Hot glue from a glue gun is brilliant. Love or hate that distinctive smell, owning the best glue gun can open up whole new craft projects by giving you a solid stick that you just can't get with other adhesives. Want to attach heavy embellishments? A glue gun is perfect. Building up cardboard or MDF into 3D shapes? A precision glue gun makes this job a breeze.


There are loads of DIY glue guns available, but what is the best glue gun for crafts? A heavy-duty DIY version is often not what you need – a precision application and manoeuvrable, lightweight glue gun is often more important for finding the best glue guns for crafts.

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What about the best cordless glue gun UK? – is it worth spending more on cordless glue guns or is the best hot glue gun for you, a quick-heat corded one? In this article, we answer all these questions and help find the best glue guns for you. The best glue guns for crafts is the glue gun that you use most! You'll need one that fits in your workspace, and quick and convenient to use.

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11 of the best glue guns to buy

1. Trimcraft Dot and Dab glue gun (UK plug)

Best glue gun for craft uk

Is it silly to say that we first took notice of this glue gun when they launched a floral version? Those limited-edition ones are hard to get hold of now, but we rate this mini glue gun for its small desk footprint and quick heat up time.

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This model uses 7mm glue sticks which are the most commonly available size for the best glue guns. Trimcraft has produced a range of glitter glue sticks with this gun in mind, which is great if you use glitter glue in quantity or need a strong not just decorative bond.

It has a small kickstand and flattened area on the handle to give you decent ability to stand the heated gun on your craft desk between applications.

This is one of the best hot glue guns for you if you want an everyday option that is easy to use and great value.

2. Stix 2 mini hot melt glue gun

Best hot glue gun, Stix2

This super-lightweight glue gun has a lovely curved shape and lightly textured finish making it easy-to-hold and manoeuvre - the 1.5m plug cable length gives you plenty of room to move the glue gun around too, even if your plug socket is not right above your craft desk.

The unit heats up in just 4 minutes from plugging in to use it. Pressing the nose gives you a small controlled dose of melted glue, ideal for attaching embellishments.

This controlled dose is perfect if you struggle with dexterity in your hands, but might not be the best choice if you want a gun with a more continuous flow.

This is one of the best glue guns for craft for you if you want a predictable dose and a low price.

3. Hunkydory Premier Craft tools hot glue gun

One of the best glue guns for crafting

This is one of Hunkydory's craft tools. The Premier Craft glue gun is designed with a precision nozzle tip, with a fine flow of glue, ideal for when you want a precise application.

It has a metal kickstand for standing the gun on your craft area between applications and the fine nozzle means you get fewer drips. The power cord could be a little longer.

This is one of the best glue guns for craft if you have a plug socket close to your craft desk and want a good value precision tool.

4. Hobbycraft mini glue gun

Best glue guns for crafting

This dinky little gun is one of the smallest in this article and we love its easy operation and simplicity. Rather than a kickstand, it has two plastic moulded prongs that give this gun increased stability and won't get in the way of all but the very most intricate craftwork.

It heats up ready for use within 5 minutes of switching it on and has a nice steady flow of glue when pressing the trigger. It uses 7mm glue sticks, which is to a common size, but you can buy a pack of 10 from Hobbycraft too, so won't be difficult to get hold of.

This is one of the best hot glue guns if you have a small craft space but want an everyday, inexpensive tool with easily available glue stick refills.

Buy this glue gun now: Hobbycraft, £5

5. Crafter's Companion Professional Hot Melt glue gun

Best hot glue gun crafters companion

Though one of the largest guns in this review at 4.4" x 5.4" (11.2cm x 13.8cm), this model from Crafter's Companion is lightweight and easy to use. The soft-touch handle makes it easy to grip hold of and feels comfortable in your hand while you squeeze the trigger, which is large and shaped for ease of use, too.

It takes less than 5 minutes from plugging in the gun to reach the temperature you need for use. It uses 7mm glue sticks, which are the most common size used in crafts, and the gun comes with a plastic stand mount to keep to uprights and to hand while in use – although the height of the gun does mean it can be prone to toppling over.

This is the best glue gun for craft if you have a large working area and want to keep your glue gun to hand to use for years.

