DIY origami Christmas decorations

DIY origami Christmas decorations that will make your home sparkle this Christmas.

DIY origami Christmas decorations

It’s time to put up the tree and make DIY Christmas decorations! Here’s a simple origami Christmas star tutorial for the whole family that you can whip up using paper scraps or last year’s Christmas gift wrap.

Easy to make and beautifully festive, these stars were designed for you by PaperShaker in celebration of their Christmas site Make and fold a whole bunch of origami Christmas stars to decorate your home with. Oh and if you need some beautiful papers to make your stars with then check out our free wallpapers on the blog.

DIY origami Christmas decorations final

You will need:

  • Christmassy paper cut into 21cm squares
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors or craft knife
  • Glue
  • Ribbon or twine
  • Sticky tape

Top tip: Make squares out of your paper selections by folding diagonally in half and cutting away the surplus.

DIY origami Christmas decorations material

DIY origami Christmas decorations

If you’re looking for more Christmas paper folding then learn how to make cards with our fab free tutorials! We also have lots of seasonal free card making downloads so you can make your own beautiful festive cards.


Total time:

Step 1

DIY origami Christmas decorations step 1

DIY origami Christmas decorations step 1a

Fold each sheet of paper in half, then rotate 90 degrees and repeat the fold. Rotate the paper 45 degrees and fold the points together (your paper should look like a triangle, with the point up). Repeat again, so you have made a total of four creases on your paper square.

Step 2

DIY origami Christmas decorations step 2

Using your ruler, measure out 4cm and make a mark with your pencil to create a boundary line up to which you will stop cutting on the four flat sides of your paper.

Step 3

DIY origami Christmas decorations step 3

Cut with the scissors or craft knife up to this point on each crease.

Step 4

DIY origami Christmas decorations step 4

Fold the paper on each side of the incision towards the corner forming a point. Repeat for the remaining corners. Your star is starting to take shape.

Step 5

DIY origami Christmas decorations step 5

DIY origami Christmas decorations step 51

Apply glue to one side of the point and fold the other side over it. Press to stick together. Repeat for the other three points. Set it aside to dry.

Step 6

DIY origami Christmas decorations step 6

DIY origami Christmas decorations step 6A

Repeat the 5 steps to duplicate the star for double the impact and create your 3D 8-pointed star! Got the origami bug? Check out these easy origami for beginners projects and get creative!

Step 7

DIY origami Christmas decorations final

Glue together and attach some twine or ribbon to the top with glue or sticky tape and hang along your mantelpiece, tree or wall. Add some fairy lights for extra Christmas magic! Origami Christmas decorations complete.


DIY origami Christmas decorations step 7 image

We hope you enjoy making your origami Christmas star and placing it on top of your tree. Get even more Christmassy inspo by subscribing to Mollie Makes. Why not check out our Christmas knitting patterns and Free Christmas decoration crochet patterns while you’re here too? Plus we have a collection of free Christmas quilt patterns so you can give a beautiful handmade quilt this Christmas.

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