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Love Embroidery Magazine issue 27 is out now in the UK! Scroll down to see the 12 new embroidery patterns + exclusive stitch book, The Embroidered Wardrobe which comes with each copy

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Published: April 1, 2020 at 4:23 am
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Love Embroidery Magazine issue 27

Love Embroidery Magazine is the UK’s biggest stitching magazine, bringing you modern, beginner-friendly hand embroidery and machine embroidery projects every month. Inside the mag, you’ll find 15+ trend-led projects with easy-to-follow instructions, full-size pattern templates, and a comprehensive embroidery stitch library. You’ll also discover expert embroidery tips and tutorials, designer profiles, events, news and all the latest trends. Plus, each edition comes with an exclusive embroidery gift, including iron-on reusable pattern transfers and embroidery hoop kits. Scroll down to see inside our latest issue and more. While you’re scrolling, click on any of the project images to order issue 27 – you can download the Apple version of the issue here, the Android here, and the Kindle here.

Love Embroidery Magazine issue 27 and cover gift

12 new embroidery patterns in issue 27

Embroidered flamingo in a wooden hoop

How to threadpaint a flamingo

Learn how to needlepaint in Beth Hoyes’ (of Rabbit Hat Designs) step-by-step embroidery tutorial. In 12 steps, with accompanying photos, Beth shows you how to use a variation of Long and Short Stitch embroidery to paint a formidable flamingo portrait. The project uses four different embroidery stitches (Backstitch, Satin Stitch, Long and Short Stitch, and Straight Stitch), and 11 shades of Stranded Cotton embroidery thread, and includes an illustrated Embroidery Guide to help with stitch direction and colour placement. It is beginner-friendly, but experienced stitchers will enjoy the satisfying process of painting with thread to create the realistic feathers. For more embroidery tutorials like this one, check out Beth’s new book, Embroidery Made Easy: Beautiful Birds, where this flamingo hoop is originally from.

Make fabric storage bins

Sew your own fabric storage bins following Jessie Doe’s and Heather Nugent’s sewing pattern and embroidery tutorial. The step-by-step workshop shows you how to stitch fabric storage pots from scratch and add your own custom embroidery details. In this embroidery project, you’ll learn how to use nine different embroidery stitches: Backstitch, Brick Stitch, French Knot, Lazy Daisy Stitch, Satin Stitch, Stem Stitch, Straight Stitch, Turkey Stitch, and Whipped Backstitch. You’ll find illustrated stitch guides for each of these in the Essentials section, along with full-size templates for both pot designs in the Templates section.

Sew embroidered placemats, coasters and napkins

Embroidery designer Rebeckah Kemi Apara (of Embellished Talk) is showing you how to make ruffles in her table linen tutorial. Using her 12-step tutorial, sew a summery collection of ruffle-edged placemats, coasters, and napkins, with fruity cherry and banana motifs embroidered on gingham fabric. In this project, you’ll learn how to embroider Backstitch and Satin Stitch, making it a great start for new, beginner embroiderers. The full-size fruit templates can be found at the back of the magazine and are also ideal for sewing your own embroidered patches and badges, plus for adding onto denim jackets, tote bags, hats and more.

How-to guide for embroidering a landscape hoop

Georgie Emery shows you how to appliqué in her Turkish-inspired landscape hoop. In her 18-step photo guide, you’ll learn how to cut and position your fabrics, work five different embroidery stitches and then frame your embroidery hoop when it’s finished. In this hoop art project, featuring embroidered hot air balloons, you’ll learn how to embroider Backstitch, French Knot, Satin Stitch, Split Stitch and Straight Stitch – all of which can be found in the illustrated embroidery guide on p65. Plus, this stitch tutorial includes a full-colour illustrated embroidery guide to help with stitch and colour placement.

Sew with raffia ribbon to make a summer basket bag

Swap your embroidery threads for raffia ribbon and follow Shikira Alleyne’s (of Kreative Pursuit) tutorial to sew this tropical summer basket bag. Shikira shows you how to embroider Backstitch, French Knot, Long and Short Stitch, Turkey Stitch and Satin Stitch using hand-dyed raffia ribbons. The project includes a full-size floral template, which can also be stitched in a hoop, on a jacket, tote bag, towels and more. It’s a fab project for embroiderers looking to try something new and is worked in just six steps, with accompanying photos for each one.

