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Best sock knitting patterns

We've got sock knitting patterns galore for you, some free sock knitting patterns and others you can purchase around the web for the very best cosy toes in town

best sock knitting pattern toeup

There is very little as comforting as curling up with a set of sock stick DPNs (or a circular cable needle if you have mastered the magic loop knitting method, eh) and casting on a brand new sock knitting pattern. Hand knitted socks are the best. The stitches hug your feet so nicely. They make your toes look so much prettier, and even if nobody else know you are wearing hand-knitted socks, you will know and that can be enough to make your day brighter. And the right sock knitting pattern lets you knit the right socks for you, which will certainly make your day brighter. Whether you favour bright stripes, colourwork patterns, chunky cables or cute motifs, we have the best sock knitting patterns high;igted for you right here. Some are free sock knitting patterns you’ll find right here on Gathered, and others are cool designs and buys we have rounded up from around the web.


If you want to brush up your knitting skills before you buy, check out our knitting for beginners article or for more knitted sock specifics, see our how to choose the right sock toe knitting method or our How to knit afterthought sock heels tutorial.

13 of the best sock knitting patterns


Sock knitting masterclass by Ann Budd

free sock knitting pattern 4 ply ann

We love the abundance of creative sock knitting patterns on offer in this book from sock knitting designer extraordinaire, Ann Budd. Although this is an American publication, it is simple for UK knitters to get the most from it – you’ll just need to understand that American yarn weights and needle sizes are described a bit differently, but we can help with that in our yarn weight conversion article. It comes with a tutorial DVD too, which shows off the basic techniques and stitches you need to work all the patterns in the collection. Be aware that this is a region 1 coded DVD, so you’ll need to play region 1 DVDs to be able to get the most from this publication – but there is plenty of sock joy to be had from it if you can.

Buy the sock knitting masterclass book from Amazon


Miezi Socke sock knitting pattern

best sock knitting patterns mieze

Oh my days – we just adore this sock knitting pattern! Check out those glorious stitch patterns, and the knitted leopard print is just to die for! Don’t be concerned about the slightly offbeat name of this sock knitting pattern – the terms and yarn weights are all given in UK names, and it is easy to follow using the digital download of this sock knitting pattern, available from Etsy seller averagepony. We are loving your work, averagepony! This sock knitting pattern is certainly far from average.

Find the Miezi socke sock knitting pattern on Etsy.


Beginner sock knitting pattern

best sock knititng paterns Olivetree

Here is the best sock knitting patterns if you are a complete sock newbie – as you are just the person this sock knitting pattern is designed for! As well as being a fully explained beginner pattern, you get access to a complete tutorial video too, explaining the techniques and the sock stick circular knitting technique. Be empowered to create socks with this sock knitting pattern, all for around £4 for the download!

Find the sock knitting pattern on Etsy


Free toe up sock knitting pattern

best sock knitting pattern toeup

Here is a brilliant free sock knitting pattern you’ll find right her on Gathered. The toe up sock knitting pattern by Clare Devine is great for sporty styling and even works wonderfully to do sport in, too. We love a toe up sock knitting pattern as you get to try it on as you are knitting it.

Find the toe up sock knitting pattern


Socks from the Toe up: Essential patterns from Wendy Knits

best sock knitting patterns Wendyknits

If we have sold you on toe up sock knitting patterns with the free design on Gathered, get your hands on more patterns that use this great technique in this book from Wendy Knits. With designs progressing in difficulty for beginner to more complicated and decorative designs, this is a lovely and comprehensive collection of advice and patterns that will let you work your way to toe-up sock expertise.

Find the sock knitting patterns collection on Amazon


Giraffe sock knitting pattern

best sock knitting pattern giraffe

We have complained in the past that children get the best clothing options and why can’t their styles come in adult sizes. Well, we have nothing to complain about here as this sock knitting pattern featuring giraffes comes in Europeon shoes size 38 and 39, equivalent to British sizes 5 and 6.The download from Lovecrafts costs around £2.50.

Find the giraffe sock knitting pattern on Lovecrafts


Cable sock knitting pattern

best sock knititng pattern faye

Here is another of the best sock knitting patterns to be found right here for free on Gathered! This lovely cable pattern on these socks uses wraps and slipped stitches, so it’s best for intermediate knitters. If you’ve made socks before and you’re confident with the basics of cabling, why not give it a go?

Find the free cable socks knitting pattern


West Yorkshire Spinners sock knitting pattern kit

best sock knititng pattern kit

Ahh, twinkle toes are brilliant at Christmas but also a lot of fun at any time of year, really. Rather than being purely a sock knitting pattern, this West Yorkshire Spinners publication comes with pattern, yarn and DPN sock sticks, as well as vintage labels and additions to make the design your own. The kit makes a lovely gift for knitting friends progressing in their sock journey – or an especially lovely treat for you to progress in your sock journey, too. How thoughtful of you!

Find the socks knitting pattern kit on Etsy


Best sock knitting pattern for men

best sock knititng patterns men

Here’s another of the best sock knitting patterns we have for you for free right here on Gathered. Rhian Drinkwater created this sock knitting pattern with its simple cable braid with the men in mind – but we say this sock works wonderfully for all genders!

Find the free men’s sock knitting pattern


Best sock knitting patterns for DPN haters

best sock knittn patterns straight

Here is a cool idea if you are not a fan of sock sticks or knitting in the round. Alice Curtis has come up with 20 sock knitting patterns that can be knitted using standard straight knitting needles. The sock tube is then completed at making up using a simple crochet chain. We’ve not seen this done before, and it is great if you want to avoid adding more needles to you stash by investing in all those sizes again as circulars. The designs in this book are lovely too. USA yarn weights are used, but that won’t be a problem for UK knitters as you can use our yarn weight conversion article to decode your stash. One negative to flag up – there are errors in some of these patterns, corrections are published here. But this does make it less appealing for knitters who are not internet fans

Find the Knit your Socks on Straight sock knitting patterns book on Amazon.


Magic toadstool sock knitting pattern

sock knititng pattern toadstoool

Leave it to Etsy to come up with the best sock knitting pattern that blows everything we have seen before right out of the water – magical toadstool socks, anyone? Yes, we want to cast on this brilliant sock knitting pattern too, which is available as a digital download from StoneKnits. This sock knitting patterns  worked from the cuff down, with a classic slip-stitched heel with an easy colourwork section in chart form. Sizing is based on foot circumference and easily works for both child and adult size – hooray!

Find the sock knitting pattern on Etsy 


Norwegian sock knitting pattern

best sock knitting patterns fjordfibres

if you are looking to add a bit more Sarah-Lund-esque style chic to your sock draw, how about this sensational sock knitting pattern from FjordFibres on Etsy? You can get the digital download for the Fleur Elise socks for around £4.30, with gorgeous colourwork using FjordFibres yarn, but you can substitute any fingering/4 ply yarn if you prefer. This toe up sock knitting pattern is just stunning!

Find the sock knitting pattern on Etsy


Vintage long cable sock knitting pattern

sock knitting patterns long

Here is an interesting sock knitting pattern from GiftsFromCamridge on Etsy. Vintage knitting patterns which are not public domain are scanned and supplied as high-quality digital reproductions. It means that delights like this sock knitting pattern for long cable socks can be enjoyed by many more knitters than if just a 2nd hand vintage pattern was sold. We do love this long and cosy sock knitting pattern, which is almost like wearing leg warmers with a foot attached!

Find the sock knitting pattern on Etsy


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