How to make paper pinwheels

Jenny Hodges' brilliant paper pinwheel cards are quick and easy to make with our free paper pinwheel templates – make them big or small for any occasion!

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Why not add some playful decorations to your card making with these fun spinning pinwheels? Blow on the pinwheel and watch it spin – and it’s easy to make your own with our step-by-step tutorial and free templates!

Using our simple and easy paper pinwheel templates you can design moving cards, gift bags and decorations with these pretty pinwheels. Show off your bright and colourful double-sided papers with a few easy cuts and folds. If you need some last-minute party decorations, why not make your pinwheel into twirling spinners as cake topper decorations? There is so much you can do with these free paper pinwheel templates, happy crafting!

Download the free paper pinwheel templates

Click for the card making templates to use in this how to make paper pinwheels tutorial. Use the paper pinwheel templates for pinwheel bunting to make a blowable pinwheel for a child.


You Will Need

  • Patterned paper
  • Split pin, also called a card brad
  • Wooden skewers or drinking straw

Total time:

Step 1

Choose a double-sided designer paper and trace the pinwheel template onto it using a pencil. Carefully trim around the template to make a pinwheel base. Cut ou.t the shape and cut along the solid lines on the template

How to make a paper pinwheel - step 1

Step 2

Carefully fold the rounded corners of the pinwheel base inwards, using your thumb to hold the corners in place. Glue the corners down using some tacky PVA glue.

How to make a paper pinwheel - step 2

Step 3

Using a sharp blade or a pokey tool, carefully pierce a hole in the centre of the pinwheel. Insert a decorative pearl brad into the hole and secure it to make your finished pinwheel. If you are making a plowable pinwheel for a child, make a hole through the top of your straw, too, and thread the brad through this. Fasten loosely at the back to give room for the wheel to rotate – if the brad is holding the wheel too tightly to the straw it won’t spin.

How to make a paper pinwheel - step 3

Step 4

Glue two wooden skewers at angles onto the front of your card, then glue two finished pinwheels to the ends of the sticks using tacky PVA glue. 

How to make a paper pinwheel - step 4

More ideas with our paper pinwheel templates

Paper pinwheel inspiration - cake toppers

Once you’ve mastered the basics of how to make a paper pinwheel, use the technique to whip up some quick cake topper decorations!

Free pinwheel and baby mobile cardmaking templates

Ue our paper pinwheel templates to make paper pinwheel bunting, gift bags and summer pinwheel cards too!

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