Embroider a portrait hoop with our step-by-step guide

Embroidery designer Lucy Peltier walks you through sewing a portrait hoop using floral stitches and the appliqué technique. Follow her 12-step tutorial to sew French Knot hair, Satin Stitch flowers, a Chain Stitch hat and more. You’ll also learn how to embroider Backstitch, Leaf Stitch and Whipped Backstitch, as well as how to layer your fabrics using the appliqué sewing method. Each step includes a photo to help complete the project and you’ll find a full-size template for the summer portrait hoop on p72 of the mag.

Embroider on shirts for summer

Designer Portia Lawrie shows you how to customise shirts with whitework embroidery in her 6-step tutorial. Her tropical flower pattern comes as a full-size template which is repeated twice on one side of the shirt and then flipped and repeated twice on the other. It’s embroidered using Fly Stitch, Lazy Daisy Stitch, Open Fishbone Stitch, Satin Stitch and Split Stitch, and can also be used as an embroidered border on skirts, bags, tea towels and more. The project, which uses five skeins of one colour of embroidery thread, shows you how to adjust templates to fit stitching areas, as well as using adhesive water-soluble stabiliser to transfer embroidery designs.

Sew your own positive felt flag

Cristin Morgan teaches you how to sew on felt to make her positive pennant project. Follow her 6-step guide, with accompanying photos, to embroider French Knots, Split Stitch and Stem Stitch on felt and then follow her tutorial to sew the felt into a cute flag. The project uses two shades of wool felt, and five shades of embroidery thread. The pennant outline is printed as a half-size template but can easily be enlarged by scanning/photographing it and printing it at 200%. The embroidery template itself is printed full-size so can be transferred from as it appears.

Lean how to do shadow work embroidery

Expert embroiderer Amy Burt shows you how to utilise both sides of your embroidery hoop using the shadow work method. Her in-depth embroidery tutorial first walks you through the basics of the technique in four simple steps, and then shows you how to use the method to stitch a swirling pond of fish in just six steps. In the workshop, you’ll learn how to embroider Backstitch and Herringbone Stitch on sheer organdie fabric (transparent fabric) to create a shaded pattern.

Make a machine-embroidered apron

Use your sewing machine and Andrea Walpole’s 6-step guide to sew this pretty sunflower apron. Andrea, of Raggedy Ruff Designs, walks you through using the appliqué method with your sewing machine to add gorgeous sunflowers to fabric. In this machine embroidery project, you’ll learn how to sew on batik fabrics using the freemotion method of machine embroidery. If you would prefer to hand embroider this pattern, simply switch out the Machine Straight Stitch for hand Straight Stitch or Backstitch to sew the fabric sunflowers onto the apron.

How to make an embroidered card

Stitch Happy Studio owner, Louisa Burtonshaw, shows you how to embroider a greetings card using your sewing machine. Follow her 6-step guide to sew letters onto a card using Machine Straight Stitch in the freemotion method. Her guide will teach you to ‘draw’ with thread on your sewing machine, working back and forth to create sketch-like lines. You can easily personalise this design by switching the colours of card, adding in other shades of machine cotton thread, or by embroidering your own custom message instead.

The Embroidered Wardrobe

Each copy of issue 27 (both print + digital) comes with our latest book, The Embroidered Wardrobe. This 7-project guide will show you how to customise your clothing using vibrant embroidery threads and tactile stitches. Inside, you’ll find 7 trend-led projects, plus a guide to getting started, full-size templates and a handy illustrated stitch guide. Swipe through our image gallery below to see each project and who designed them.

What else is in this issue?

We share the latest embroidery books, stitching events, accessories and more with you. Plus, we chat to designer and author Maggie Schnücker about her botanically-inspired stitching, and go behind the scenes with designer Tihara Smith to talk about her Windrush Collection from 2018.

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How to embroider

New to embroidery? Don’t worry! Each issue of Love Embroidery Magazine includes a comprehensive guide to get you started, with info on everything from which fabric is best to how to transfer a pattern. But if you can’t wait to get started then check out our online beginner’s guide to embroidery or, for more helpful guides, take a look at our patterns and tutorials section.


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