Free machine embroidery patterns

Try Sophie Tarrant's free machine embroidery patterns to stitch your own peachy motifs to pretty up hoops, accessories and homewares!

Free machine embroidery pattern

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The Love Embroidery team are offering a free machine embroidery pattern set of Peach Melba designs. We have a whole host of different machine embroidery pattern digital file formats, so chances are we have the digital file you need for your own digital embroidery machine!

How to embroider a towel

Download our free machine embroidery patterns to get stitching!

Simply click on the link below and select the file that suits the machine you are using.

Free peach embroidery designs (multiple file types)

You’ll find the following file types:

  • CSD for Singer, Poem and Huskygram.CSD
  • DST for Tajima.DST
  • EMD for Elna.EMD
  • EXP for Bernina USB Stick.EXP
  • EXP for Melco.EXP
  • HUS for Husqvarna, Viking and Pfaff.HUS
  • JEF for Janome, Elna, Kenmore.JEF
  • JPX for Janome and Elna.JPX
  • PCD for Pfaff.PCD
  • PCQ for Pfaff.PCQ
  • PCS for Pfaff.PCS
  • PEC for Brother, Babylock and Deco.PEC
  • PES for Brother, Babylock, Deco.PES
  • SHV for Husqvarna, Viking and Pfaff.SHV
  • VIP for Husqvarna, Viking and Pfaff.VIP
  • VP3 for Husqvarna, Viking and Pfaff.VP3
  • XXX for Singer.XXX
How to machine embroidery a towel

Getting started with the free machine embroidery patterns

It’s important to always choose the right hoop when machine embroidering. There are a wide variety of shapes and sizes available.  Larger hoops such as the one used in this project are better for bigger designs. 

Before you begin, it’s essential that you appropriately stabilise your fabric, to support and strengthen it during the stitching process. There are three main types of stabiliser used in machine embroidery:

Cut-away, which is usually used on stretchy fabrics and will remain in place indefinitely; any excess is cut away.

Tear-away, which is usually used on woven fabrics such as cotton and will be torn away after the design is worked.

Wash-away, which is used when all traces of it need to be removed from the project, such as when using a sheer fabric, or when thicker fabrics with a deep pile will need extra support from the front of the work as well as the back while you are working. 

It’s best to practise a new design on a scrap of fabric before committing it to your final project to be sure  that the thread colours you’ve chosen will work well and that the design is the correct size.

Hold the bulk of the towel out of the way of your machine as you stitch so it doesn’t get dragged into the design area.  

Peach machine embroidery pattern materials

  • Hammam guest towel, white
  • Tear-away stabiliser
  • Temporary fabric spray adhesive
  • Air erasable ink pen
  • Machine embroidery threads: brown, cream, light green, medium green, peach
  • Embroidery machine and large hoop (16x26cm)
  • Basic embroidery kit

How to stitch the free machine embroidery patterns
free machine embroidery designs

    1. Prewash your towel as it may shrink, then leave to dry. Decide where you want your peach machine embroidery pattern to be positioned – we placed ours 15cm up from one short edge and centrally across. Cut a 50cm length of tear-away stabiliser, then use temporary fabric spray adhesive to attach this to the wrong side of the towel, centring it on the point that you want your embroidered pattern to sit.
      free machine embroidery designs step 2
  1. Use an air erasable pen to mark a cross at the centre point of the fabric where you’d like the pattern to be positioned. Line this up with the guide marks etched on the edge of the embroidery hoop. Once you’re happy with the positioning, tighten the hoop to firmly fix your towel in place.
    free machine embroidery designs step 3
  2. Download the  free machine embroidery patterns, making sure to select the correct file type for your machine as different brands use different file types. Copy the file onto a USB stick, then load this into your machine and apply it to your working area. Your machine will most likely centre and align it for you, but if not, move it to the middle of your working area to ensure the finished design is positioned correctly.
    free machine embroidery designs step 4
  3.  You can now start stitching the pattern. Your machine will work through the various stages of the embroidery in order, first working the brown twigs, then moving on to the pale green leaves, cream fruit backgrounds, darker peach details and then finally the medium green leaves. Make sure to start the machine embroidery pattern with a fresh, fully-wound bobbin, and take your time when changing threads to ensure they are properly loaded in the machine each time.
    free machine embroidery designs step 5
  4. Once the pattern is finished, carefully remove the hoop from the machine and turn it off. Unscrew the hoop to loosen it and pull it away and release the towel and stabiliser. Turn the work over, and slowly tear away the stabiliser, leaving just the embroidered pattern behind. Turn the work back over so that the pattern faces you, and use a pair of embroidery scissors and a seam ripper to carefully trim away any thread carried between sections of the pattern to finish it off and neaten it up.
    free machine embroidery designs step 6
  5. If you’d like to repeat the pattern on the opposite end of the towel, do so now, repeating the above steps. Once the towel is complete, carefully wash it to remove any residue from the adhesive. Leave to dry flat, then press, avoiding working over the embroidery design.

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