Free vintage stationery papers

Relive the golden age of letter-writing with this stunning collection of vintage stationery papers, yours free to download today!

Free vintage stationary papers 1

Despite the speed and convenience of modern-day email and text messages, there’s still something a little bit special and exciting about receiving a handwritten letter or card among the usual pile of household bills and junk mail that land in your hallway.


A heartfelt note wishing someone happy birthday, or simply saying ‘hello’, is something that will be treasured by recipients and kept for years to come – especially if it has been handmade! Download your free vintage stationery paper collection to get started!

Free Valentine's printables, Vintage typewriters

Download the free printables papers for your papercraft projects and, talking of romance, why not use this collection to create a little love note or Valentine’s Day card? Plus, once you’ve had a go at using the mini-envelope templates included in this collection, you’ll soon be adding these cute embellishments to lots of different papercraft makes! Jennifer has strung the little envelopes along lengths of baker’s twine, to give her card extra dimension and texture.

Free vintage stationary papers

Use the vintage-style papers as backgrounds on your projects or cut out the elements and layer them up, for a decoupage effect, too. These designs are so versatile and work well for lots of occasions – just add a greeting to suit! Here’s a top tip: tuck little envelopes under card folds – you can add messages inside, too!

If you like these free papers, check out our other free patterned papers, there are lots to choose from and there are lots of different themes. We love these romantic getaway papers, or for friends and family that you just want to give a little positivity to, adorable motivational hamster printables? Or, for more general card making, let us show you how to make cards.

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Try this vintage stationery card

Free vintage stationary papers

Step 1

Layer your card base with typewriter paper. Stick paper aeroplanes and feather paper back to back, then adhere and fold as shown. Fix in place with a brad.

Free vintage stationary papers

Step 2

Cut out little envelope toppers, score and fold then stick together with double-sided tape. Add a sticky foam pad to the envelope, to add a little extra depth.

Free vintage stationary papers

Step 3

Tuck the envelopes and some postcards into the card fold, lifting areas with sticky foam pads. Add a border and sentiment at the bottom of the card. Finish with baker’s twine.

Free vintage stationary papers

Download your free vintage stationery paper collection:

To download your free vintage stationery paper collection, click on the link and it will open in a new window. You can then save/download the vintage stationery paper collection!

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Download your free vintage stationery paper collection today! 

Or, if you prefer – download each sheet individually by clicking on the links below!

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Free vintage stationery papers 1

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Free vintage stationery papers 2

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Free vintage stationery papers 3

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