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Issue 22 is out now! Embellish your favourite cardi with bold blooms, perfect your chain stitch technique, master transferring onto dark fabrics, and more… Scroll down to look inside the issue.

Love Embroidery issue 22 Jenny Billingham embroidered cardigan

Love Embroidery issue 22

Issue 22, on sale in the UK Wednesday 22nd December

Stay in and stretch your stitching skills this winter with issue 22 of Love Embroidery! Stealing the show is Jenny Billingham’s gorgeous cover project cardi – she shows you how to embellish your favourite knits with bold floral motifs using colourful yarns. Also in this issue, Jenny Blair shares four easy ways to transfer your patterns onto darker fabrics, Lauren Holton transports us to a stitch-filled paradise with her thread-painted waterfall scene, and Sarah Godfrey gives a step-by-step guide for stitching on organza fabric with her celestial design.


Plus, we’ll show you how to sew on soft cork fabric, break down modern crewel work to make chic homewares, walk you through freemotion machine stitching and more. We also go behind the scenes at artist Jessie Chorley’s new studio, meet the maker of a series of magical cosmos landscapes. And, if that’s not enough to fill your stitchy boots, this issue comes with an exclusive Embroidered Lettering book! We’ve teamed up with LoveCrafts and Paintbox Crafts to bring you five font-based projects to sew, plus expert tip and tricks to perfect your lettering techniques.

Download your issue now to get stitching! Download your issue now to get stitching! Take a look inside the issue below and order a copy onlinedownload our app to read it digitally, pick us up in your local supermarket, WHSmith or Hobbycraft shop, or check out our latest subscription offer.

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