How to make a Christmas star out of paper

Learn how to make a Christmas star out of paper with Sue Hughes' stunning step-by-step tutorial and free star template

How to make a Christmas star out of paper

This fantastic 3D star decoration will look wonderful in your home for Christmas and other occasions. Use our template to make five separate points, and attach them together. Our step by step guide will show you how!

For her star, Sue Hughes has used American Crafts KnockOuts border punch set to further embellish each of the five points. Sue has used a simple circular punch for this design, but you can easily adapt this design to your chosen occasion by using a heart, snowflake, or any other decorative punch, or you can leave this off entirely for a solid star finish.

You will need


Step 1

How to make a christmas star out of paper 1

Trace the template onto festive paper and cut it out. Score and fold as shown on the template.

With the point folded, punch along the central score lines at each side. Repeat four times.

Step 2

How to make a Christmas star out of paper 3

Stick the thin tab to the reverse of the other side of the star point, as shown.

Push the point into shape, then fold the smaller outer tabs down. Repeat with the remaining four pieces.

Step 3

How to make a Christmas star out of paper 3

Apply glue to the outside of the tabs and attach to the inside of the next point. Join all the points in the same way with the last point closing the star.

Thread with twine or ribbon to make changing loop – either thread this through a punched hole, or pierce your top point with a sharp needle


For coordinating decorations, you can also create a stylish garland strung with

3D stars in matching patterned papers –all you need is a star die, some glue and

string. If you want to go for full festive sparkle, you could even create the star from

foiled card, to make your Christmas shine!

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