Whether you're a disco diva, a Christmas crafter or a metallic magpie, we've got a shiny treat for you! In this round-up, we'll reveal our pick of the best metallic yarns. Discover yarns in different weights, fibres and textures for all kinds of eye-catching knitting and crochet projects.


Time to add some sparkle to your next make…

What is metallic yarn?

Metallic yarn is yarn made shiny and reflective in appearance by the addition of metallic fibre, often metallised polyester or Lurex. Some yarns use aluminium as a cheaper alternative to gold or silver.

We've focused on gold-coloured yarns in our round-up, but a metallic yarn could also be silver, bronze, rose gold, or any other shade inspired by polished metal.

Metallic yarns contain different amounts of shiny fibre, from a barely-there shimmer to all-metallic thread.

There are four main types to choose from:

1. All-metallic yarns

These are made entirely of metallised threads. They have the most metallic sparkle, but also tend to have very little stretch and can feel scratchy against your skin. Better for crochet than knitting, they make stunning decorations.

2. Coated metallic yarns

These have a metallic coating with an inner core of another fibre, or the other way round. Their properties vary depending on what fibres are used, so we'd recommend making a swatch before choosing your project.

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3. Single metallic ply yarns

These contain a strand of metallic thread alongside other fibres such as wool or cotton. They're ideal for bringing a touch of shimmer to a project and are popular with knitters as they have a good amount of elasticity.

4. Flecked metallic yarns

These have the least metal content, with subtle flecks of metallic fibre appearing against a solid base. They're a great choice for garments where you want some sparkle without compromising on comfort or drape.

Where can you buy metallic gold yarn?

On the high street, the best place to find metallic gold yarn is in your local yarn shop. Check out Gathered's guide to wool shops near you. You could also try craft stores such as Hobbycraft, and department stores with a hobby department, like John Lewis.

Online there's lots of choice too – Amazon, Etsy and eBay are three places to find metallic yarn, but don't forget to check if your local yarn shop has a website as well.

If you're shopping online, second-hand is also an option. Take a look at Ravelry for users 'destashing' their unused yarns, or seek out your local buying and selling networks on social media.

15 of the best metallic yarns

1. Anchor Artiste Metallic

Best for fine crochet

Metallic Yarn Anchor Artiste Metallic

Add some magic to your makes with this shimmering gold yarn from Anchor. Artiste Metallic is a blend of 80% viscose, 20% metallised polyester that comes in 25g/100m balls.

It works up on tiny 2mm needles and hooks so it's ideal for fine work, such as making lace or mini motifs. It's best suited to crochet, due to its lack of stretch, but knitters will find it handy for Swiss darning embellishments or holding double with another yarn.

Artiste Metallic comes in a gorgeous range of metal-inspired colourways (plus jewel brights and neons too). It's also available in Anchor Metallic Fine, an even lighter weight version for creating the daintiest details.

2. Maccaroni Metallic

Best for home decor

Metallic Yarn Maccaroni Metallic

T-shirt yarns are great for practical home decor and accessory projects. Take yours to the next level with this metallic version from Maccaroni. A bulky-weight yarn, it's 100% polyester with metal spraying and comes in 50m balls. Check out our T-shirt yarn projects for design inspiration.

3. DMC Lumina

Best for mandalas

Metallic Yarn DMC Lumina

Whether it's used on its own or held double with another yarn, DMC Lumina will bring the glitter to your knitting and crochet projects. Made from 60% viscose and 40% polyester, this 4ply yarn works up on 2.5-3.5mm needles and hooks, and comes in 20g/150m balls.

4. Rico Ricorumi Lamé

Best for amigurumi

Metallic Yarn Rico Ricorumi Lame

We love Rico's amigurumi yarn, so we were thrilled to see they also do a metallic version. Take a look at our amigurumi guide for all you need to know about this crochet technique. Ricorumi Lamé is a DK-weight blend of 62% polyester, 38% polyamide, available in 10g/50m balls – the perfect size for small projects.

5. King Cole Tinsel Chunky

Best for Christmas toys

Metallic Yarn King Cole Tinsel Chunky

Whether it's the mane of a lion or a penguin's fluffy tummy, tinsel yarns are a fabulous way to add texture to toys.

This gold colourway of Tinsel Chunky would be perfect for Christmas projects. Look out for King Cole's adorable patterns for snowmen and Santas, and character covers for teapots and wine bottles.

