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Valentines embroidery design

Celebrate Valentine's Day with this positive embroidered banner tutorial by Mollie Johnson. Makes yours today using Mollie's valentines embroidery design!

Palentine's banner embroidery design

Since it’s the week of love we thought we’d share another DIY with you. Mollie Makes ambassador and embroidery legend Mollie Johanson shared this positive little banner with us to remind you that you are loved! Have you ever seen a cuter Valentines embroidery design? Make it as cute Valentine’s Day décor, craft it for a pal to show them how much they mean to you, or sew it for yourself as a reminder to always do what you love.

You can find the template for this banner in our Mollie Makes templates page (just click issue 88!) and you can refer to our library of embroidery stitches if you need a little help with your techniques.

Now let’s stitch a Valentines embroidery design!


Valentines embroidery design

embroidery banner tutorial

You Will Need

  • Fabric
  • Embroidery hoop
  • Thread
  • Dowel
  • Embroidery needle
  • Cutting mat

Total time:

Step 1

Palentine's banner embroidery design step 1

Using the template, mark the pattern on the linen with the marker and place the fabric in the hoop. Using red embroidery thread and chain stitch, embroider the outside of the large flowers. Stitch the details with detached chain stitch and light peach thread.

Step 2

Palentine's banner embroidery design step 2

Embroider the stems using stem stitch and light green thread for the long stems, and brown thread for the shorter stems. Add small leaves onto the shorter stems using lazy daisy stitch and brown thread. Work the large leaves using backstitch in light green thread at the top, and dark green thread at the bottom. Use straight stitch in dark green thread for the lines on the lower half of the leaves.

Step 3

Palentine's banner embroidery design step 3

For the small flowers, use backstitch for the lines and French knots for the dots. Use pink thread for the flowers on the outside of the wreath, light peach for the flowers on the inside of the wreath, and light yellow for all the dots.

Step 4

Palentine's banner embroidery design step 4

For the lettering, use backstitch in peach thread for the single lines, and a single row of chain stitch for the double lines. Work the heart using backstitch and peach thread. Your Valentines embroidery design is complete, now to make it into a banner!

Step 5

Palentine's banner embroidery design step 5

Remove any visible fabric marker and press the linen from the back. Using the rotary cutter and cutting mat, cut a 24 x 30cm (9½ x 117/8“) rectangle, making sure the embroidery is centred. Mark the two long edges 6.5cm (25/8“) up from the bottom, and mark the bottom edge at the centre. Form a banner shape by trimming from the two side markings, down to the centre point. Cut a piece of the cotton fabric to the same size.

Step 6

Palentine's banner embroidery design step 6

To create hanging tabs, cut two 5 x 8cm (2 x 31/8“) rectangles from the linen. Fold in half along the length, then sew the short ends together to create a tube. Press the seams open and turn right side (RS) out. Press each tube so the seam is centred, then fold in half with the seam inside the fold.

Step 7

Palentine's banner embroidery design step 7

Pin the front and back of the banner with RS together, then pin the tabs along the top edge, aligning the raw edges, and positioning them 5cm (2″) in from either long edge.

Step 8

Palentine's banner embroidery design step 8

Sew around the outside of the banner, leaving a 5cm (2″) opening for turning. Trim the corners to reduce any bulk.

Step 9

Palentine's banner embroidery design step 9

Turn the banner RS out and neatly push out the corners. Roll the seams open with your fingers, then iron the banner from the back to avoid pressing the embroidery on the front. Sew the gap closed using ladder stitch.

Step 10

Palentine's banner embroidery design step 10

Use brown embroidery thread and running stitch to stitch around the edges of the banner.

Step 11

Palentine's banner embroidery design step 11

Thin down a small amount of brown acrylic paint with a few drops of water, then paint the dowel with one or two coats of paint. Some of the wood should still show through.

Step 12

Palentine's banner embroidery design step 12

Slide the dowel through the tabs on the banner, then tie a 38cm (15″) length of embroidery thread to either end of the dowel to finish. Valentines embroidery design complete!


Make sure you share your Valentines embroidery design with us on Instagram using #molliemakers and pick up the latest copy of Mollie online or instore today. For more embroidery projects check out our Embroidery Patterns which show you how to do techniques such as lazy daisy stitch and feather stitch embroidery.