6. Habico hot glue gun

Best glue guns

This hot glue gun from Habico is a great all-purpose glue gun to see you through simple DIY projects while still being small and manoeuvrable enough to use for crafting.

You can apply the adhesive in beads or dots, or in a long continuous line using the responsive trigger. When not in use, you can rest the gun on the metal kickstand to keep your nozzle upright and the unit primed for use. Unlike the other glue guns reviewed here, this unit does not come with any glue sticks, so if you are ordering online, make sure you pop some of these into your basket too.

This is the best glue gun for you if you want to use across lots of different DIY and craft projects.

7. Sizzix glue gun

best hot glue guns sizzix

There is something so elegant about this mid-size hot glue gun from Sizzix, which measures 11 x 14cm (4.3 x 5.5 inches) and uses 7mm glue sticks - the most common size for crafting with. Perhaps it is the on/off switch which lets you keep it plugged in if you want to for ease of use, or perhaps it is the precision nozzle for clean and accurate application.

But the things that really sets this glue gun apart is its accompanying stand. You don't have to own one of these to use the gun – but you'd be missing a trick if you didn't. The optional stand gives you a totally stable spot the store and rest the glue gun, with a genius built-in heat resistant plate to catch any minor drips and splodges to keep your glue totally under control.

This is one of the best glue guns for crafters with a large craft desk where the glue gun can be in situ and to hand permanently.

8. Stick It glue gun

Best glue guns

This mini marvel is an inexpensive, small and lightweight option for everyday crafting. It comes in both a hot melt and cool melt option – choose hot melt for most crafting unless you are using especially fragile materials.

It is super-simple to use – just plug it in, let it heat up and depress the trigger for a steady flow of hot glue. The transparent finish looks lovely and lets you keep an eye on how much glue is left before you need to change your stick, too.

This is the best glue gun for you if you are looking for a cheap and cheerful option.

In the past I had a huge heavy unwieldly glue gun which I didn't get on too well with. It was mainly used for rolled flowers and it left such a mess of glue that I gave it away. I replaced it with a little Stick It one. It's light and easy to use for my small hands and weak wrists, so I can hold a project or item I'm gluing and easily use it with my spare hand. It's corded and heats up fast enough for me.
Angela Dodson, card designer

9. We R Memory Keepers USB Hot Glue Gun

best hot glue gun we r memory keepers

This corded USB powered gun has a major selling point that sets it apart from other glue guns – it comes with a choice of two nozzles for different thickness of application, as well as the tool you need to change between them.

Plug it into the USB port on your computer to power it up or source a USB plug to use it on a mains socket. It heats up ready for use in less than five minutes.

This is the best glue gun for you if you want a choice of application thickness, but you do need a USB socket near to where you're crafting.

Best cordless glue gun UK

10. Kit 'N' Caboodle Cordless Glue Gun

best glue gun kit n caboodle

At last, we've found a cordless glue gun with the ability to keep a hot charge for more than one craft session! Is the Kit n Kaboodle the best cordless glue gun UK? We certainly rate it for its battery life and precision glue nozzle. It is larger than many other models featured here, but that makes it ideal for bulk crafters as you won't need to replace the glue stick as often as with the mini models.

The kickstand is made of plastic which helps keep it light to hold and use, and the cordless feature and good battery life make it perfect for taking out and about with you. It comes with a USB charging cable, so unless you can charge from a USB port you'll need to source a USB mains plug adapter.

This is the best cordless glue gun UK if you want the convenience of cordless with the reliability and speed of a cabled glue gun.

11. Sticky Thumb Cordless Mini Hot Glue Gun

best cordless glue gun sticky thumb

This sweet and stylish cordless glue gun from American Crafts runs on four AA batteries. This makes it super portable and easy to use everywhere you go, you can even change the batteries when you are out and about without having to plug anything in – but it also means that if you use it a lot, you are going to get through the batteries.

It would be the best cordless glue gun UK choice for card makers or scrapbookers who don't use a whole heap of hot glue but do want something super easy to use for when they do. It has a light on the nozzle for easy application in difficult areas as well as an ergonomic hand-friendly design making it one of the best cordless glue guns for crafting.


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