Are you throwing an elegant dinner party? The finishing touch you need is a beautifully folded napkin.


A napkin is often the first thing your guests will see as they take their place at your table, so make it a showstopper with our fancy napkin folding ideas.

In our round-up, you’ll find lots of captivating napkin folding ideas, which not only look impressive but are easy to master.

From 3D roses to dramatic fans, there’s something for all varieties of dinner tables. Simply choose your napkin colour and style, and fold it into something special with these easy guides.

21 fancy napkin folding ideas made easy

1. Bouquet napkin folding tutorial

fancy napkin folding 1

Keep it simple yet elegant with this bouquet-style napkin fold by Tea Time Magazine. In six easy steps, you can make this beautiful creation.

Choose napkins that match the rest of your table decor for a gorgeous finish.

2. Candy roll napkin folding idea

fancy napkin folding 2

We can still have a little fun at a classy affair! Lighten up your dinner table with these fun candy roll napkins by RMBO Collective.

3. Pocket napkin folding idea

fancy napkin folding 3

Beau Coup brings us three stunning pocket napkin designs to choose from. For each, you’ll find step-by-step tutorials with clear photos.

All three designs are so pretty, it’s hard to pick just one!

4. Swan napkin folding idea

fancy napkin folding 4

Learn how to fold the traditional swan napkin with this lovely tutorial by Hunker. It’s a fun skill to learn and a great conversation topic around the table.

Thanksgiving napkin folding ideas

Get your table set for fall with these Thanksgiving napkin folding ideas.

thanksgiving napkin folding - pumpkin

5. Dramatic fan napkin folding idea

fancy napkin folding 5

Make an impact with your dinner table decor with these dramatic fans from Food. You might have seen the usual fanned napkin which stands up, but these are a bit more creative.

6. Envelope napkin folding technique

fancy napkin folding 6

Give each guest a little surprise when they sit down at your dinner table with the sweet envelope napkins by Martha Stewart. They can be used to hold place names, fun little messages, or even jokes and poems at Christmas.

7. 3D rose napkin folding tutorial

fancy napkin folding 7

If you want to challenge yourself to make a truly special napkin fold for your dinner party guests try this 3D rose by DIY Magazine.

It has several complex folds, so will require some practice. Once you’ve finished they certainly look stunning.

8. Sailboat napkin folding tutorial

fancy napkin folding 8

The boat napkin is a classic! And for a reason, it’s fun, imaginative and great for adults and kids alike.

It’s really easy to fold yourself a fleet with Kaikki Paketissa’s YouTube video.

9. Flower basket napkin folding idea

fancy napkin folding 9

Incorporate real flowers into your napkins with this gorgeous tutorial by Between Naps on the Porch.

10. Pinwheel napkin folding idea

fancy napkin folding 10

Pinwheel napkins are a fun fold and can look dramatically different depending on the colour or pattern of the napkin used. Gingham will give your table a summer look, while shiny napkins will exude festive vibes.

Get the full tutorial with Atta Girl Says.

11. Downton Abbey-inspired napkins

fancy napkin folding 11

Fold napkins that are fit for a table in Downton Abbey with this tutorial from Kitchen Joy. In just nine steps you’ll be able to fold these sophisticated napkins.

12. The classic fan napkin fold

fancy napkin folding 12

It’s a classic for a reason. The elegant fan is perfect for any table, simply change the colour to match the occasion. If you want to add a twist, Leading Linen’s has three variations of this fold.

13. Peacock’s plume napkin folding idea

fancy napkin folding 13

Create a perfect plume with this gorgeous napkin fold by One Brick at a Time. It’s a great way to show off your skills.

14. Maple leaf napkin fold

fancy napkin folding 14

Impress your guests with this magnificent maple leaf napkin fold by Duni Group. It works perfectly for fall or winter events and looks pretty when created with brown or orange napkins.

Fancy napkin folding ideas

Make your table extra glam with these fancy napkin folding ideas.

fancy napkin folding 5

15. Bat napkins

fancy napkin folding 15

Throw a gothic dinner party and finish your table with these bat napkins by A Table to Love.

Pair them with a lace tablecloth, blood-red glassware and vintage candelabra for a darkly charming dinner table.

16. Single pocket fold napkin

fancy napkin folding 16

Keep it simple with a single pocket fold. This napkin fold is ideal for slipping a place name or menu into the front. Check out how to do it with Rustic Wedding Chic.

17. Rosette napkin fold

fancy napkin folding 17

If you’re planning an afternoon tea, this napkin fold from Celebrate Everyday With Me is the perfect way to make the most of the teacups.

18. Chef’s hat napkin fold

fancy napkin folding 18

These napkins will stand up on your plates and impress guests! Follow the step-by-step tutorial by One Good Thing.

19. Winged napkin folding idea

fancy napkin folding 19

Looking for modern yet elegant? This chic napkin fold by @raushan_willms on Instagram is sure to impress!

20. Heart napkin folding idea

fancy napkin folding 21

Spread the love at your dinner party with this pretty fold by Origami Tree. It’s easy to make and looks fabulous in any colour.

21. Elegant bow

fancy napkin folding 20

The bow works for any dinner table, but this elegant bow tutorial from Smor Home will give our table an elegant lustre.

A fancy napkin folding idea can accentuate your table

If you like your dinner parties to be a stylish affair, then you have to get fancy napkins folded perfectly. They will not only add the finishing touch to your table, but they will be eye-catching and impressive for your guests.

Beware though, it’s likely everyone around your table will be asking you to teach them how to make their own!


A napkin for every table

The possibilities are endless with napkin folding. Take a look at our Christmas napkin folding ideas, if you’re wondering about how to decorate your table for the big day.

christmas napkin folding ideas shoe


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