Embrace your inner (or outer) quirkiness with these unusual embroidery kits and patterns to delight. Find all the weirdest and most wonderful embroidery designs to spark your creativity and produce something truly unique.


Embroidery inspiration can come from almost anywhere! And these patterns are no different, often rooted in nature and art. They hit the spot between weird and beautiful. From fluffy moths and sarcastic sentiments to tiny mushrooms, we have projects to nurture your alternative style.

With a mixture of embroidery kits and instantly downloadable patterns, you’ll find something to suit all stitchers and abilities. The majority of the designs included on this list are suitable for beginners but can be enjoyed by seasoned stitchers too.

Without further ado, let's discover your next unique embroidery project.

18 unusual embroidery kits & patterns

1. Snarky embroidery pattern

sarcastic stitches

Sometimes it's not all ‘live, laugh, love’. Certain situations just require a snarky comment. Embrace your inner sarcastic nature and stitch one of these hilarious yet slightly rude embroidery sentiments. Be warned though, this embroidery is definitely not suitable for kids.

The book contains ten designs to choose from that can be transferred onto your fabric using an iron. They are super easy to transfer, so you’ll be ready to stitch straight away. Who wouldn't want to stitch a sarcastic pigeon? It's the perfect grumpy crafter project!

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2. The Death Head moth embroidery pattern

deathhead moth embroidery hoop

You might recognise this moth from the famous film The Silence of the Lambs. This moth's upper abdomen is adorned with a skull-like marking, thus giving the moth its creepy name. If you’re a lover of all things macabre you’ll definitely see the beauty in this design.

This pattern is for an instantly downloadable PDF, so grab your stash and get stitching right away.

3. Embalming embroidery pattern

vampire reading a book embroidery hoop

Beautiful vampires, creepy old books and a drop of humour. This gothic embroidery sees a vampiress sitting and reading a book on embalming (we know, dark). Stitched completely in black threads you’ll find real beauty in the detail when you’re stitching.

The fabric comes pre-printed with the design so you simply need to follow the lines with your stitching. Only the fabric is included in this kit so you’ll need the other materials in your stash.

4. Snake and flowers embroidery pattern

snake with flowers embroidery hoop

Snakes make for very unusual pets and can also make for great alternative embroidery! This design mashes pretty and creepy in the best way. The beauty of the flowers mixed with the snake eating its own tail is jarring yet vibrant.

Use bright colours and bold stitches to make something truly eye-catching.

5. Mystical Stitches by Christi Johnson

mystical stitches book cover

Do you thrive on anything mystical? If you’re a witch at heart this embroidery book is for you. It's jam-packed with beautiful designs including powerful symbols and magical beings.

With over 100 different motifs to create, readers will have endless combinations for their stitching. Not only will you be inspired to stitch but the book also teaches you about meditation and how to use embroidery to become more mindful.

6. Quirky dog embroidery kit

unusual embroidery - dogs

If you love cute embroidery but want something different, this is the one for you. This design features a pack of pups in a variety of breeds, one even has a cute red bow. Just because it’s an alternative style, that doesn't mean it can’t be cute!

The project is ideal for beginners since it is pre-printed on the fabric and contains only four stitches. Everything you need is included in the kit, and all the packaging is plastic-free.

7. Watercolour rose embroidery kit

watercolour rose embroidery hoop

This beautiful kit combines painting and stitching to give an impactful design. The pre-printed fabric is already adorned with a pretty orange, pink and red watercolour pattern. The rose outline is printed on top, ready for you to stitch over.

The kit has all you need to start stitching right away, you can even add a pair of embroidery scissors too.

8. ‘Another day to slay’ embroidery kit

embroidery hoop reads 'another day to slay' on yellow fabric

Just another day to get up and be the fabulous human that you are. Remind yourself that every day you get up, go to work, sit in your pyjamas all day, or just eat pizza: you are slaying the day!

This simple, yet satisfying embroidery kit contains everything you need and even a pre-printed piece of fabric.

