How to make a hexagon shaped gift box

Delight friends and family with this gorgeous handmade hexagon shaped gift box. Use Kraft card for a rustic feel and fill with Christmas treats.

Make a hexagon gift box

Christmas time provides us crafters with a fabulous excuse to utilise our skills in a wide variety of ways. After we have indulged our creative side making holiday greetings, we all too often have leftover seasonal papers and card to use up. If this is the case for you, Becky James has come up with a simple-to-construct hexagonal box and is the perfect way to use leftover stash and present small gifts in their own handcrafted container.

Whether you have chosen a lovely piece of jewellery to treasure or you are giving a selection of handmade truffles to everyone attending a festive get-together, this sweet little box will ensure your offering is an instant hit with recipients, even before they find out what’s inside! Constructing the box from kraft card, then partially covering it with festive papers and die-cut designs gives the box a lovely rustic look while keeping a festive feel. Download your free hexagon box template to get started.

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Make a hexagonal gift box

You Will Need

  • Templates
  • Patterned paper
  • Kraft card
  • Adhesive pearls
  • Double-sided tape, or other adhesive
  • Decorations, for the lid

Step 1

How to make a hexagon gift box

First, download your free templates and print out the two templates labelled ‘Gift Style’. The larger one is the box base, and the smaller one is the lid. Cut the box shape from sturdy card then score where indicated. Use a scoring board and a bone folder to create neat, crisp lines. If you don’t have a bone folder, use a ruler to press along the folds.

Here’s a top tip: to create a taller box, simply extend the length of the sides of the box base template!

Step 2

How to make a hexagon gift box

Fold the triangular tabs inward, along the score lines, and lift the side flaps vertically. Use double-sided tape (or other adhesive) to adhere the tabs to the inside of the box flaps. This forms the main box to your hexagon shaped box!

Step 3

How to make a hexagon gift box

Using the hexagon box lid template, follow steps one and two to create the top of the box. If you want to match the boxes decor to the box shape, use hexagonal nesting dies to cut layers of patterned paper then add them to the lid.

Step 4

Make a hexagon gift box

Finally, embellish your box lid! Becky has used a snowflake punch to create a subtle sprinkling of white scattered among festive foliage. She’s finished her hexagon box with a line of adhesive pearls around the lid.

Step 5

Matching card to hexagon gift box

Why not create a complementary card from kraft card to go along with your finished gift box? Add matching embellishments to tie the two together and add a special festive message.