Making paper pom poms into pineapples!

Learn how to make paper pom pom pineapples with Karen Hsu's free tutorial.

Pom pom pineapple

Make fruit-shaped paper pom poms with Karen Hsu of Pom Pom Factory. Find the strawberry tutorial in our World Pomination mini booklet in Mollie Makes 42, plus 7 more fashion and home DIYs

Looking for summer party decorations? We’re thinking a Caribbean-themed party could do with a few fruity paper pom poms, don’t you? Let’s take our favourite tropical fruits to the next level with these super-summery tissue paper pom poms. Experiment with different shapes to create a whole fruit bowl of beauties!

You can find the full strawberry paper pom pom tutorial in Mollie Makes 42.

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Making paper pom poms into pineapples!


You Will Need

  • Tissue paper
  • Floral wire
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Total time:

Step 1

making paper pom poms into pineapples step 1

Stack together 20 sheets of 19 x 25cm (71⁄2 x 9 /8″) tissue paper. Make 2cm (3⁄4″) wide accordion folds along it. Place some floral wire in the centre of the folded tissue. Twist the wire so that it holds the folded paper in shape. Separate the layers, pulling away from the centre one by one.

Step 2

making paper pom poms into pineapples step 2

To shape, hold the wire on top and trim from the bottom end into a shape resembling your chosen fruit. Cut out a few leaves from green tissue papers. Push the leaf through the wire to make a hole and twist a loop so you can hang the pom pom.

Step 3

making paper pom poms into pineapples step 3

You’re done! Now find somewhere to hang your pom, or experiment making more for a whole fruit salad or party bunting!


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making paper pom poms into pineapples