How to make inside easel cards

Looking for new ideas for making up cards? Try this inside easel card!

Making up cards

These fun corner folding inside easel look as though they’ll be tricky to create, but they’re actually made using some very simple folds. Follow our instructions below to discover this new idea for making up cards

Once you’ve mastered the basic folding method for the card, you can use this bases to make greetings for every occasion. You could add a pocket detail to the inside of the base, to slip a gift card or voucher into, or add a pop-up greeting, which can be proudly displayed in the pop-up base. Juts remember, when adding other elements to the inside of the base, keep them as flat as possible so the base can be folded flat for popping into an envelope.


You Will Need

  • Paper, Patterned
  • Card
  • Stamps, Sentiment stamps
  • Sequins, Or decorations of your choice
  • Ricrac, Yellow
  • Velcro dot
  • Double-sided tape

Step 1

Score horizontal and vertical lines through the centre of a 24cm square of aqua card. Fold the lines, crease using a bone folder and unfold. The square should be divided into four smaller squares.

Making up cards 01

Step 2

Score a diagonal line from the centre of the main square to the top right corner. Mountain fold and crease using a bone folder. Cut along the vertical line dividing the two bottom squares, as shown.

Making up cards 02

Step 3

Carefully overlap the bottom squares and secure in place. Add three 10.5cm squares of layered patterned paper inside the base, attaching only the side panel to the top triangle section, as shown.


Making up cards 03

Step 4

Attach a trimmed flower, a piece of yellow ricrac, an oval sentiment and pink sequins inside the base. Add a Velcro dot to the side panel, as shown. Decorate the front of the base with toppers, to finish.

Making up cards 04

More ideas for making up cards

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