How to make crêpe paper flowers

Learn how to make beautiful crêpe paper flowers and paper vase with our easy step-by-step tutorial!

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Crêpe paper is a lovely material to work with when making your own paper flowers. It’s stretchy and has a lot of give, so you are able to create beautiful crêpe paper flowers with delicate petals. The crinkly texture and lightweight nature of crêpe paper provide an excellent choice when creating something with lots of layers, like this beautiful peony.

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For this tutorial, we’re showing you how to make easy crêpe paper flowers arranged in a beautiful origami-style vase. Designer Vicky Sheridan has given us some top tips that will ensure crafty success and perfect results for your own crêpe paper flowers:

  • If you’re making the vase and crêpe paper flowers as a gift, why not personalise it with a heartfelt sentiment?
  • If you are struggling to attach the base once it’s been folded, wrap the vase panel around the base piece before securing it with glue. Add a square of cardboard to the base for stability.
  • Wrap floral wires with florist tape to create more realistic stems for your crêpe paper flowers.
  • A cool melt glue gun is ideal for working with crêpe paper, as it has a lower temperature than a hot glue gun so it won’t burn the paper or your fingers!
  • Use alcohol markers around the edge of the petals and leaves for your crêpe paper flowers to add a realistic finish.

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To make crêpe paper flowers you will need:

  • Crêpe paper
  • Vase template
  • Patterned paper
  • 16-gauge floral wire
  • Craft pliers
  • Label (or label punch/die)

How to make crêpe paper flowers


Step 1

Cut a 50mm square of yellow crêpe paper. Fold it in half and snip it into the folded edge to make the stamen. Wrap around the end of a green-covered floral wire, securing with glue.

How to make crepe paper flowers - step 1

Step 2

Cut two 40 x 250mm lengths of crêpe paper then fold in half and in half again. Open out the paper and, at each end, trim the ends of the paper into a curved shape, as shown.

How to make crepe paper flowers - step 2

Step 3

Fold the curved ends to the middle, then twist at the outer folds. Bring the ends into the middle and fold up to form two petals. Repeat to make a second pair of petals.

How to make crepe paper flowers - step 3

Step 4

Twist each pair of petals in the centre so that pairs of petals are cup-shaped on the same side. Next, apply glue to either side of the stamen to create the tulip shape.

How to make crepe paper flowers - step 4

Step 5

Cut a piece of green crêpe paper to measure 10 x 150mm. Trim one end to form a leaf shape and attach to the wire stem. Make around 10 tulips in different colours.

How to make crepe paper flowers - step 5

Step 6

Following the origami vase template, cut a piece of patterned paper. Using the score lines on the template, score diagonally to form a diamond criss-cross pattern, as shown.

How to make crepe paper flowers - step 6

Step 7

Mountain fold all the diagonal score lines and overlap the two short ends, lining up the diamond pattern to create a tube shape. Use glue to secure the flaps.

How to make crepe paper flowers - step 7

Step 8

Cut a 70mm square of card, score all sides at 10mm and glue the tabs inside the bottom edges of the vase. Attach a sentiment panel to the front. Add a weight inside the vase for extra stability. Finally – pop in your crêpe paper flowers and admire your hard work!

How to make crepe paper flowers - step 8

How to make crepe paper flowers

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