DIY fabric pumpkins

Use our fabric pumpkin pattern to make your own cloth pumpkins for Halloween!

How to make a fabric pumpkins

Get ready for Halloween with this adorable fabric pumpkin pattern. Fabric pumpkins are a great alternative to the real thing as no messy carving is required! Plus they’re super sustainable as you can make them from leftover stash fabric and bring them out every Autumn. You can make your no-sew fabric pumpkins from whatever material you like so if you fancy a traditional pumpkin choose a lightweight orange material or go all out and pick velvet! DIY velvet pumpkins are super on-trend and you can keep them in your home all Autumn long.

Use it as a pillow, pin cushion, or as part of a ‘ween-themed centrepiece. Ouissi Gresty shows you how to make your DIY fabric pumpkins below.

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How to make a fabric pumpkins final

You will need:

• Your choice of fabric or felt
• Soft toy stuffing
• Wool or embroidery thread to match or contrast with your fabric
• Bias tape, ribbon or a strip of felt

DIY fabric pumpkins


You Will Need

  • Fabric
  • Thread
  • Toy stuffing

Total time:

Step 1

How to make a fabric pumpkins step 1

Cut out a circle from your fabric or felt about three times wider than you wish for the width of your pumpkin. Sew around the edge of your circle with a running stitch, leaving the end of the thread free.

Step 2

How to make a fabric pumpkins step 2

Form a doughnut shape out of your soft toy stuffing, and place in the centre of your circle of fabric. Pull the two ends of the thread, gathering up the fabric, and tie the ends tightly.

Step 3

How to make a fabric pumpkins step 3

Sew through the pumpkin’s centre, from the gathered side out through the smooth side. Loop round to enter again through the gathered side and leave the end of your wool/ribbon free. Space stitches evenly and pull tightly to form the pumpkin’s bumps.

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Step 4

How to make a fabric pumpkins step 4

Tie the ends of the thread/wool on the smooth side in a knot and cut off the ends. Take your bias tape, ribbon or felt and roll into a tube shape. Keep going until you have a stalk that’s wide enough to cover the hole in your pumpkin’s gathered base.

Step 5

How to make a fabric pumpkins step 5

Cut the tape and sew along the edge to form a disc. Sew the stalk to the bottom of the pumpkin, making sure you cover the hole where the fabric was gathered.

Step 6

How to make a fabric pumpkins step 6

Repeat steps 4 and 5 to make a smaller stalk. Sew this on top of the knot, which is on the top of the pumpkin. There you have it: DIY velvet pumpkin complete!


Pop your DIY velvet pumpkins around the house and welcome in the spooky season!

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About Ouissi Gresty

Ouissi is a whiz with a needle and thread. Best known for stitching delicious sculptures of popular treats from felt, she shares her tricks for making plushie pumpkins.