Each 50g/70m ball of Tinsel Chunky is made from 75% polyester and 25% Lurex, and the yarn comes in a dazzling range of solid and multicolour shades. It works up quickly on 6mm needles and hooks, which makes it perfect for last-minute festive makes!

6. Sheep on Mars Vegan Silk

Best for plant-based crafters

Metallic Yarn Sheep on Mars Vegan Silk

Made from rayon but with the sleekness and lustre of silk, Sheep on Mars Vegan Silk is a great vegan yarn for fine lace patterns and more. Grab a 100g/500m skein, a 1.5mm crochet hook, and your favourite mandala pattern to create a spectacular golden wall hanging.

7. Lincatex Gold Rush

Best for choice of shades

Metallic Yarn Lincatex Gold Rush

If it's different shades of gold you're after, Lincatex Gold Rush is the yarn to choose. Dark, light, brassy, silvery – you name it, they've got it (plus a whole rainbow of other colours too). The yarn works up as a sport weight, and the 20g/80m balls are made from 80% rayon and 20% metallised polyester.

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8. Gründl Glitter Uni

Best for trims and lace

Metallic Yarn Grundl Glitter Uni

When we look at this dainty thread we think immediately of crochet trims, doilies and mandalas. It's simply perfect for light and lacy decorative projects. Gründl Glitter Uni is made from 85% viscose, 15% metallised polyester, and comes in 25g/110m balls. Use it to bring a hint of sparkle to your home all year round.

9. Gold Metallic Chainette Yarn

Best for embellishments

Metallic Yarn Gold Metallic Chainette Yarn

Mini-skeins are a great choice for projects that call for oddments of yarn to add shiny details, but where you don't need a whole ball. Zhuzh up Christmas decorations and picture-knit jumpers with this Gold Metallic Chainette Yarn, made from Lurex and viscose and sold in 10m skeins.

10. Jomil Starmist

Best for festive decorations

Metallic Yarn Jomil Starmist

Jomil Starmist is a 3ply decorative thread that's ideal for little festive makes and adding the finishing touches to larger projects. The 20g/80m balls are made from a blend of 80% viscose, 20% polyester, and its chainette construction makes it feel lighter and more elastic than similar threads that have been plied.

11. King Cole Cosmos

Best for extra sparkle

Metallic Yarn King Cole Cosmos

If metallic gold yarn is not enough, you need metallic gold with sequins! King Cole Cosmos contains 76% glitter yarn and 24% payette for a glitzy finish that's sure to turn heads. With a choice of single-colour or multicolour sequins, you can get the exact look you want.

12. Unique Yarns Co Metallic Thread

Best for multicoloured metallics

Metallic Yarn Unique Yarns Co Metallic Thread

A mix of complementary shades brings extra depth to the Unique Yarns Co's metallic yarns. Go for a stylish brown and gold combo or try out the shimmering blues of their mermaid colourway. Each 25g ball contains 208m of 60% cotton, 35% viscose and 5% Lurex yarn.

13. Rico Fashion Cotton Metallise DK

Best for garments

Rico fashion cotton metallise sparkle yarn

If you're looking for a sophisticated metallic yarn for making clothing, look no further! Rico Fashion Cotton Metallise is a DK-weight yarn made from 53% cotton, 35% acrylic and 12% metallic, and available in 50g/130m balls. As well as this gold shade there's also a tempting palette of pretty pastels to choose from.

14. Angelina Gold Metallic Fibre

Best for spinners

Metallic Yarn Angelina Fibre

One for the spinners. Why not make your own metallic yarn by holding a strand of Angelina Gold Metallic Fibre with the top or batt you're spinning? This super-fine 15 Denier fibre is soft to handle, and a little goes a long way so it's great value too. The twinkly effect it produces is so pretty!

Don't be dazzled by the options!

There are many gorgeous, glitzy metallic yarns out there. How do you choose the right one for you? It's not as tricky as you might think!

As a simple rule of thumb the more metal there is in the yarn, the stiffer and scratchier it's likely to be. Stiffer yarns are great for homewares and decorations, but less good for anything that needs to drape or be worn next to the skin. For that, you'll need something with a lower metallic content, such as a flecked yarn or one with a single ply of metallised thread.

Whatever you're planning to create, make sure you knit or crochet a test swatch first to be confident that you've found the perfect yarn.


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