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Cross stitch needle size guide

Read about the different cross stitch needles and how to pick the right cross stitch needle size to match your fabric.

Cross stitch needles

If you’re new to cross stitching you’ve probably thought lots about your fabric and your threads but no so much about cross stitch needles. There are different needle sizes which work best with certain fabric counts, so finding the best needle for the job will help your stitching look its best. Needle sizes might sound a little confusing at first but they are really easy to get your head around, and most projects you take on will tell you which needle size is best and what type of fabric you need, but it’s always handy to know which needles are used for which fabric types.

About cross stitch needles

Cross stitch needles are called tapestry needles, which have a blunt tip and larger eye than a regular sewing needle, which makes them easier to thread up with cross stitch thread. Cross stitch needles easily pass through the fibers of Aida and evenweave cross stitch fabric.

Different cross stitch needle sizes are available, with varying lengths and widths, so choose the best for your fabric – see our handy cross stitch needle size guide below. Other needles are useful too, try a fine beading needle for adding bead accents. You may also prefer a sharp-tipped embroidery (or crewel) needle to split Aida blocks when stitching fractional stitches.

Top tip: If you are always dropping needles and stepping on them after they end up in the carpet you need a needle minder! These handy little tools will attach to your fabric using a strong magnet and you’ll be able to pop your need onto it whilst you are changing threads or taking a break. Check out the full list of the best needle minders.

Tapestry needle size guide

You will need a blunt tapestry needle for cross stitch. Pick the cross stitch needle sizes that matches the count of your fabric. You can find the cross stitch needle sizes you need by referring to the table below. It shows cross stitch needles at actual size, so you can also use it to identify cross stitch needles you have that you don’t know what size they are.

Needle size chart

needle size chart
  • 6-count Aida fabric: Use size 18 cross stitch needles
  • 8-count Aida fabric: Use size 20 cross stitch needles
  • 11 count Aida fabric: Use size 22 cross stitch needles
  • 14-count Aida fabric: Use size 24 cross stitch needles
  • 16-count Aida fabric: Use size 26 cross stitch needles
  • 18-count Aida fabric: Use size 28 cross stitch needles
  • 28-count evenweave fabric over two strands: Use size 24 cross stitch needles
  • 32-count evenweave fabric over two strands: Use size 26 cross stitch needles
  • 36-count evenweave fabric over two strands: Use size 28 cross stitch needles
  • 22-count hardanger fabric: Use size 26 cross stitch needles

Where to buy cross stitch needles

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cross stitch needles

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Cross stitch needle sizes