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How to make a knitted necklace

Turn your scraps of yarn into knitted accessories with Marta Pakovska's free knitting necklace pattern.

How to make a knitted necklace

Those moments when we can say, ‘Thanks, I made it!’ are our favourite – and what better way to get your handmade projects spotted than to wear them? Today’s free knitting pattern is a pastel knitted necklace that you can make using scraps of yarn (this is why we love DIY fashion) and it’s really simple to make. Plus using up your yarn scraps is great for the planet and your bank balance – upcycling projects for the win!

The lovely Marta Pakovska gave us this knitted necklace tutorial so make sure you head to her website and show her some love. If you’re learning to knit, looking for free knitting patterns or unique accessories then this knitted necklace tutorial is just the project for you. We have a guide to knitting for beginners here on Gathered too which will help you knit your necklace. Disclaimer: We cannot take responsibility for the inevitable project requests that’ll follow after making this necklace.

How to make a knitted necklace

You’ll need:

• Cotton yarn
• One pair of 6.5mm (UK 3, US 10½) needles
• 2 x 23cm cable chain
• 1 lobster clasp
• 4 x 8mm jump rings
• Tapestry needle or crochet hook
• 2 x 20mm ribbon end clamps (materials list includes 13mm)

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To learn more about all the different jewellery making supplies used in this tutorial check out our guide for beginners.

How to make a knitted necklace


You Will Need

  • Knitting needles
  • Wool
  • Crochet hook
  • Cable chain
  • jump rings
  • Ribbon end clamps
  • Lobster clasp

Step 1

How to make a knitted necklace step 1

Cast on 16 sts.

Step 2

How to make a knitted necklace step 2

Row 1-9: Purl.

Step 3

How to make a knitted necklace step 3

Row 10: Cast off, fasten and weave in the ends with a tapestry needle or crochet hook.

Step 4

How to make a knitted necklace step 4

Fix the ribbon end clamps to your knitted rectangle. Attach the jump rings to each end of your cable chain pieces, inserting the lobster clasp into one jump ring. Now attach the bottom jump rings to the ribbon end clamps.


We hope you’ve enjoyed learning how to make a knitted necklace and will make plenty for all your pals. If you’ve caught the jewellery making bug head to our jewellery making kits round-up which features loads of fun projects. 

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