How to make a honeycomb paper pumpkin

Make this easy paper pumpkin using just tissue paper, kraft card and glue!

Honeycomb paper pumpkin - landscape

Make these quick and easy paper pumpkins to decorate your table this Halloween. Using honeycomb tissue paper saves on time glueing – and you can whip up a whole pumpkin patch in no time.

Why not glue a length of cotton thread into the centre of your pumpkin and display it as a hanging decoration, too?

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How to make a honeycomb paper pumpkin

You will need:

  • A3 sheet of orange honeycomb tissue paper 
  • Kraft card
  • Green tissue paper
  • Glue
Honeycomb paper pumpkin

Step 1

If you’re starting with an A3 sheet of orange honeycomb paper, cut the tissue paper in half to make two A4 sheets. Fold one piece in half, then cut a half-oval shape into it, with the flat edge against the spine. Open up to reveal a whole oval shape – the honeycomb texture is built into the paper, so all the hard work is done for you!

Step 2

Cut a simple stalk shape (a long rectangle) from Kraft card, fold into a concertina to create a quirky effect, then glue to the centre of one side of the oval.

Step 3

Cut two thin strips of green tissue paper, wrap around a pencil to make a spiral, then stick one end of each to the pumpkin, around the stalk. The other ends will trail over the opened pumpkin.

Step 4

Cover one side of the oval with hot glue, then fan out the paper to meet the other side; hold together until the glue is dry. Repeat for the other side, to finish.

Honeycomb paper pumpkin - detail

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