How to make a paper wallet with pockets

This fab folder-file project will help you get things in order, or just procrastinate a little longer...

how to make a wallet out of paper open

Sorting through piles of documents, card ideas or snippets and cuttings for future scrapbooks are often jobs that fall to the bottom of busy to-do lists. If organising the towering piles of paper around your home is starting to feel akin to reaching the summit of Mount Everest, we’ve got the perfect project to help you tackle this seemingly insurmountable task. Zoë Patching’s folding organiser is a great way to file away your cards, letters and important documents. The design is simple to create with your choice of pretty patterned papers, and will make getting organised feel less of a chore.

Once you’ve got to grips with the design, you could even make a larger version to house your favourite papercraft magazines!

how to make a wallet out of paper
Neatly tie your organiser closed with a length of pretty ribbon

You Will Need

  • Patterned papers
  • Card
  • Ribbon

Total time:

Step 1

Cut two 19.5×22.5cm pieces of thin pink card. Concertina fold the card at 1.5cm intervals. Cut a semi-circle, using a circle punch or a circle die, into the top of five 19.5x25cm pieces of patterned paper. Adhere the papers inside the folds of the pink card, to create section dividers

how to make a wallet out of paper

Step 2

Cover two 25x2ocm pieces of thick card with paper. Fold a 25x10cm piece of card at 3cm and 7cm then stick it to the two pieces of thick card, to create the base of the folder. Cut a 25x12cm piece of card and fold at 5.5cm and 9.5cm. Align the 5.5cm fold to the base and attach, for the lid.

how to make a wallet out of paper step 2

Step 3

Use double-sided tape to attach the front and back panels of the concertina folded section to the inside of the base. Add labels to each of the sections, and fussy-cut flowers to the interior and exterior of the folder base. Thread ribbon around the organiser, to secure.

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how to make a wallet out of paper detail

Personalise your organiser to house cards for different occasions, so you’ve got cards ready and waiting for upcoming birthdays, weddings, new babies, anniversaries and more!

Want to make this project? A glue gun would be very helpful. Check out our best glue guns for craft guide.