How to embroider socks with Peking Knot stitch

Fancy crafting a custom pair of embroidered socks, for everyday wear or embroidered dress socks? Follow our simple step-by-step embroidered sock tutorial to personalise your own pair

Make personalised embroidered socks

Treat your feet to embroidered socks personalised with a dainty floral motif, stitched in Peking knots. Mollie Johanson shows you how it is done with this step-by-step embroidered sock tutorial.

Begin by practising working a Peking knot on a spare scrap of fabric before you embroider on to your sock.

You will need

  • 1 pair of socks
  • Stranded cotton: coral, warm pink, yellow and dark green
  • Scrap of cotton fabric: 2.5×7.5cm (1x3in)
  • Iron-on double-sided fusible interfacing
  • Basic sewing kit

Socks socks socks!

Spice up your socks even more by crocheting this colourful pair to brighten even the darkest day


Total time:

Step 1

how to embroider socks step 1

Come up from the back of the fabric. This will be the bottom of the stitch. Make a loop with the working thread with the loose end under the thread that’s attached to the fabric.

Step 2

How to work a peking know embroidered socks step 2

Insert the needle just above the point where the thread exits the fabric, but don’t pull it through yet. Slowly pull the working thread until the loop is the size you want the stitch to be.

Step 3

how to embroider peking knot step 3

Hold the loop in place with your finger as you pull the needle and working thread through. Be careful not to pull the thread too tight, especially when securing the end, otherwise the Peking knot will tighten on the surface.

Step 4

how to embroider socks step 4

Now you are ready to embroider on to your socks! Cut a 2×6.5cm (3/4×25/8in) rectangle of cotton fabric and press paper-backed fusible interfacing onto the back. Remove the paper backing and fuse it to the inside of the sock near the cuff. This will prevent the embroidered area from stretching and distorting the stitches.

If your socks fold over like ours, be sure to stitch the design in the correct direction for when the cuff is folded.

Step 5

How to personalise embroidered socks peking knot step 5

Working through the sock and the fused fabric, embroider a staggered row of Peking knots in varying sizes. Use six strands in coral, warm pink, and yellow embroidery thread. Use the pattern as a guide or stitch the Peking knot flowers freehand.

Depending on the stretch of your sock material, it may be best to stitch the flowers individually to prevent the threads breaking.

Step 6

how to make embroidered socks step 6

To finish, embroider tiny stems and leaves under the flowers with straight stitch. Use three strands in dark green embroidery thread.


custom embroidered socks

Customise with your own colours to suit every occasion!