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Coronavirus update on subscriptions

Important information for magazine subscribers: we are delighted to say that we will resuming publishing of our magazine in July. All subscribers will be contacted either this week on email or will by next week with a letter advising them when to expect their first issue. 

What is Mollie?

Mollie is a UK-based multi-craft magazine that comes out every four weeks. Each issue is packed full of creative ideas, projects and inspiration – easy ways to embrace handmade! Inside you’ll find beginner-friendly projects from modern designer-makers in a range of crafts, from sewing and crochet to macramé and pottery. Plus, you can shop and craft the latest interior and fashion trends, and take a look around the homes and studios of top creatives.

How often does Mollie come out?

Mollie is sold in the UK in WHSmith, independent newsagents, and larger branches of Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury and Waitrose. If you can’t find a copy in store, you can order single issues from our subscriptions website.

Where to find Mollie worldwide

We also ship Mollie to newsstands around the world! Click here for a full list of our stockists. If we don’t supply newsstands directly where you are, you can still buy single issues online.

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How can I subscribe to Mollie?

You can find our latest subscription offers here.

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How can I get a back issue of Mollie?

You can see the back issues we have in stock on our subscriptions website. We keep the last six issues in stock.

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How can I get a digital copy of Mollie?

Our digital editions are available through Apple Newsstand (for iOS devices), Google Play Newsstand (for Android devices and the Google Chrome browser) and Zinio PDF reader.

For Apple Newsstand, click here.

For Google Play Newsstand, click here.

For Zinio, click here.

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My subscription copy is late, what should I do?

For latest mailing information and expected delivery please see our Subscription FAQs here. 

If your subscription copy hasn’t arrived, you can contact our Subscriptions Customer Service team and we’ll check your address is up to date, and organise a replacement copy if available. You can manage your address changes and see when your next issue is due in the My Account area of

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My subscription copy arrived damaged, can you replace it?

If your subscription copy has arrived damaged, contact our Subscriptions Customer Service team here to organise a replacement copy if available.

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The gift with my subscription copy is faulty, can you replace it?

Please contact our Subscriptions Customer Service team here, where our customer service team will happily help with your query.

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I have a query on my subscription, who should I contact?

You can find answers to all frequently asked questions on our magazine subscriptions here.

To contact our subscriptions customer service team click here and they’ll be happy to help with your query.

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Where should I send press releases to?

Email us at

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Yes! Call our advertising team on 0117 300 8206 or email Senior Advertising Manager Penny Stokes at

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How do I get a job on Mollie?

You can find all the latest job opportunities within our parent company, Immediate Media, here.

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How can I get featured in Mollie?

If you’re interested in designing a project or writing a feature for Mollie, please email with examples of your work, your social media handles and website or online shop, and a bit about yourself.

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I’m looking for a pattern from a previous issue. Can you help me find it?

For a pattern from the last six months, you can buy the magazine here. For older patterns, you can buy a digital version via our app! The Mollie app is available to download on Android and Apple devices. We also sell some of our patterns on

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I have some suggestions. How can I get them to you?

We love to hear from our readers, so please email us at

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