9. Bath-themed embroidery kit

legs in a bath embroidery hoop

Celebrate body positivity and see yourself represented in this modern embroidery kit. The pattern is defined as a ‘choose your own adventure’, meaning you can personalise the design to suit your style. Choose whether to have hair on the legs, muscles, painted toenails, or tattoos – you do you!

Everything you need is included in the kit, and you’ll find a variety of thread colours too.

Quirky and cute mushrooms

Mushrooms are inherently unique and fascinating. It’s no wonder they appear in lots of alternative artwork. Stitch up our medley of adorable fungi with the

mushroom embroidery

10. Modern abstract embroidery kit

abstract embroidery hoop

Do you love to create texture in your stitching? This tactile design uses fibres to produce a three-dimensional style. The design has an autumnal aesthetic thanks to its use of natural colours. The fabric itself is a natural canvas, giving an ideal backdrop to the autumnal threads.

11. Moon and moth embroidery kit

moth and moon embroidery

Moths aren't for everyone, but these insects are vital to the ecosystem. So let’s celebrate this nocturnal winged creature!

This duo of designs sees a fluffy textured moth and a shining moon stitched on midnight blue fabric. Both are embellished with sequins to add extra texture and vibrance.

12. Quirky owl embroidery kit

quirky owl embroidery hoop

This quirky and cute owl looks like he's just fallen straight out of a storybook. The design will be a delight to stitch and would be ideal for a kid's room once finished.

You’ll find all the kit in the box to stitch this charming owl, packaged neatly in a plastic-free box!

13. Crocodile embroidery kit

crocodile embroidery hoop

You mean you’ve never seen a crocodile with a pelican sitting on his nose wearing a party hat and eating a goldfish? Well, you’ve been missing out. This quirky and fun embroidery hoop designed by DMC will fill your world with child-like whimsy!

It will be a fabulous piece to stitch up for a kid's room. It will easily spark the imaginations of your little ones – which adventures will they go on with Mr Crocodile and his pals?

14. 'Sod off' embroidery kit

sod off embroidery hoop

We’re all about positivity, but sometimes you’ve just got to say ‘sod off!’. This cheeky embroidery is sure to make anyone who sees it giggle. Pop it in your hallway for a great conversation starter.

This modern embroidery kit contains everything you’ll need to finish this hoop and hang it up, ready to pass on the message.

15. Tattooed arms embroidery kit

tattooed fore ams embroidery

Although tattoos are more mainstream than they used to be, you still rarely see them represented in embroidery designs. This design sees flower tattoo adorned arms which are wearing a chunky knitted jumper in beautiful autumnal shades.

This embroidery kit would make a gorgeous gift for embroidery fans, and tattoo lovers alike.

16. Flourishing embroidery kit

womans body surrounded by flowers embroidery

Celebrate your body with this beautiful floral embroidery kit. The design sees a woman’s body surrounded by blooming flowers. The design represents the growth and celebration of the female body.

Everything you need is included in the kit and it only requires five types of stitches to complete. Easy peasy, even for beginners!

17. Stitch your travels embroidery kit

embroidery world map

Now, this is a unique embroidery! The banner is printed with the world map, ready for you to stitch with crosses, icons or anything you like to represent your travels. The kit includes a variety of coloured embroidery floss, so you can make your map as colourful as your adventures.

If you know somebody who is a keen traveller, this would make the perfect keepsake so they remember their trip.

18. Tiny mushroom embroidery PDF

tiny mushroom motif embroidery hoop

There’s something quite quirky about a mushroom! And these mini mushroom motifs are no different. Thanks to the multitude of mushroom species and their unique sizes and shapes, they make a brilliant subject for stitching.

Celebrate the humble mushroom, and use up your scraps of thread with this lovely downloadable design.

Embrace your unique style with embroidery

Embroidery can be a true reflection of your artistic style and can allow you to express your personality through stitching. Choose an embroidery kit that suits you, and don’t forget you can change elements in it to make it bespoke. We know folk like you don’t colour inside the lines!


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