochet pattern

We love a stylish two-tone design, and this Slanted scarf crochet pattern from Yarn and Colors combines two fab col0urs with two fab stitch patterns. The slanted design helps to give it a relaxed appearance,  and we think you could get some really interesting and different results depending on the colours you choose!

Buy the Slanted scarf crochet pattern on Etsy

Slanted scarf crochet pattern


Fall into winter scarf crochet pattern

Fantastic colourful yarn comes together with cool chevron stripes in this pretty Fall into Winter scarf crochet pattern by TheHatandI. The crochet scarf pattern comes with instructions for three sizes – toddler, child and adult, so the whole family can look fabulous this winter!

Buy the Fall into winter scarf crochet pattern on Etsy

Fall into winter crochet scarf patern


Hearts and stripes crochet scarf pattern

If you fancy a fun crochet project that includes a few different techniques and produces a super-colourful and interesting scarf, then you’ve got to try this Hearts and Stripes crochet scarf pattern by Marianne Rawlins. It’s made in 4 sections featuring colourwork, cables, stripes and post stitches, which are all joined together at the end to create a stunner of a scarf… perfectly completed with a few pompoms!

Buy the Hearts and stripes crochet scarf pattern on Ravelry

Hearts and Stripes crochet scarf pattern


Free winter wind scarf crochet pattern

This free scarf crochet pattern from Hobbii is a fabulous scarf pattern that uses half treble crochet stitches to create an interesting shape, but we also like their suggestions of yarn choice. Rather than just hooking this up with a single sock/4ply yarn, Hobbii actually recommend combining it with a mohair yarn in complimentary colours to give you an extra level of softness – we think it’s a brilliant idea!

Find the Free winter wind scarf crochet pattern on

free winter wind scarf crochet pattern


The Aperion infinity scarf crochet kit

We’re big fans of Wulla and their amazing super-size yarn, and if you’re looking for a crochet scarf project with a difference, then we think you’re going to love this Aperion crochet infinity scarf kit. It uses their hand-spun SuperPhat Wulla yarn – a super chunky 100% merino yarn – which is encapsulated with their 4ply  ‘Skinny Mini’ yarn, creating a chunky bright scarf that you’ll love showing off. The kit includes absolutely everything you need to make the crochet infinity scarf, and the best past is you can select your colours so you can make this scarf to suit your own style!

Buy the The Aperion infinity scarf crochet kit on Etsy

Aperion Infinity scarf crochet kit


Free casual rib scarf crochet pattern

If you’re looking for crochet scarf patterns to hook up as a gift (but don’t want to try anything to risky), then here’s a free pattern that is perfect for everyone, from trendy teens to grumpy grandpa’s! This unisex scarf pattern uses 2 strands of yarn at the same time as well as a ribbed stitch pattern to produce a warm and chunky scarf that is perfect for the cold winter weather.

Find the Free casual rib scarf crochet pattern on

casual rib free scarf crochet pattern


Cosy mint cable crochet scarf pattern

When it comes to crochet scarf patterns for ourselves that provide a bit of a challenge, then our go-to technique is always something with crochet cables – like this cosy mint cable crochet scarf pattern by Hannah Cross. Plus this design also uses one of our favourite finishing touches – some fabulous fluffy pompoms!

Buy the Cosy mint cable crochet scarf pattern on Ravelry

Mint cable scarf crochet pattern


Wolf scarf crochet pattern

Our final scarf crochet pattern is a bit of a wild card…if you’ll excuse the pun! There’s just something about this wolf scarf crochet pattern that just makes us smile, from his funny amigurumi style face to his little paws dangling over your shoulder. A brilliant design that will go down well with both kids and adults!


Buy the Wolf scarf crochet pattern on Etsy

wolf crochet scarf pattern
We hope you’ve enjoyed this our pick of the top crochet scarf patterns, don’t forget if you need any help with your crochet stitches you can always check out our crochet for beginners guide. And if you’re looking to treat yourself, check out our list of the best crochet hooks and the best crochet kits for beginners.