Camping embroidery designs

Celebrate your love of the great outdoors with brilliant camping embroidery designs from Jessie Doe Designs

Camping embroidery designs hoop

The wilderness awaits! Show off your love of outdoor adventures with these camping embroidery designs, which wee originally published as free iron-on transfers along with issue 2 of Love Embroidery magazine. But thanks to the camping embroidery designs template you can download from Gathered, you can still stitch this camping embroidery design, even if you missed getting the transfer along with this issue. Just use a lightbox and design transfer pen to transfer the design onto fabric and stitch it that way. We love this brilliant camping embroidery design displayed in a hoop, but there is no need to stop there – stitch it on a T-shirt or a backpack to up your own style with maximum camping embroidery designs kudos!


Camping embroidery designs materials

  • Camping embroidery designs template
  • Cotton fabric: 30x30cm, grey
  • Stranded cotton: brown, light green, dark green, light grey, dark grey, orange, light pink, dark pink, red, white, yellow
  • Embroidery hoop: 12cm diameter
  • Basic embroidery kit

Camping embroidery designs stitches

  • Fishbone Stitch
  • Long and Short Stitch
  • Satin Stitch
  • Stem Stitch
  • Straight Stitch

Looking for advice on how to work these embroidery stitches? Take a look at our learn fishbone stitch article, or refer to our How to do Satin stitch article, or check out our How to do stem Stitch walkthrough.

How to work the camping embroidery design hoop

Step 1

Using six strands throughout, use Long and Short Stitch for the front of the large tent in light grey. Next work the sides and doors in dark grey Satin Stitch, then work the small tent in the same way, using light pink for the front and dark pink for sides and doors.

Step 2

Embroider the tree in dark green Fishbone Stitch, varying stitch lengths to emulate fir branches.

Step 3

Work the logs in brown Satin Stitch. Create the flames in red, orange and yellow Straight Stitches.

Step 4

Work the blades of grass as light green Straight Stitches, and the horizon lines on either side of the tents in light green Stem Stitch.

Step 5


Work the moon in yellow Satin Stitch, then work the stars  in white – large stars as Straight Stitches in a cross formation and small stars as tiny Straight Stitches placed randomly across the sky area as shown.